New Venable Cemetery - Pleasant Hill Township

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Cemetery transcribed by Rosemary Reeves
Photos and Updates by Nancy & Kathy Robinson - 7 Feb 2012
Logan Connor has since passed away. You can never say enough about the faithful people who keep up the maintenance of our old cemeteries. Lonnie Robinson (in the photo above) is now doing the mowing. Kathy Robinson, the daughter of Lonnie Robinson, has updated the cemetery and added some valuable information on those who are buried here.
Read Logan Conner's "Labor of Love" (at bottom of this page)
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APPLEGATE, Andrew Melvin
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
22 Feb 1871 13 Nov 1918   William Harrison and Ellen (Stone) Applegate
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
17 Jul 1843 14 Mar 1874 Ruth Ellen Stone James M. and Jerusha (Stark) Applegate
APPLEGATE, Ruth Ellen (Stone)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
26 Aug 1850 14 Apr 1919 Harrison C. Applegate
m 25 May 1870
Martin Whalen
m 16 Nov 1882
Nathaniel and Mildred (Franklin) Stone
BRAWDY, Etta (Pruett)     John Brawdy
Edward A. Stone
15 Jun 1902
She is on the stone with John Brawdy - but no death date.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
18 Feb 1873 10 Jun 1901 Etta Pruett
m 27 Dec 1896
CAPPS, Nellie Fortune (Hemphill)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
15 Nov 1892 04 May 1929 Otto D. Davis
m 20 Nov 1920
Franklin Powell Capps
m 3 Apr 1916
Austin Henry and Elizabeth Jane (Walston) Hemphill
CONWAY, Joseph C. 13 Jun 1860 13 Oct 1932 Nancy Franklin  
CONWAY, Nancy (Franklin) 1858   Joseph C. Conway Richard J. and Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
CRISS, Archer   14 May 1907    
DAVIS, Glen D.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
15 Sep 1934 04 May 1937   Cecil R. and Dorothy Izola (Martin) Davis
DAVIS, Marion Mack 24 Jul 1858 25 May 1936 Zerilda Catherine Guthrie
DAVIS, Otto D.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
09 Jul 1888 04 Feb 1912 Nellie Fortune Hemphill Marion and Zerilda Catherine (Guthrie) Davis
DAVIS, Roy Leslie 30 Jan 1881 14 Apr 1939   Marion and Kathern Davis
DAVIS, Zerilda Catherine (Guthrie) 26 Mar 1861 16 Sep 1924 Marion Mack Davis Daniel and Margaret Ann (Zerenberg) Guthrie
DeCAMP, Ann E.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
28 Jul 1861 11 Mar 1875   William Thomas & George Anne (Armstrong) DeCamp
DeCAMP, Charles D.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
05 Jan 1873 02 Feb 1873   William Thomas & Lucinda B. (Carver) DeCamp
DeCAMP, Eliphalet
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
16 Sep 1797 07 Oct 1874 Eliza Jane Morrison  
DeCAMP, Eliza Jane (Morrison)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1801 27 Jan 1866 Eliphalet DeCamp Thomas and Elizabeth (Renard) Morrison
DeCAMP, GeorgeAnn (Armstrong)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
06 Oct 1837 23 Mar 1862 William Thomas DeCamp  
DeCAMP, Harriet A.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
02 Oct 1856 05 Aug 1859   William Thomas & George Anne (Armstrong) DeCamp
DeCAMP, Henry H.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1874 22 Mar 1875   William Thomas & Lucinda B. (Carver) DeCamp
DeCAMP, John
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
07 Nov 1867 06 Jan 1868   William Thomas & Lucinda B. (Carver) DeCamp
DeCAMP, Moses E.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
03 Aug 1841 10 Sep 1859   Eliphalet & Eliza Jane (Morrison) DeCamp
DeCAMP, William Thomas
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1833 18 Feb 1884 Lucinda Bethleu (Carver) Ralston
GeorgeAnn Armstrong
Eliphalet and Eliza Jane (Morrison) DeCamp
DODGE, Ella (Lazwell) 1845 20 Dec 1881 Francis Dodge b in KY
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
