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51st Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith
May 4, 1935
courtesy of : Robert Boyett
      Sunday, May 4, was the occasion for a happy gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith on the state highway south of town here a group children and grand-children assembled to honor their 51st wedding anniversary. This venerable couple are among Du Quoin's oldest and most highly esteemed folks.
      Mr. and Mrs. Smith, whose maiden name was Alice Gray, were married by Squire Burbank on Burbank Hill near Old Du Quoin. Mrs Smith vividly recalls her wedding day, a rainy, blustery afternoon when she and the bridegroom and other members of the party were obliged to ford Reese's creek in a spring wagon on their way to the ceremony. The creek was swollen by heavy rains and the water almost submerged the wagon bed. Mrs. Smith jokingly remarked that nothing save her own wedding would ever have prompted her in such an undertaking. Mrs. Smith, the daughter of William and Angeline Graay, native of Tennesseeans, was one of fourteen children. she was a cousin of Frank Gray, father of Gertrude Forester. the parents of Mr. Smith were Horace Porter Smith and Jane Chandler Smith, pioneer residents of the Old Du Quoin community. His mother, with her parents, drove in a covered wagon drawn by a team of oxen, from Akron, Ohio to Old Du Quoin when she was six years old. His father was a brother of G. S. Smith, member of one of the prominent families of Old Du Quoin who later moved to Du Quoin where he organized the Exchange Bank of G. S. Smith and Company, Perry county's first banking house.


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