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Contributed by Sandi Donaldson
[Source: The Alton Weekly Courier(Alton, IL) March 30, 1854]

We have lately received, through the politeness of Col. Richardson, the Census of 1850, or Statistics of the United States. To us it is an invaluable work, and we intend to resort to it frequently for the benefit of our renders. The following, relative to the churches in Pike in 1850, will be interesting:
Baptist - 5 Churches - 1,290 Members
Christian - 2 Churches - 300 Members
Congregational - 2 Churches - 700 Members
Free - 1 Church - 400 Members
Methodist - 4 Churches - 1,200 Members
Presbyterian - 2 Churches - 550 Members
Total - 16 Churches - 1,640 Members
The above, of course, does not exhibit the true state of the churches at this time. They have advanced much within the past four years, and several have been built within that time that we know of. For instance, the Roman Catholics of this place, and the Episcopalians, have each now comfortable houses. A large meeting-house has lately been erected by the Christian denomination of Barry, so with the Baptists there, and the same is true of the Methodists and Congregationalists of Griggsville. Possibly others have latterly been erected in other places in the county that have not come under our notice. But, in any event, statistics of this kind are useful. They enable one to see how we are progressing. Pittsfield Union.

Church Photo's Contributed by:
Billie Browning - Sandi Donaldson - Delaine Donaldson - Phil Husband - Margaret Rutledge - Nancy Shaner & Carmen Megehe - With our many thanks.

Akers Chapel Church

Atlas Community Church

Barry - Church of Christ Church

Barry - First Baptist Church

Barry - First Christian Church

Barry - Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Barry - Methodist Episcopal Church History

Barry - United Methodist Church

Baylis - United Baptist Church

Baylis - United Methodist Church

Detroit - Christian

Detroit Methodist Episcopal Church

Detroit Methodist Episcopal Church (South)

Detroit - Predestinarian Baptist Church

El Dara - Christian Church

El Dara - Methodist Church

Griggsville - Baptist Church

Griggsville - Bethel Methodist Episcopal - Pioneer Church

Griggsville - Bethel Methodist Episcopal - Scrapbook Article

Griggsville - Bethel Methodist Episcopal - 2011 Reunion

Griggsville - Christian Church

Griggsville - Congregational Church

Griggsville - St. James Episcopal Church

Griggsville - Methodist Church

Griggsville Circuit - Hinman Chapel

Hull Community Church

Hull & Kinderhook - United Baptist Church

Hull - United Methodist Church

Independence Christian Church

Kinderhook - Akers Chapel Church of Christ

Kinderhook - Baptist Church

Kinderhook - House of Prayer

Kinderhook - Methodist Church

Martinsburg Church

Nebo - Baptist Church

Nebo - Christian Church

Nebo - Church of the Nazarene

Nebo - New Vision Evangelistic Center

New Hartford Christian Church

New Salem - Universalist Church

Perry - Church of Christ

Pittsfield - First Christian Church

Pittsfield - German Methodist Episcopal Church

Pittsfield - St. Mary's Catholic Church

Pittsfield - United Methodist Church

Pleasant Grove - Methodist Church

Pleasant Hill - Christian Church

Pleasant Hill - Church of Christ - (Was torn down many years ago)

Pleasant Hill - Community of Christ

Pleasant Hill - First Baptist Church

Pleasant Hill - Methodist Episcopal Church

Pleasant Hill - United Methodist Church

Primitive Baptist Church

Rockport - Christian Church (Old)

Rockport - Christian Church (New - May 2012)

Rockport - Methodist Church (May 2012)

Time Community Church (April 4, 2011)

Wike Chapel

Woodland Church - Erected 1867

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