27 Aug 1841 14 Apr 1866   Gideon and Elizabeth Jane (Sampson) Farthing
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
02 Aug 1861 21 Aug 1861   Richard J. & Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
FRANKLIN, Hattie (Fielder)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
15 Oct 1870 26 Jul 1954 James F. Franklin  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
03 Jul 1871 17 May 1890   Richard J. & Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
24 Aug 1865 06 Oct 1918 Hattie Fielder Richard J. & Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
19 Jan 1850 24 Sep 1871   Richard J. & Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
FRANKLIN, Margaret
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1 Mar 1860 4 Sep 1860   Richard J. and Mary M. (Gilkey) Franklin
FRANKLIN, Mary M. (Gilkey)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
15 Feb 1832 11 Sep 1906 Richard J. Franklin  
FRANKLIN, Richard J.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
11 Jan 1822 24 Feb 1874 Mary M. Gilkey
m 22 Feb 1849
GRAFFORD, Benjamin F.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
16 Mar 1840 29 May 1896 Sarah Catherine Doman John W. and Martha H. (Richardson) Grafford
GRAFFORD, Infant Son
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
10 Oct 1864 10 Oct 1864   Moses W. & America Frances (Stone) Grafford
GRAFFORD, Margaret M.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
20 Jul 1867 04 Nov 1873   Moses W. and America Frances (Stone) Grafford
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
23 May 1875 18 Nov 1897   Benjamin F. and Sarah Catherine (Doman) Grafford
GRAFFORD, Sarah Catherine (Doman)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1846 1926 Benjamin F. Grafford  
GRAFFORD, William T.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
17 Sep 1869 09 Nov 1872   Moses W. and America Frances (Stone) Grafford
GREGORY, Esther A. (Woodworth)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Mar 1858 18 Jan 1933 George W. Gregory
William Zumwalt
22 Sep 1909
Richard J. and Adaline (Hawes) Woodworth
Also listed as ZUMWALT, Ann Easter (Woodworth)
GREGORY, George W.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
30 Aug 1857 31 Mar 1899 Esther A. Woodworth  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Jan 1899 13 Jan 1899   George and Esther A. (Woodworth) Gregory
GREGORY, Mary E. (Stone) 13 Oct 1825 14 May 1908 Alfred Gregory
25 Dec 1842
John L. Brandt
5 Jun 1864
John B. Cloninger
5 May 1878
William H. and Ruth (Turner) Stone
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
30 Jun 1888 05 Apr 1889   George W. and Esther A. (Woodworth) Gregory
GUTHRIE, Daniel DeWitt
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
23 Dec 1837 11 Jun 1914 Margaret Ann Zerenberg  
GUTHRIE, Margaret Ann (Zerenberg)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
11 Apr 1839 25 Jan 1918 Daniel DeWitt Guthrie  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
23 Jul 1865 15 Apr 1884    
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
30 Mar 1898 30 Dec 1899   Charles & Minnie (Wetherbee) Henry
HOBKIRK, Martha (Martin)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
22 Apr 1886 12 Sep 1911 Robert Hobkirk  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
01 Dec 1862 16 Jan 1883 L. L. Jewell  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
02 Oct 1880 13 Sep 1881   Henry H. and L. Frances Ricketts
LEEK, James R.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Apr 1862 25 Jan 1864   William G. and Josephine (Dodge) Leek
LEEK, Smith W.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
27 Dec 1814 26 Jul 1861 Zerelda Emeline Doge  
MAY, James Henry
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
28 Feb 1873 19 Jul 1875    
MAY, John
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
    Eliza "Jenny" Ruyle Co. I 91st Inf.
