Korean War

27 June 1950 - 27 July 1953
Those Who Served
Divider Line

Pvt. Ivis Dean Adams, U.S. 55-160-466 Heavy Mort. Co. 27 RCT, APO 25

Pvt. Glenn Dale Adams, US 55253362 Btry C. 253rd Bn. Div. Arty 6th Armored Div., Ft. Leonard Wood MO

Cpl. Robert L. Adams US 55103406 Co. A 29th Eng. Avn. Bn., Beale Air Force Base CA.

Pvt. Albert L. Allen 1222701 Plt. No. 368 4th Bat. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego 40, CA.

Pfc. S.D. Askew, E.R. 16206918, 470th Engineers, Field Maintenance Co., APO 227 Postmaster, NY, NY. S.D.

Donald Lee Ator, SA 3406476 "N" div. USS Cambria, APA 36 care of Fleet PO New York NY.

Cpl. Marshall W. Baehr, 55103407 H. & S. 297th EAB APO 949, c/o Postmaster, Seattle Wash.

James Bagby EM 3, U.S.S. Parle, DE708, Care Fleet Post Office NY, NY.

Bobby Bail, of Louisiana MO is spending a leave at home from the Navy. He has been in Japan and Korea and has been in the Navy for four years.

Marine Corporal Carl E. Bartlett, medical director of the Naval Ordnance Laborator. Quarters M. Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Silver Springs 19, MarylandAwarded the Purple Heart.

Pvt. Donald Beard, Basic training and a course in engineering at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Carl Benson, John Ducey, Paul Hubbard, William Parks and Lou Predmore of the Naval Reserve at Hannibal, left May 18 for two weeks training duty, going on board the Man-of-War sailing on the Great Lakes. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Cpl. Carl N. Bess, US 55120840 Hqt. Co., 915th Engr. GP Wolters Air Force Base, Mineral Wells TX.

Pvt. Ronald M. Bissell, enlisted in the army on March 14, 1956. Upon completion of basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., he was sent to Fort Bliss, Texas for training with the Army Anti-Aircraft Command.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

George Albert Bowen, S.R. 4386946 Co 16 104th Bat. 10th Reg. Great Lakes IL. U.S.N.T.C.

Billie (Bill) G. Browning Joined the United States Marine Corps, Nov 27 1951. Went thru basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA, Feb 1952, stationed at El Toro Air Station, Santa Anna Calif. Oct 1952 thru Oct 1953 served with 1st Marine Air wing, K-3 Pohang Korea with rank of Sgt. Returned to the United States, Nov. 1953 and released from active duty at Treasure Island, San Francisco, Calif.

Tech. Sgt. Richard L. Bruce 303rd Bomb Wing, David Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Ariz.

Robert M. Capps, promoted to corporal while serving with the U. S. Army Alaska Headquarters at Fort Richardson. He entered the Army in January 1953 and completed basic training at Camp Atterberry, Ind., before his present assignment in June of that year.

Pvt. Larry G. Chamberlain, U.S. 55-265-289, Co. F., ASA 5460 R.C., Fort Cust5er, Michigan.

Cpl. Andy Chaplin of Pittsfield was one of four Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., who were selected by Gov. Adlai Stevenson to receive his tickets to the New Year's Rose Bowl football game in Pasadena. The other three marines getting the governors tickets are Cpl. J.A. Stevens, Normal; Cpl. H.E. Smith, Bloomington; Cpl. C.L. Deane, Aurora. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Miss Lia Chappell, was one of the first two Waves to be sent overseas, and arrived in Honolulu recently. She is stationed at the big naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Charles Collins, received the appointment to Annapolis from Congressman Sid Simpson. He is to report at the naval academy on June 28. He will be sworn in as a Midshipman and will take a four year course, receiving his B.S. degree in engineering at graduation.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Jimmie Collver, S. A. Bataan Aircraft Carrier, c/o Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Calif.

Pvt. Joe R. Conkright US 55299094 Btry. A 12 Tng. Bn. A.A.A. R.T.C. Ft. Bliss TX

Sgt. Orin Cooper, Jr., stationed with the air force in the Bahama Islands, having been sent there July 12. The airman is to be on the islands for four months.

Pfc. Arvis G. Couch, US 55081048 Co A 8th Engr. CBN 1st Cav. Inf. Div. APO 201 care of San Francisco CA.

LeRoy E. Coultas enlisted in July 1948. Service School Command BT School Class A 2nd Section, Great Lakes IL.

Pvt. LeVoy E. Coultas 16292464, 3415 Tech Tng. Group 3415 Tech Tng. Wing, Lowery Air Force Base, Denver Co.

Freddie Cox Class 12, S.A. USN 4386253 U.S. Navy Hosp. Corp. School, Bainbridge MD.

