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[Submitted by K. Torp]

APRIL 1876, Piatt County. The interest in education is rapidly increasing here, as elsewhere. A Teachers' Institute has been organized, with Mr. E. L. DRAKE for President, and Miss ADDIE R. ROBINSON for Secretary. Being located, as we are, in the northwest part of Piatt county, we have the hearty co-operation of De Witt, McLean,
and Piatt county teachers in this good work. Instructors are appointed, and subjects
assigned them for the next meeting, as follows: New work, opened by President;
Methods of governing pupils, by L. LEE SMITH, of DeWitt county; Method of teaching primary reading, by Miss M. C. HUDDLESTUN, of DeWitt county; Methods of teaching longitude and time, by Mr. SHAWHAN, of Mansfield; Methods of teaching geography, by A. T. HOMER, of Piatt county. Will write you of our progress next month.

[Source: "The Illinois Schoolmaster: A Journal of Educational Literature and News" By Aaron Gove, Edwin Crawford Hewett, John Williston Cook Published by Aaron Gove and Edwin C. Hewett, editors and proprietors, 1876]

December 1884: Piatt county has seven graded schools and there has been an entire change in principals. James Hicks's friends will be pleased to learn that he is to be principal of the school at Atwood this year.
He will have two assistants. He begins as soon as the school building is completed. It cost our county $58,221.52 to run its 101 schools for the past year. The average price paid per month to male teachers was $47.45; for female, $39.27. The last meeting of the Piatt county Teachers' Association was held November 8, at Cerro Gordo. Geo. N. Snapp, principal of the Cerro Gordo schools, is president of the Association and B.F. Replogle, secretary. Miss Mary Cramer, at Normal last spring term, was obliged to leave her work at White Heath on account of ill health. Piatt county teachers seem to be rather unfortunate this fall. Mr. Sonericher, principal of the Bement schools, resigned on account of an affliction of the eyes, but was induced to continue on condition an assistant was employed. Wm. Wills, Champaign university, now assists Mr. Sonericher. S.D.M
From "Illinois School Journal: A Monthly Magazine for Teachers and School Officers"
Published by s.n., 1885...

February 1885: PIATT COUNTY. Our County Superintendent is making his annual visits. But, unfortunately, the board of supervisors refuse to increase the number of days for him to do his work in. He ought to have at least one day for each school, especially where there are so many changes of teachers. The Atwood schools are in full blast. Brother Hicks reports sixty-five in his room, sixty-three in the intermediate, and sixty-five in the primary. This is enough for four departments of over forty-eight in each. Miss Hawthorne, of the intermediate, has resigned on account of failing health. Hon. Henry Raab, State Superintendent, gave our school officers a talk at Monticello on the sixth inst. He advised them on several points of school law; also said that strong districts, though large and not easy of access, are better than small, weak ones; that it is cheaper for the district to furnish the light stationery, such as pens, pencils, paper, and ink. The day was unfavorable for as large an attendance as was anticipated. The last meeting of the Association was held at Mansfield Saturday, December 13. Miss Docknen gave quite an interesting class exercise in primary number. Robert L. Fleming's paper on the uniformity of text books throughout the State was full of good common sense. He very clearly showed that a great amount of money would be saved by such a plan, particularly to renters; a saving of time and labor to the teacher, and would facilitate the gradation of rural schools.

Mr. Rose and his pupils gratified the literary appetites of those who stayed for the entertainment.
From "Illinois School Journal: A Monthly Magazine for Teachers and School Officers"
Published by s.n., 1885...

March 1885: B. F. Replogle will return to Normal for spring term. Samuel D. Magers will close his work as principal of the Milmine schools, March 6. He contemplates attending Normal as soon as his term expires.
Sad to say, our county association has not met since December 13. A lack of interest somewhere. Perhaps after a rest it will revive with more vigor. Piatt is anxious to know the ranks of its country schools as compared with other counties. With this in view it will take the comparative examination prepared for the several counties in the State. The January report of the Cerro Gordo schools shows an enrollment of 207, with 183 for an average daily attendance. Mr. G. N. Snapp, principal, is meeting with a decided success. His genial manners win him many warm friends, while his earnest work holds them. The County Superintendent is examining the advanced pupils ot our schools. Only those who take all the common branches are admitted to this examination. Those who make an average of 80, or better, are admitted to another examination at the county seat where they receive certificates, showing their ranks. An earnest worker called home Miss Franc H. Hitchings. who succeeded Mr. Wm. R. Heath as teacher of the Galesville school, bid farewell to friends January 31, and passed to the land beyond the grave.
Miss Hitchings had been with us but a short time, but by her industry and skill she showed that she was a worthy addition to the teaching force of the county. S. D. M.
From "Illinois School Journal: A Monthly Magazine for Teachers and School Officers"
Published by s.n., 1885...

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