MILLER, Evaline 5y 2d 1926   W. A. & Nellie Buchanan Miller
MOORE, Thomas G.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
04 Jun 1847 05 Dec 1878    
MOOREY, Joseph 1830 22 Oct 1924    
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
02 Feb 1872 18 Aug 1904   James and Cena (Voshall) Pearson
PEARSON, Cena (Voshall)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
27 Dec 1847 16 Feb 1877 James Pearson  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
19 Aug 1844 20 Apr 1905 Cena A. Voshall  
RICKETTS, Caroline S.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
31 Jul 1869 17 Jul 1878   George W. and Valinda (Stone) Ricketts
RUYLE, Andrew J.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
31 Dec 1873 17 Jun 1875   J. M. & M. Ruyle
RUYLE, Charles W.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
10 May 1857 11 Feb 1874   John A. & Julie (Howell) Ruyle
RUYLE, James   24 Aug 1878    
SACKETT, Hubert 05 Oct 1913 27 Jan 1916   Lucius Harrison and Laura Alice (Williams) Sackett
SACKETT, Lucius Harrison 26 Jun 1856 02 May 1926 Laura Alice Williams Asa White and Ivy (Cole) Sackett
Laura is buried at Crescent Hts. with 2nd husband Samuel Blackorby
SHUFELT, Abram 24 Mar 1856 21 Mar 1926 Susan Davis  
SHUFELT, Elizabeth Davis 30 Jun 1851 24 Aug 1911    
SHUFELT, Susan Davis 13 Jan 1861 07 Mar 1918 Abram Shufelt  
SIDWELL, Margery (Venable)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
09 Jan 1850 13 Jun 1916 John W. Sidwell
George W. Hutton
James R. and Sarah (Voshall) Venable
SMITH, Beryl Irene
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
05 Jul 1901 19 Apr 1919   Charles Lewis & Mildred Lucinda (Stone) SMith
SMITH, Beulah
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
03 Jan 1900 17 Oct 1919   Charles Lewis & Mildred Lucinda (Stone) SMith
SMITH, Frances Marsh 28 Mar 1881   Maude Helen Stone Buried next to 2nd wife Woodland Pk. CO
SMITH, Maude Helen (Stone)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
12 Nov 1886 03 Aug 1913 Francis Marsh Smith  
SMITH, Mildred Warnette
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
09 Jul 1909 10 May 1910   Frances Marsh & Maude Helen (Stone) Smith
SPEARS, Hannah (Joy)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1848 21 Sep 1900 John L. Spears  
SPEARS, John Lewis 06 Sep 1856 29 Jun 1932 Hannah Joy
Margaret Voshall
Lewis and Rebecca (Applegate) Spears
SPEARS, John Lewis
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
about 49y 01 Aug 1873 Rebecca Applegate
19 Sep 1847
Francis Ledbetter Click
9 Mar 1862
Harris and Eliza (Buckaloo) Spears
SPEARS, Margaret M. (Voshall)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
11 Jun 1860 03 Oct 1939 John F. Praul
m 18 Jan 1883
John Lewis Spears
m 10 Jul 1901
William D. and Sarah A. (Stone) Voshall
SPEARS, Rebecca P. (Applegate)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
17 Apr 1827 15 Apr 1861 Lewis Spears James Monroe & Sarah (Stark) Applegate
SPEARS, Virgil Wayne
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
03 Aug 1902 08 Aug 1929   John Lewis Spears and Margaret M. (Voshall) Praul Spears
STONE, Alphia
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
05 Jul 1890 29 Feb 1892   James Lawson & Mary Elizabeth (Ulery) Stone
STONE, Arizona
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
18 May 1869 8 Sep 1873   Stephen H. & Cassandra Stone
STONE, Asenath Ann (Voshall)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
06 May 1829 20 Apr 1912 Samuel L. Stone  
STONE, Cassandra (Joslin)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
25 Dec 1851 08 Jul 1918 Stephen H. Stone William and Cass (Scone) Joslin
STONE, Emily Hestella "Stella" 12 Feb 1875 10 May 1931   Stephen H. and Casandra (Joslin) Stone
STONE, Hazel Belle 1y 6m ?d 9 Dec 1915 Ed Stone  
STONE, Helen Clarissa (Dodge) 1860 12 Jan 1933 James H. Stone (m 18 Dec 1887)  
STONE, Infant Daughter
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
08 Feb 1874 14 Feb 1874   Stephen H. & Cassandra (Joslin) Stone
STONE, Infant Son 1884 1884   James L. and Mary E. Stone
Stone is in pieces
STONE, Infant Son   11 Feb 1893   James L. & Mary E. Stone