Pvt. William G. Craigmiles after completing sixteen weeks basic training with the 5th Armored Div. Camp Chafee, Ark., has been selected to attend the Airborne Infantry School, Ft. Benning GA.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Milton T. Crim, Pvt. US Army, 24 Dec 1926 - 25 Jun 1980, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Billie Browning)

Pvt. Neal B. CrossmanUS55204707 Co A C.M.L. R.T.C. Ft. McClellan AL.

Pvt. Floyd E. Crowder, US 55119364 Btry. C. 81st F.A. Bn. 38 101st Abn. Div. Camp Breckenridge KY (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Jonrobert CullUS 55118432, 12th A.A.A. Group Football Team, APO 403, NY, NY.

Second Lieutenant John Cummins recently completed a course of training at Lawton, Okla., and received his wings as a helicopter pilot. He expects to receive orders for assignment in Austria the middle of April.

Pvt. Charles E. Davis, US 55160467, 48 Co., 40 Bn., APO 957, H.L.T.C. care PM San Francisco CA.

Pvt. James L. Davis is stationed at Ft. Riley KS an dis in his eleventh week of basic training. US 55207062 Co G 1st Platoon 86th Inft. Reg. 10th Inft. Div., Ft. Riley KS.

Pvt. Keith E. Davis, U.S. 55207057, Co. D, 1st. Ord. Tng. Bn., ORTC, Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland.

Cpl. Leaton E. Deeder,Leaton is head cook in his company and is stationed in Korea. He arrived in Japan Jan. 7, and was sent immediately into the battle zone. RA 46038598 Co A 35 R.C.T. APO 25, care of Postmaster, San Francisco CA.

Pfc. Lloyd E. Deeder son of Lena of Pittsfield and Cullen Deeder of Fish Hook has been in the army since the first of last April. He took his basic at Ft. Jackson SC. Elmo, as he is known to all his friends, is now a dental technician at the 20th Station Hospital in Degerdorf, Germany, which is about 40 miles from Munich, in the Alps Mountains. On week ends he has been enjoying the facorite mountain sport, skiing. At Christmas time Elmo received many packages from his friends here at home and wishes to thank them for their thoughfulness. A special thanks to the Domestic Science Club of Baylis for their kind consideration. He is anxious to hear from all his friends here at home. His address is: US 55156592, 20th Station Hospital APO 407 care of Postmaster, New York City NY. Another Notice: Cpl. Leaton Deeder, R. A., 46038598 Co. A., 35 Ret. APO 25, care postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. Leaton is head cook in his company and is stationed in Korea. He is the son of Mrs. Lena Deeder, who is employed at the Hi-Way Cafe in Pittsfield.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Pvt. Jackie H. Dimmitt, son of Mrs. Glenna Dimmitt, 112 S. Memorial St., Pittsfield IL is nearing completion of a 16 week training cycle here with a unit of the 6th Armored Division. As a trainee, he received eight weeks basic training in the fundamentals of Army life and the use of infantry weapons. He is now completing an additional eight weeks engineering training. Competent instructors are teaching him the use of pioneer and power tools, construction of fixed and floating bridges and related subjects besides additional combat skills. At the end of the 16 weektraining cycle with the famed "Super Sixth" the men completing training here will be sent either to specialist schools or sent as replacement to other units. Another Notice: Cpt. Jackie Dimmitt son of Danny Dimmitt and Mrs. Glenna Dimmitt, arrived on the west coast Tuesday of this week and willgo to Ft. Sheridan WA where he will receive his discharge. Jackie has been in the army for two years, a considerable part of that time being sent to Korea. Another Notice: Pvt. Jackie H. Dimmitt R. A. 17341193 Co C 86th Recon. Bn. C.C.R. 6th Armored Div. Ft. Leonard Wood MO. Jackie enlisted and on March 27 went to St. Louis. From there he was sent ot Camp Crowdeer MO and from there to Ft. Leonard Wood. Buried at Park Lawn Cemetery (17 Aug 1932 - 1 Nov 1954) - Contributed by Pat Ruble

Cpl. Charles P. Durham, A. F. 17292264, Flt. "C", 7th Air Rescue Sqd., APO 231, care Postmaster, New York, N. Y. Paul is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Durham. He has been in Tripoli, Africa, since June of this year. He reports that they have terrific heat there in the summer but now the nights are cool enough for three blankets. The living conditions of the Mohammedans impress him as being....(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Paul Durham, who is serving in the air force and has been stationed in Tripoli, Africa, arrived home last week on leave. Paul is the son of County Clerk and Mrs. Virgil Durham. Another Notice: Paul Durham, son of County Clerk and Mrs. Virgil Durham, left Friday for Trenton, N. Y. from where he will embark for overseas service in Europe. Paul is a corporal in the air corps and has been spending a two weeks' vacation at home. He was formerly located at Lowery Field, Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Durham took him to St. Louis, Friday morning, where he took a train for Trenton. Another Notice: Cpl. Charles P. Durham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Durham of this city, has recently reported for duty and has been assigned to Flight C 7th Air Rescue Squadron, 1603rd Air Base Group, Wheelus Field, Tripoli, Libya, North Africa. Paul enlisted October 22, 1950 at St. Louis, Mo. and was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado before leaving this country. At present he is doing duty as a carpenter.

