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Bowen Watts Jr. - Mildred Logan Marriage

Furnished by : Mike Jones
Researched by James W. "Bob" Logan

Source: "Advocate"


Bowen Watts Jr. and Mildred Logan Quietly Married

Sunday, September 26, Bowen Watts Jr., and Miss Mildred Logan,
accompanied by Miss Lillie Reidelberger, motored to Murphysboro,
where they were joined by Earl Sims, a former resident of
Pinckneyville, and then all drove over to Carbondale, where at seven
o'clock Rev. E.W. Reeder, pastor of the Baptist church of that city
pronounced the words that united the former couple as husband and
wife, the ceremony being performed in the pastor's study.

Mr. Watts is the youngest son of Police Magistrate and Mrs. Bowen
Watts of this city, is an upright, industrious young man, holding a
position as operator for the Illinois Central Railroad Company. His
pretty bride is the only and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Logan, who reside on East Kaskaskia Street.

For the present, Mr. and Mrs. Watts will make their home with the
bride's parents.

Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Watts Jr., from The Advocate.




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