STONE, Infant Son 03 Apr 1876 14 Apr 1876   James L. & Mary E. Stone
STONE, James H. 08 Nov 1855 05 Feb 1943 Helen Dodge Samuel and Accenath Ann Stone
Not listed in Cemetery Books
STONE, James Lawson
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
04 Sep 1850 06 Seo 1931 Mary Elizabeth Ulery Nathaniel and Mildred (Franklin) Stone
STONE, Janie
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Jul 1872 07 Aug 1899   Samuel L. & Asenath Ann (Voshall) Stone
STONE, Joseph W.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
06 Aug 1848 28 Aug 1873 Mahala A. Liles Nathaniel and Mildred (Franklin) Stone
STONE, Lewis R.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
10 Mar 1880 09 Aug 1881   James Lawson & Mary Elizabeth (Ulrey) Stone
STONE, Louis T.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
25 Dec 1856 08 Sep 1873   Nathaniel & Mildred (Franklin) Stone
STONE, Louis N. 31 May 1866 02 Sep 1873   Stephen & Lucretia (Rogers) Stone
STONE, Lucretia (Roberts)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1847 19 Jan 1868 Stephen H. Stone  
STONE, Mahala A. (Liles)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
22 Jul 1850 14 Feb 1879 Robert Nelson Hemphill
Joseph W. Stone
William Evans
STONE, Mary 1850 16 Sep 1931    
STONE, Mary Elizabeth (Ulery)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Sep 1855 13 Jan 1934 James Lawson Stone Shelton and Lucinda (Rogers) Ulery
STONE, Mildred (Franklin)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
12 Apr 1816 29 Aug 1873 Nathaniel Stone  
STONE, Nathaniel
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
07 Aug 1817 01 Sep 1873 Mildred Franklin William H. and Ruth (Turner) Stone
STONE, Nora Belle
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
19 Nov 1887 23 Feb 1889   James Lawson & Mary Elizabeth (Ulery) Stone
STONE, Paul S. 15 Sep 1865 24 Mar 1939   Samuel & Asenath Ann Stone
(Paul is not listed on Cemetery List)
STONE, Samuel L.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
03 Mar 1829 07 Oct 1898 Asenath Ann Voshall William H. and Ruth (Turner) Stone
STONE, (Son) 1869 1872   M. E. Stone
STONE, Stephen H.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Jan 1842 25 Dec 1910 Cassandra Joslin
Lucinda Roberts
STONE, William N. 4 years      
TURNBAUGH, Ama (Moore)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1837 1910 Nathan Turnbaugh  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
10 Mar 1906 07 Sep 1908   James A. & Dora Lee (Sidwell) Turnbaugh
TURNBAUGH, Dora Lee (Sidwell)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
Feb 1869 01 Aug 1927 James A. Turnbaugh John W. and Margery (Venable) Sidwell
TURNBAUGH, Eleanor Ann (Grote)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
10 Oct 1835 08 Sep 1896 James Whitney Turnbaugh
m 1 Feb 1855
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
16 May 1792 31 Jan 1865 Nancy Sapp  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
04 Sep 1903 19 Sep 1903   James A. & Dora Lee (Sidwell) Turnbaugh
TURNBAUGH, James Whitney
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
18 Dec 1829 30 Apr 1910 Sallie Buckles
Eleanor Ann Grotz
1 Feb 1855
Sarah M. Lisles
m 14 Nov 1850
George and Nancy (Sapp) Turnbaugh
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1866 1952 Dora Lee Sidwell Nathan & Ama (Moore) Turnbaugh
TURNBAUGH, John 04 Jan 1816 05 Sep 1873   George and Nancy (Sapp) Turnbaugh
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
26 Dec 1860 20 Aug 1862   James Whitney & Eleanor (Grote) Turnbeaugh
TURNBAUGH, Melzenia 01 Aug 1854 17 Mar 1873   John Turnbeaugh
TURNBAUGH, Nancy (Sapp) 13 Apr 1794 17 Sep 1859 George Turnbaugh  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1838 1872 Ama Moore Steele Turnbaugh and Jane Ashley
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1865 1993   Nathan & Ama (Moore) Turnbaugh
WHALEN, Ruth Ellen (Stone)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
26 Aug 1850 14 Apr 1919 Harrison Applegate
Martin Whalen
WHALEN, Martin
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1842 28 Aug 1917 Ruth Ellen Stone  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