Cpl. Ira J. Dyer Jr. US 55103399 Co. A. 297 Engr. Avn. Bn. Beale Air Force Base, Maryville CA. Ira recently wrote home to his sister Mrs. Joe Bryant, telling of the two day celebration they were having in honor of the first anniversary of its re-call to active duty. One of the main features was a cake three- ft. high and weighing 867 pounds. Another Notice: Cpl. Ira J. DyerJr. left Saturday morning for Camp Beale, CA, after completing a course in engineering at Ft. Leonard Wood MO. Jack went into the service in January of this year and is in the 297th Engineer Aviation Battalion. He spent a 14 day furlough with his wife, the former Sue Foote of Nebo. He is the son of Ira Dyer and the late Thelma Hayden Dyer. Photo by Mortland (Contributed by Pat Ruble). In a recent army paper sent home by Jack Dyer it tells about him being promoted to Sgt. He entered the service last January and took his basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood and was there until August. He then spent a 15 day furlough at home and then was shipped to Camp Beale for further training.

Pfc. Irwin C. Ehlert, U.S.55-119-368 Co. D, 26th Inf. Regt. APO 139, care postmaster New York, N.Y. Irwin is the son of Mrs. Emma Ehlert of Pittsfield Route 3. He has been in Germany since Aug. 11, of this year.

The address of Charles Frank Emery, who recently enlisted in the Navy was incorrectly given in Tuesday's issue. His address is as follows: Charles Frank Emery, SR, 3406676, Co. 66, U. S. N. T. C, Great Lakes, Illinois. Frank is the grandson of Mrs. Florence Renoud of this city.

Sgt. George W. Ervin, son of Mrs. Virgil Ervin, Sr., 938 West Jefferson St., Pittsfield, has been assigned to Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas, as Jet Aircraft Instructor, Colonel Ray H. Clark, Base Commander, announced through the Public Information Office recently. Sgt. Ervin was transferred to Amarillo from Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas, and has been a member of the Air Force since 1948. He attended Pittsfield high school. Amarillo Air Force Base, one of seven technical and three indoctrination bases in the Technical Training Air Force, a division of the Air Training Command, is the only Air Force Base devoted exclutively to the training of jet fighter and bomber mechanics. Another Notice:George W. Ervin, son of Mrs. Lois Ervin of this cityy, will graduate Wednesday, March 31, from U.S. Air Force Jet Pilot School at Laredo AFB, Laredo, Texas. The graduation exercises will be held at 10 a.m. at Base Theatre. George has been in service nearly five years. This is the second year of his second enlistment. He has a brother Junior who is in service. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Pvt. Richard Ervin and Elmo Deter of Pittsfield, who are in the Medics in the army, with the 20th Station Hospital Group. They are stationed in Degerdorf Germany which is in the Alps Mountains. The boys, when they get weekend passes go skiing. They are only a few miles from Hitler's famous Berchtesgader retreat. Richard has gained 22 pounds since he got to Germany. They have good food there and plenty of it. He likes Germany all right but says there is no place as good as the States. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

IN NAVY - Seaman Charles Emery, grandson of Mrs. Florence Renoud, who is stationed at Boston, Mass. Another Notice: Charles Frank Emery, who is the grandson of Florence Renoud, enlisted in the navy January 3 and is stationed at Great Lakes. His address is Charles Frank Emery, SR, 36066 Co. 66 U. S. M. T C, Great Lakes, Illinois

