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Many thanks to Pike Historical Society for their early efforts in walking the cemeteries in the 1970's.

Pike County Cemeteries

A - B

*Adams/Dustin - Atlas Twp.

*Akers Chapel (Index A - L) Kinderhook Twp

*Akers Chapel (Index M - Z) Kinderhook Twp

*Allison - Spring Creek Twp

*Anderson Flint Twp

Atlas Twp - Scattered Burials

Ator/Rowley - Martinsburg Twp

*Balls Bluff - Atlas Twp

*Barnd - Martinsburg Twp

*Barry - Barry Twp

Baylis - New Salem Twp

Bedford - Montezuma Twp

Benjamin Elledge - Griggsville Twp

Berry-Pleasant Hill Twp - Abandoned

Bethel - Newburg Twp

Black Oak - Martinsburg Twp

Blair - Barry Twp

Blue River - Detroit Twp

Brawley/Iftner/Orr-Pittsfield Twp

Bradshaw Cem.

Brewster/Ross - Pleasant Vale Twp

Brower Fairmount Twp

Brown Pleasant Vale Twp

Brown-Simpkins/Walnut Grove

Burbridge - Martinsburg Twp

Burns - Flint Twp

C - F

Calhoun - Perry Twp

Callis - Perry Twp

Calvary St. Marys - Newburg Twp

Cannon/Hubbard-Pleasant Hill Twp

Cannon - Spring Creek Twp


Clemmons - Montezuma Twp

Clingingsmith - Hadley Twp

County Farm - Pittsfield Twp

Cox - Hardin Twp

Crater/Old Miller - Pearl Twp

Crescent Hts. - Pleasant Hill Twp

Daniels - Hardin Twp

Demoin - Pleasant Vale Twp

Derry Twp. Scattered Burials

Dodge - Pleasant Hill Twp

Dorsey - Perry Twp

Douglas - Detroit Twp

Emert - Pleasant Hill Twp

English - Fairmount Twp

Ferguson - Pleasant Hill Twp

Florence - Detroit Twp

Foreman - Newburg Twp

French/Milton - Montezuma Twp

G - H

Galloway - Pleasant Hill Twp

Gard - Barry Twp

Gardner - Chambersburg Twp

Goodin - Martinsburg Twp

Gray - Martinsburg Twp

Gray - New Salem Twp

Green Pond - Montezuma Twp

Griggsville - Griggsville Twp

Ham - Chambersburg Twp

Hamilton Cemetery - (Perry Twp)

Hanks/New Miller - (Pearl Twp)

Harpole - Pleasant Hill Twp

Hartsock - Pleasant Hill Twp

Hatcher - Montezuma Twp

Hazelrigg - Hadley Twp

Henry - Pleasant Hill Twp

Hess/Old Pearl - Pearl Twp

Hinman/Yates - Griggsville Twp

Holford - Hardin Twp

Hollis - Spring Creek Twp

Hornback - Derry Twp

House - Barry Twp

Howland - Newburg Twp

Hull - Barry Twp

Hume - Chambersburg Twp

Humphrey - Pearl Twp

Hunter/Nebo - Spring Creek Twp

Hutton/Starks - Pleasant Hill Twp

I - O

Jarboe - Montezuma Twp

Johnson - Hardin Twp

Johnson/New Phil. - Hadley Twp

Journey - Kinderhook Twp

Kent - Hardin Twp

Kinderhook - Kinderhook Twp

Kinderhook Twp. Scattered

Kurfman - Fairmount Twp

Lakin - Pearl Twp

Lapp - Pleasant Hill Twp


Lutz - Perry Twp

Martinsburg Twp. Scattered Burials

Mason - Pleasant Hill Twp

Maysville - Griggsville Twp


McEuen/Rhodus - Derry Twp

McKibben - Newburg Twp

McWhorter/Old Phl. - Hadley Twp

Miller - Atlas Twp

Misc.Small Cemeteries

Montezuma - Montezuma Twp

Mooney-Marion - Atlas Twp


Morey - Pleasant Vale Twp

Nebo-Hunter - Spring Creek Twp

Neese/Scranton Spring Creek Twp

New Phil./Johnson - Hadley Twp

Oakwood - Pittsfield Twp

Ottwell - Pearl Twp

P - S

Park Lawn - Barry Twp

Pearl Twp. (scattered)


Peterson - Hadley Twp

Pettis - Newburg Twp

Petty - Martinsburg Twp

Petty - Atlas Twp

Pierce - Hadley Twp

Pittsfield West - Pittsfield Twp

Pleasant Grove - Newburg Twp

Pleasant Hill Twp Scattered

Pleasant Vale Twp Scattered

Prairie Mound - Martinsburg Twp

Pursley - Derry Twp

Rhodus/McEuen - Derry Twp

Rockport - Atlas Twp

Rowley/Ator - Martinsburg Twp

Rust - Fairmount Twp

Samuel Taylor - Atlas Twp

Sapp/Jackie Sapp-Pleasant Hill

Seaborn - Fairmount Twp

Seybold - Fairmount Twp

Shaw - Derry Twp

Shearer - Pleasant Vale Twp

Shinn - Atlas Twp

Simpkin/Brown/Walnut Grove

Smith/Melton - Detroit Twp

Spring Creek Twp (Misc)

Starkey - New Salem Twp

Stewart - Barry Twp

St. Marys Calvary - Newburg Twp

St. Stephens Episcopal-Pittsfield

Stoney Point - Pleasant Vale Twp

Summerhill - Martinsburg Twp

Sunny Hill - Newburg Twp

Swiggett - New Salem Twp

T - Z

Tamsette/Willsey - Pittsfield Twp

Taylor/Martin - Derry Twp

Taylor Cem - Perry Twp

Thurmon - Montezuma Twp

Time - Hardin Twp

Tripp/Keys - Newburg Twp

Uriah Elledge - Griggsville Twp

Valley City - Flint Twp

Venable/New - Pleasant Hill Twp

Venable/Old - Pleasant Hill Twp

Voshall - Pleasant Hill Twp

Waggoner - Martinsburg Twp

Walnut Grove (See Simpson/Brown)

Watson - Hardin Twp

Watts - Detroit Twp

Wells - Pleasant Hill Twp

Willard - Hardin Twp

Wills - Hardin Twp

Wilson/Ford - Fairmount Twp


Winner - Hadley Twp

Woodland - Fairmount Twp

Woosley - Hadley Twp

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