31 Jan 1877 27 Sep 1877   Thomas W. & Martha E. Williams
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
22 May 1822 20 Jan 1881   Co. G, 10th MO Inf.
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
25 Jul 1875 30 Aug 1877   Thomas W. and Martha E. Williams
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
1852 18 Mar 1877 Thomas W. Williams  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
18 Jun 1849 20 Nov 1928 unmarried  
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
15 Mar 1851 25 Apr 1891 Martha E. D.W. Williams
ZUMWALT, Ann Easter (Woodworth)
Headstone Photo (pop-up)
13 Mar 1858 18 Jan 1933 George W. Gregory
William Zumwalt
22 Sep 1909
Richard J. and Adaline (Hawes) Woodworth
Also listed as GREGORY, Esther A. (Woodworth)
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Logan Conner's "Labor of Love"
Local man stops mowing cemetery after nearly two decades
The Pike Press & Weekly Messenger, Sept 3, 2003 - by Beth Coldwell Arnold
Contributed by Carolyne Conner Puskas Last month, 91-year-old Logan Conner made a tough decision – one that he hopes won’t mean the end of regard for a haven of Pleasant Hill history. For the past 16 years, Conner has been mowing and caring for Venable Cemetery on Pea Ridge – a place that brings back a flood of memories from his childhood and has given him a sense of pride in his golden years. “Every Decoration Day when I was about 12 to 15 years old, I walked two and a-half miles to the cemetery with my grandfather,” he said. “Back then, we cleaned it by hand with hand scythes.” Conner retired from his job as a construction worker in the mid-1970’s and moved back to Pleasant Hill. It wasn’t long before he decided to go to the cemetery he visited annually as a teenager. “It just came back to my mind; the older times,” he said. “So we drove out there.”

Conner was saddened by the condition in which he found Venable Cemetery in 1987. Brush and briars were woven among the headstones, and a large cedar tree had crushed some of the grave markers. Even though the weeds were high, Conner vowed to clean the cemetery and preserve it to the way he remembered it as a young boy. He enlisted his brothers and sisters to help him, and after several days of intense mowing and cutting, Conner had accomplished his goal. After the initial effort, it was up to Conner to maintain the cemetery. Since 1988, he has mowed it about six times a year, but it wasn’t always a simple job. The path to Venable Cemetery is rough, and Conner and his wife, Neta, made each mowing a joint effort. “It was really something that was hard to plan. We couldn’t go out there when it was wet, because we had to drive through someone else’s field. We had to go through two gates,” Conner said. “My wife wouldn’t let me go alone, so we went and took a sack lunch.” “If you went out there, you’d see why I wouldn’t let him go by himself,” Neta said. With the cemetery being near a wooded area, Neta said she was afraid hunters would mistake her husband for a deer.

“I guess if they shot him, they would have to shot me, too.” she said. Groundskeeper of Venable Cemetery has never been a paid position, but Pleasant Hill Township officials agreed to pay for the Conner’s fuel expenses. “It’s just something I took on myself,” he said. “There’s no committee for it. I have gotten a few donations over the years.” Conner used a riding lawnmower, but sometimes he had to go the extra mile when there was a problem. “One year two trees fell down. I had to get a chainsaw and cut them, then get my tractor to pull them out of the cemetery.” he said.

In 1966, Conner helped Gary and Merle Clendenny plot a map of Venable Cemetery with a detailed description of each stone. About three weeks ago, Conner mowed Venable Cemetery for the last time. He and Neta made the mutual decision to quit. “I was thinking of my health and my wife’s health,” he said. Conner told Virginia Hart, who also has relatives buried in the cemetery that she should begin looking for someone else to maintain it. He says even though he has given up his mowing duties, he plans to go back. “I will be checking on it to see if it is being cared for,” he said. “What worries me the worst is that it will be let to grow back to timber. When you work so hard, you hate to see it grow back. I guess all things have to change as we go along.”