Abe Fentons of this city received a letter from John Fenton, a soldier in Korea, Friday. John wrote the letter by the light of a camp-fire which he was sharing with nine others of his squad. It was 30 degrees below zero, or even colder, and the temperature had never gotten up to zero in the month or more he had been there. John and his comrades had no opportunity to get out of their clothes but were crawling into their bags and sleeping (or trying to) on the frozen ground. He wanted the folks to send him some fudge candy and other sweets and said there would be nine others in his squad who would be glad to get some sweets, too. John said he had had no mail or anything in the way of sweets or knick-knacks the folks had sent him since his arrival to Korea a month or more before. The nine others in his squad likewise receive dno mai of anything from the outside. The soldier wrote one page, part of another and then had to give it up because it was so cold. He said none of them knew what was going on. They were camped somewhere near Taegu, which is pretty well south on the Korean peninsula. He had been shipped to Japan and from there to Inchon and was now over on the opposite side of the peninsula and pretty well down to the south. He didn't know where he would be sent from there anddidn't know how the rest of the home troops were faring. Killed In Action -- (14 Feb 1933 - 10 Oct 1951)(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Solo, Duo -- Cadet Harry Lee Finson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Finson of Pittsfield, is in the news with two important announcements this week. Harry, left above, stationed at the air force base, Kinston N.C., writes that he completed his first solo flight April 18. His engagement to a St. Louis girl is also announced. He will wed Miss Marilyn Lemon above. Another Notice: Pfc. Harry L. Finson, A.F. 17318941, 3388 Student Squadron Box 155, Keesler Air Force Base Mississippi. Harry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Finson of Pittsfield and is studying radar. He reports that he has been making some very good grades, with an average of 4.6 out of a possible 5.0 in radar. The weather in Mississippi last week was so hot that some of the boys passed outwile on parade. Another Notice: 2nd Lt. Harry L. Finson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Finson of Pittsfield received his wings in a special service at Vance Air Force base at Enid OK on Feb. 16. He graduated from Basic Multi-Engine Pilot school of the US Air Force at Vance AFB on Feb. 2. His parents were invited to the graduation exeercises which were held there at 10:30 am that day, but were unable to attend. Lt. Finson spent a day or two here recently visiting his parent sand went from here to St. Louis.

Pvt. Donald W. Foreman US 55160401 Co E 53rd Abn. Inf. Reg. 101 Abn. Div. Camp Breckinridge KY. Donald has been able to make several trips home to see his mother Mrs. Vera Foreman and his sister Ethel H. is fortunate in that some pals of his have a car and he rides with them whenever he has a free weekend. He was employed at the Pittsfield Hardware Store just before he entered the service. Another Notice: Pvt. Donald "Peachy" Foreman has written his mother, Mrs. Vera Foreman, that he will be home Thursday of this week on leave before he has to report to a base in CA for overseas duty. He has been stationed at Camp Breckenridge KY and is to go to the west coast around May 16. Another Notice: Donald Foreman, who is stationed at Fort Breckenridge, Ky., spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Vera Foreman, Donald "Peechie" is starting his sixth week of basic training. Another Notice: Pvt. Donald W. Foreman returned to Camp Breckenridge KY Friday night, after spending a furlough here with his wife at the home of her father, Henry Yokem and also his mother, Mrs. Vincent Foreman and daughter Ethel. Donald has finished his basic training and will take another course of study at the same camp for six or eight weeks. His address: US 55160401, Co. E 53rd Abn. Inf. Regt., 101st Airborne Division, Camp Breckenridge KY. (Contributed by Pat France)

Pvt. Clarence D. Forshey has been serving in Korea six months, driving a supply truck taking ammunition to the front. He received his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood MO with a unit of the Sixth Armored Div. then was sent to Camp Stoneman CA for further training. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Forshey of Barry.

Pvt. Thomas H. Fox son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fox of New Canton IL has returned to Ft. Bragg NC after spending a fifteen day furlough with his parents and wife. Pvt. Fox was inducted into the service March 16, 1951 and took his processing at Ft. Custer MI. He arrived at Ft. Bragg NC March 26, 1951 and completed fifteen weeks of basic training before coming home on furlough July 14. While home Pvt. and Mrs. Fox became the parents of a son. Mrs. Fox and the baby are at the home of her parents at Canton MO. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Robert Lee Frazier and Alphia Dale Robinson of Pittsfield have been accepted at the Marine Corps Recruiting office in St. Louis and have been sent to San Diego Calif. for boot camp training. Robert is the son of Leslie Dwight Frazier of Pearl and Alphia is the son of Mrs. Mable Robinson of Pittsfield. Address: Pfc. Robert Lee Frazier, U.S.M.C. 1222373, Casual Co., H.S. Btn., M.C.R.D., P.M. San Diego 40 Calif.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

1st Lt. Robert R. Frazier, 015354455, APO 168 care of Postmaster NY, NY. Bob recently sent a message to his mother, Mrs. Mildred Coulter stating that he had been in Vienna on duty for a few days, and was then leaving for Salzburg on the Mazart train. The weather has been good. He rode the same car Joe Cotton and Orson Was were in. He visited Beethoven and Mozart's homes and got real brave and went into the Russian zone for a look see. As a matter of fact he almost walked into the rear of Russian headquarters before he said he took off like a bird. Bob is in the intelligence department of the U.S. Army.

Pvt. Robert E. Fusselman U.S. 55252739 Co A 122nd Armord Ord. Maint. Bn., C.C.R. 3rd Armord Div. Ft. Knox KY. He wasinducted Feb. 14 an dsent to Ft. Custer MI then to Ft. Knox for his training. He is the son of Troy Fusselman of New Salem.

