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Perry County, Illinois
World War II Casualties

Source :
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

World War II Casualties from Perry County, Illinois
Legend of Abbreviations

N A M E   Serial Number   R A N K   Type of Casualty
BATHON, James P.   6916429   P F C   K I A
BEARDSLEE, Stuart A.   36977329   S G T   D N B
BIRD, Ervin E.   36072899   P F C   D O W
BROCK, Gerald E..   36695532   P V T   K I A
BRUNO, Dominic C.   36698528   P V T   K I A
DAVIS, John T.   6833344   S G T   K I A
DOWNS, Edward M.   36483427   P V T   D N B
DUNSON, Sherman P.   36075743   P F C   D N B
FARTHING, Ray J.   36978168   P F C   K I A
FIORIO, John F.   16029657   S G T   D N B
FITZGEARL, John R.   36432407   S G T   K I A
FOLDEN, Leroy L.   36064104   P V T   D N B
FORESTER, Walter N.   0-380139   1   L T   D N B
GAST, Bernard A.   36485583   P V T   D N B
GLENN, Richard R.   36977329   P V T   K I A
GODDARD, William H.   36695782   P V T   F O D
HARDYN, Clifford W.   16059097   C P L   D N B
JONES, Donald B.   T-133775   F   L O   K I A
KELLER, Herman W.   36481855   S G T   D N B
KOENEGSTEIN, Homer F.   36036348   S   S G   D O W
LEHNHAUSEN, Edward C.   0-764355   1   L T   F O D
LITTLE, Cyril M.   36757282   C P L   K I A
MACALUSO, Sam   36434879   T E C   4   K I A
MAIDEN, Charles L.   15049201   T E C   5   D N B
MANIS, Leonard J.   16040769   P F C   D O W
MIFFLIN, Paul E.   36904668   P V T   K I A
MILLER, Sylvester P.   6912316   S   S G   F O D
NEHRKORN, Charles J.   36381447   P F C   K I A
NEHRKORN, Paul K.   36432405   P V T   D O W
NICKENS, John H.   36449257   P V T   F O D
NOWAKOWSKI, Leonard J.   36066386   T E C   5   K I A
OWEN, Waldo G.   36987023   P V T   D O W
PIOTER, Roman J.   36062780   T E C   5   K I A
PULKE, Paul D.   36785693   P F C   K I A
PURSELL, William A.   0-801205   2   L T   F O D
REJEHAN, James G.   16019969   P V T   D N B
REYNOLDS, Bernard F.   36042580   S G T   K I A
ROZNOWSKI, Bernard N.   36978172   P V T   K I A
SMITH, Hallie E.   17016554   P V T   K I A
SOUTH, Delmas E.   36078247   T   S G   K I A
TEEL, Otto E.   36978170   S G T   K I A
TERRY, Robert G.   36978174   P F C   K I A
THORNTON, Herschel   17121090   P V T   K I A
WAHLMAN, Ralph H.   36437444   T   S G   D N B
WAISATH, Elvis E.   16122638   C P L   K I A
WHEATLEY, Arthur R.   16054673   T E C   4   D N B


Abbreviations used on this page

RANK   Type of Casualty
1   L T   1st Lieutenant   D N B   Died Non Battle
2   L T   2nd Lieutenant   D O W   Died Of Wounds
A V   C   Aviation Cadet   F O D   Finding Of Death
C P L   Corporal   K I A   Killed In Action
F L   O   Flight Officer        
P F C   Private First Class        
P V T   Private        
S G T   Sergeant        
S   S G   Staff Sergeant        
T E C   4   Technician 4th Grade        
T E C   5   Technician 5th Grade        
T   S G   Technical Sergeant        
W   O   Warrant Officer        


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