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Nehrkorn's 50th Anniversary

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Chris Nehrkorns 50th Anniversary

Chris Nehrkorns Observe Their 50th Anniversary

A golden anniversary celebration was held September 5 in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Chris Nehrkorn at their home on route two, Pinckneyville.

The Nehrkorn's seven living children, 18 grandchildren and three
great-grandchildren were all present at the noon hour carry-in dinner.

The honored couple was married September 5, 1916, at the bride's home
in Beaucoup precinct near Pinckneyville. They have resided in the
same general area their entire married life where Nehrkorn was a
farmer until poor health forced his retirement.

They were married by the late Reverend John Williamson, Baptist
minister. Their attendants were Mrs. Nehrkorn's brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williamson. Mrs. Williamson was present at
the 50-year celebration on Labor Day. Her husband is deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. Nehrkorn have seven living children: Mrs. Myrtle McElroy
of Pinckneyville, Mrs. Clarabelle Goldman of rural Tamaroa, Mrs.
Wanda Miller of rural Pinckneyville, Robert of rural Tamaroa, George
of rural Pinckneyville, Eugene of Pinckneyville and Billy of rural
Tamaroa. One son, Paul, was killed in World War II.

The Nehrkorns are members of the Concord Baptist Church.

Those attending the anniversary celebration were Mr. and Mrs. Dale
McElroy and Vivian, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goldman, Carl and Larry, Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth Miller, Jimmy and Donnie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Nehrkorn, Donna, Dennie and Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. George Nehrkorn,
Cindy, Ronnie, and Martha, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nehrkorn, Jeanie, Jeff
and Johnny, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nehrkorn and Lorri, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Tanner, Carole Jean and Steve, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jenkel and Mr. and
Mrs. Johnny Whitson and Lesia.




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