Word has been received recently that Cpl. Hugh D. Galloway, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison D. Galloway of Time, is now serving in Korea approximately 40 miles northeast of Inchon. He is stationed in a dugout in a hillside eight miles back of the front lines. Cpl. Galloway writes that he has seen plenty of bloodshed an dmisery. His address: R.A. 16277479, So. C., 34th Infantry R.C.T., APO 25, % PM San Francisco CA.

Major General Hobart Gay, one of Pike county's famous sons, is expected in Rockport today for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Mary Blunt and other relatives. This picture taken in May 1951, when the general last visited Rockport, shows left to right, Henry Gay, Gen. Gay, Mrs. Blunt and Lawrence Gay.

James W. Gheen, YN3, V2 Div. USS Salerno Day, CV110, care FPO NewYork NY. ames is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Von Gheen of Pittsfield. He sailed from Norfolk VA on Oct. 15. Another Notice: Jim Gheen, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Gheen of Pittsfield was discharged from the United States Navy after four years of service on September 10. The past year and a half Jim has seen service aboard the aircraft carrier, Salerno Bay. Another Notice: Jimmy Gheen yoeman third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Gheen of Pittsfield arrived Saturday night to spend a leave with his parents. Jimmie has been stationed on the aircraft carrier Salerno Bay at Norfolk, Va.

Pvt. Harry Wm. Gleckler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gleckler of New Salem, is stationed at Camp Chaffee, Ark. He entered the service on Feb. 25th. His address is Pvt. Harry Wm. Gleckler, U. S. 55253356 Btry C. 542 AFA BN 5th Armd Div. Arty. Camp Chaffee, Ark.

Pvt. Richard W. Grammer A.F. 17-337-590, 3718 BM T.S. Flight 2481, Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio TX. Richard is the son of Eugene Grammer of Baylis.

Pvt. Donald E. Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Graves of Pittsfield is now serving in the army in Korea. Donald is in the 9th Corp. of the 8th Army and in the 11th Battalion of the Combat Engineers. He took his basic training at Ft. Belvoir VA. He was home the last of Sept. and first of Oct. on a 14 day furlough. On Oct. 19 he was shipped to Korea, from Seattle WA. He is now a telephone lineman for the communication center. He is about 15 miles from the front. His wife was the former Veda Willard. Donald would like to hear from his friends: His Address: US55157655, H/S Co 11 Engr. C Bn, APO # 301, c/o P.M. San Francisco CA. Mrs. Veda (Willard) Graves had word Sunday that her husband, Donald Graves, who has been in Korea for more than a year, had landed in California, and was to be sent to Camp Crowder to be released (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Cpl. Kenneth L. Gray is serving with the armed forces in Korea where he drives a supply van. He entered the service Jan. 30, 1952 an dtook his basic trainingt at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. He has been serving with the 725th Ord. Bn. of the 25th Inf. Div. since August 1952. He has two brothers also serving , T.Sgt. Richard G. Gray at Ladd Air Force Base, Alaska and Pfc. Gene Gray also in Korea. They are the sons of David Gray, formerly of New Canton but now of near Baylis. Another brother, Harold was killed in WW II. Kenneth's wife the former Marjorie Giger is employed in. LOWELL G. GRAY, Cpt 17 Ordance Co Korea, 15 Feb 1932 - 26 Mar 1971, Buried at Park Lawn Cemetery.(Contributed by Billie Browning)

S.F.C. George W. Greene E.R. 14160396 left Nov. 20 for Camp Kilmer, N.J., after spending a 30 day emergency leave with his wife and two daughters of route 1, Barry. He was stationed in Germany 8 months before his return home. He as with the 485th Engrs. Combat bn.

Pvt. Phillip B. Green Jr., R.A. 17337227, Co. M. Q.M.R.T.C., Fort Lee, Virginia. Phillip is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Burl Green of Barry. "Sonny" as he is known by his friends, is now in Virginia afteer finishing his basic training in Michigan. He writes that he likes it fine there, especially the warm weather. He would like to hear from his friends.

22 Oct 1953 --- Collision! Collision! Collision in the after engine room! While these words echoed throughout the hydrographic survey ship USS Taner, two Pittsfield men, Howard E. Griffith, Surveyor third class, USN son of Mrs. C.L. Griffith and George H. Yelliott, chief boatswain's mate, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. George I. Yelliott, went to battle stations, expecting and ready for the worst. The ship had been trying for two days with the icebreaker USS Atka to penetrate the ice park on the northern Labrador coast, seeking a safe route for cargo ships about to carry stores to advance bases. Not only ice, but time was closing in with its short season when northern waters are still navigable. Cargo ships were now only a few days behind. It was up to the Tanner to chart a safe course; and it was up to those on the Tanner to protect her safety. The ice pack finally became so heavy the Tanner was locked in a heaving growling mass of ice. She was riding broadside to the swell, awkward in the sea's trough. The only answer was a tow from the ice breaker. A line was passed, secured and the Tanner swung around out of danger, heading into the wind. And then the line parted. Once more both crews went through the cold, exhausting maneuver of rigging for tow. Just as the second line was nearly connected, a tremendous piece of blue ice surged into the Tanner's side. Tons of freezing water gushed in. This was when the alarm was sounded and the Tanner's crew went to work. Each man had a station; he knew how to get there and what to do. As a result it was only a matter of minutes before repairs had been effected and the flooding was under control. The Tanner received four more holes from the surging ice wiithin the next hour, none as serious as the first. When the cargo ships finally arrived the Tanner was able to furnish them with charts of the dangerous areas and navigable channels through which they might squeeze to deliver their --- Another Notice - Howard Griffith in the U. S. Navy, stationed at Norfolk, Va., arrived here Friday morning to spend a two weeks leave with his mother, Mrs. C. L. Griffith and other relatives and friends. He came to Chicago by plane and the rest of the way on the bus. Howard is a former printer at the Democrat-Times and we always enjoy seeing him again. Another Notice: Howard E. Griffeth, U.S. N.A. B., ACB2, Co. H., Q15, Little Creek, Va. Howard is company clerk on the base. He has to know where all the men on the base are at all times. He has been there about two years. Howard is a son of Mrs. Maggie Griffeth and grandson of John W. Smith. Another Notice: Howard Griffith, SV3 who has been stationed at Little Creek, Va., with the Navy, arrived here last Tuesday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Maggie Griffith, and other relatives. He and his sister, Mrs. Paul (Doris) Elliott of Pittsburg drove here in her car, and will return east together. When he returns to duty he will report to New York and will be assigned to a coastal geodetic survey ship for sea duty. Howard and Mrs. Elliott expect to start back next Wednesday.

John W. Grisham, seaman apprentice, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Grisham of 521 West Fayette, Pittsfield, is serving aboard the newly re-commissioned destroyer USS McNair, re-activated at the Naval Station, Long Beach, Calif. After post-activation overhaul the McNair will join the Atlantic Fleet. Another Notice: Having completed a six-month course at US Fleet Sonar School, Key West FL, John W. Grisham, son of Mr. and Mrs. WilliamO. Grisham of 521 West Fayette Pittsfield IL, received his diploma from rear Admiral I.T. Duke Commander US Naval Base. Another Notice: John Grisham, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Grisham, has been assigned to the Destroyer McGowan at Long Beach, Calif., where he will be in training for a period of four months.(Contributed by Pat Ruble)

The following Pike county boys left here at 4:16 a.m. today for induction into the armed forces: Edwin Dale Guthrie, Pleasant Hill, George Lee Claus, Pittsfield, Clifford Lee Strubinger, Barry, William Gerald Reel, Pittsfield, Martin Samuel Easley, New Canton, Kyle Dean Chamberlain, leader, Pittsfield, Harold Wayne Bristow, Milton, Emmett Eugene Horton, Rockport, Jonrobert Cull, Pittsfield, John Otis Hoover, Pittsfield. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Cpl. George E. Halpin, son of Mrs. Alice Halpin of Pittsfield and Cpl. Donald E. Laird, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merril Laird of Griggsville. Donald's wife Patricia lives at 230 Villa Street, Elgin. George arrived in Pusan, Korea May 28, 1953 and Donald on April 23, 1953 an both boys are with the 65th Engineers Company Depot Maintenance and are personnel clerks. Donald entered service on Sept. 8, 1952, took his basic at Camp Gordon GA and 16 weeks of leadership training there. George entered service Sept. 15, 1952, receiving his basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. recevied 16 weeks of engineer's training at Ft. Belvoir, VA before being sent overseas. Contributed by Pat Ruble - June 4, 1954 Pike County Republican

Marine Private First Class Wayne E. Hammitt, son of Mr. Cyrus Hammitt, of Pittsfield, successfully completed a six week Field Telephone Course at the Signal School Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot at San Diego recently. During the course he received instructions in such subjects as tactics and techniques of field wire installations, installation, operation and maintenance of field telephone and field telegraph equipment, and switchboard procedure. The course prepares communication personnel for work with telephone and telegraph equipment used in marine organizations. He was inducted in the Marine Corps at St. Louis, Mo., and received his recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. He is now awaiting assignment as a wireman with a regular unit. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Pfc. Lyndle W. Harlow, US 55119367, Co. E, 26th Inf. Regt., APO 139, care Postmaster, New York, N.Y. Lyndle is a typist and finance clerk in Germany.

Lt. Bob Harshman has written his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Harshman, that he underwent an appendectomy while aboard ship bound for Japan. Lt. Harshman sailed from the states September 16. His parents received first word of the operation from him last Friday. He said he was on his feet 13 hours after the operation, and on ar-rival in Japan was assigned to an Army hospital for convalescence. He expected to be transferred soon to a Navy hospital. His brother, Airman second class Richard Harshman has arrived at El Paso, Texas, assigned to the 97th bomber wing, but expects to be transferred soon to England.

Cpl. Harold M. Harshman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Loren K. Harshman, is stationed in Japan at the present time and would be very happy to hear from friends. His address is AF 17317869, 1954th AACS Sqd., APO 994, c/o P.M., San Francisco, Calif. Another Notice: Harold Harshman who recently entered the serviced has been sent to Texas. His address is Pvt. Harold M. Harshman AF 17317869 FIT 1178 Sqd. 3733 Sp. 3730 Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Cpl Earl R. Hayden AF 16350470 and Cpl. Gerald A. Hayden AF16350482, 81st Air Base SSqd. Greater Pittsburg Airport, Corapolis PA. Earl and Gerald are the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hayden. They have been serving in the motor pool of the air force for the past 14 months.

Pvt. Robert Hayden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hayden, who entered the military service Jan. 9, is located at Fort Knox, Kentucky. His address is Pvt. Robert Hayden, US 55-205-276; Co. B 84th Tk. Bn. Div. Trains; 3rd Arm'd Division, Fort Knox, Kentucky. Another Note: Bob Hayden arrived here Sunday from Ft. Knox KY to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hayden. He will return there Friday.

Cpl. Richard Henry arrived home Saturday from (Jamp LeJeune in N. Carolina for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell Henry. He enlisted in the Marines last August and has been in service almost a year. Richard and Donald Henry, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell Henry of this city, are both in the service. Pfc. Richard Henry enlisted in the Marines six months ago and is stationed at Camp LeJeune. Donald has just completed his boot training in the Navy at San Diego and is at home on leave. When he returns he will go to Jacksonville FL where he will enter Airman's Electronics school. Another Notice: Richard Dean Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell Henry was recently discharged from the marine service and is at home. Their son Don is expected home for a two weeks visit soon. He is stationed at Foley, Ala. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

A final check is given this 3rd Infantry Division helicopter by mechanic Cpl. Roy C. Hildreth of Griggsville IL, before the "whirlybird" takes off to evacuate casualties in Korea. Hildreth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hildreth, is helicopter crew chief at the 3rd Divisiion's light air strip. (Contributed by Pat Rubble)

Sgt. and Mrs. Earl D. Hillman left Saturday Dec. 29 after spending the holidays with his parents and relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hillman of Pleasant Hill. Sgt. Hillman who is with the Military Air Transport Service is a flight engineer on a C-97 Cargo plane at Kelly Air Force Bas. in San Antonio TX. He has been in the Air Force since January 1948. He graduated from Pleasant Hill High School with the class of 1947.

Pfc. Dale R. Hoos is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hoos of Englewood CO, who were Pittsfield residents until 2 years ago. Dale has been in service since November and has been in Korea since May 1st. Mr. and Mrs. John Hoos of Pittsfield Rt 3 are his grandparents. Address is US 299579 Co. G 160th Inf. Reg. 40th Inf. Div. APO 6 c Postmaster San Francisco CA.

Paul "Bill" Hoover HN-USNR 7552411, H and S Co., 2nd Bn. First Marine Div., EPO San Francisco Calif. Bill is 30 miles behind the lines in Korea. He thinks he will be home in January.

Pvt. Emmett Horton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Horton of Rockport, entered the service last February and took his basic training at Camp Breckenridge, Ky. He left this country in July and is now located in Germany. Emmett was married last January to Dorothy Long of Pittsfield. His address is Pvt. 2 Emmett E. Horton, U. S. 55118431 Co. M 8th Inf. Regt., 4th Div. APO 39, in care of Postmaster, New York, N. Y.

IC 1 Clayton Howell arrived in San Diego March 17 after a year's duty aboard an LST plying the waters between Japan and Korea. He served 39 months during World War II on board the USS Coniberra, the ship on which Merle McCarter lost his life when it was hit in October 1944. His wife and daughter joined him last week in San Dieigo. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Edward Howland, who is in the army and has been overseas, is home on a 30 day furlough and is visiting his parents and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Springer.

Sgt. Robert L. Hull, 17274446, 4012, A & E Sqd., Biggs Air Firld base, El Paso, Texas, Box 233 about the same as they must have been, before the birth of Christ. The lack of sanitary conveniences, housing, etc. is deplorable. Paul sent his mother and his grandmother a taperstry from Tripoli.

Pvt. Charles L. Huntley, 19, son of Mrs. Mildred Norton, 711 W. Washington, Pittsfield, is completing his AF basic airmen indoctrination course at Lackland Air Force Base, the "Gateway to the Air Force." Lackland, situated near San Antonio, is the world's largest air force base, center of Air Force basic training, for airmen and women, indoctrination station for prior service re-enlistees, and home of AF's Officer Candidate School. His basic training is preparing him for entrance into Air Force technical training and for assignment in specialized work. The course includes a scientific evaluation of his aptitude and inclination for following a particular vocation and career. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Dean Ingram, who is in the Air Corps and has been stationed at March Field, Riverside, Calif, is home on vacation and expects to be here until the 23rd. He is to be transferred upon his return to March Field to the state of Virginia where he will attend a Heavy Equipment School. Dean is the son of Mrs. Glenna Ingram of this town.

Mrs. Jack Everertte Jackson and sons, Jack and David, were in Pittsfield Saturday visiting friends. Mrs. Jackson reports that her daughter, Alice, is a personnel clerk at Camp Atterbury, Ind., where Alice's husband, Bob Compbon, is stationed. Jack Jackson, who worked part time at The Republican office while attending Pittsfield high school, has been accepted as an apprentice at the Quincy Herald-Whig. David has recovered nicely from the ankle fracture he sustained in a fall at the local swimming pool last summer. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

John Jackson - I was in the Army and lucky to have only 5 months of combat in Korea. My rank was Sgt. and I was the top sergeant for a Company that was named "The Eyes and Ears of the Buccaneers." When the war ended I had the job of setting up the Demilitarized Zone for the division front. Still some danger but not like combat. During the war I was on Bloody Ridge and last was Christmas Hill. I grew up fast and feel so lucky to have survived. I arrived in Korea with 11 other basic training friends and I am the sole survivor. The house I am in now is the 67th since my birth. I was in Pittsfield during all of High school. Before that we moved about once a month. I attended 22 grade schools, two Jr. Highs and the one High School. I educated myself by reading, and had a tough time in my first college. After the Army, I learned how to study and take notes from my wife and became an A-B student. I taught Stage which means design of sets and construction, lights,sound, how to use a mike how to sing, dance, how to entertain. My Dad was a band leader so my whole life I was around professionals. I worked in a gang school with full time police who carried automatic weapons, and wore bullet proof vests. My Korea experience helped me do a good job. Inducted in 1950. Taught High School in LosAngeles for 35 years. I now teach Yoga classes and have for 8 years. Fountain Valley, CA 92708

CLYDE JACOBSWW II and Korea, 21 August 1926, 27 November 2002, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery,(Contributed by Billie Browning)

Brenner Johnson -- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson received word Tuesday from their son Brenner, telling them that he had arrived in Alaska and is stationed at Fort Richardson. Brenner has been stationed in California and made the trip to Alaska via plane. He wrote that the plane stopped over at McCord, Wash, where the passengers had breakfast. The flying time from California to Fort Richardson was 11 1/2 hours. Brenner also wrote that he had had a visitor already. Charles Jobe, another Pike county boy who is in the service is stationed at Anchorage and went over to see Brenner. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

"Buddy" Johnson surprised his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Johnson, when he arrived home Friday for a 30-day leave from the Navy. He is in the Sea Bees, stationed at Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Porto Rico. Another Notice: - Buddy Johnson and Pete Cantos. The boys have been stationed in Porto Rico. Buddy is the son of Mr. an Mrs. Rufus Johnson of Pittsfield. Buddy arrived home last week on 30 days leave and will then be sent to Rhode Island. (Latest word on Buddy is that he and Helen Pearl Wilkins will be married this week). Another Notice: V.W. Johnson "Buddy" B.U. 3, C.B.D. 1516 Navy 1506 Box 2, care of postmaster NY, NY. Buddy is stationed in Puerto Rico. He was home on leave this past summer. A recent letter told his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Johnson, that he had just been promoted to Third class seaman. He had been Christmas shopping.

Carrie Lou Johnson A/B, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson of Pearl was sworn into the Women's Air Force at noon, Monday, June 16, at Chicago. Her friend from Alton, Mary Signorello, was also sworn in at the same time. The girls were accompanied to Chicago by Mrs. Blanche Johnson and Mrs. Delma Waggoner. Carrie Lou's address: Carrie Lou Johnson A/B, A. A. 8507086 WAF Training Center, Lackland A. F. B., San Antonio, Texas. (Contributed by Pat Ruble)

Pfc. Ralph B. Johnson, U.S. 55103401 Co B, 297th E.A.B., Beale Air Force Base, Marysville CA. Brenner called his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, a short time ago from CA. He had a three day pass last week and went to Chico CA and worked in a walnut orchard at $10.00 per day.

Pfc. Walton Jones, US 52018917 Co B 2nd Engineer Combat BN 2nd Inf. Div. APO 248 care of postmaster San Francisco CA. Walton is a brother of Theodore Jones.