The first school was taught in the county, by John Jay Ross, son of Capt. Leonard Ross. It was kept in the courthouse and the names of his pupils were, so far as remembered, Orlando C, Charlotte, Schuyler, Mary Emily and Elizabeth Ross, Benjamin, John, Eliza and Phoebe Shinn, John Webb, Frederick and Eliza Franklin, Jeremiah and William Tungate, James Laura and Nancy Sprague, James W. Whitney taught the next school, which was also at Atlas.

Schools of "Old"
School Reorganization 1947-49

Atlas School 1914-15
Atlas School 1939-40 1st & 2nd Grade
Atlas School 1939-40 3rd and 4th Grade
Atlas School 1939-40 5th & 6th Grade
Atlas School 1939-40 6th & 7th Grade
Atlas School 1940-41 Grades 1 and 2
Atlas School 1940-41 Grades 5 and 6
Atlas School Unknown Year

Barry - 1912 1st Grade
Barry - 1918 2nd Grade
Barry - 1918 8th Grade
Barry - 1919 5th Grade
Barry - 1924
Barry - 1973 Graduates
Barry (near) - Whittleton Grade School 1939
Barry - Unknown School

Black Oak School

Brewster One-Room School

Brush College School

Cincinnati School

Cold Water School

Crosier School - Derry Twp.

Detroit School

Eagle Slough School

El Dara School

Griggsville Academy
Griggsville Grade School 1925-26
Griggsville High School 1875-76
Griggsville High School-Opera House 1904
Griggsville High School 1904
Griggsville High School 1923
Griggsville High School 1923
Griggsville High School 1931
Griggsville 8th Grade Graduation 1932
Griggsville High School 1936 Play
Griggsville High School 1936-37
Griggsville High School 1937-38
Griggsville High School 1943-44
Griggsville High School Class of 1944
Griggsville High School Class of 1945
Griggsville - Shelley School

Grubb Hollow School

Hackberry School

Horton Creek School

Hull High School 1941-42
Hull Grade School
Hull High School 1945
Hull High School 1970 / 1971

Kennedy School District 155

Kinderhook: Blue Grass School

Kinderhook West Pike School
Kinderhook West Pike 1968-69
Kindeerhook West Pike 1970
Kinderhook West Pike 1973

Martinsburg: Martinsburg School 1917
Martinsburg: Martinsburg School 1925

Mounds School 1903

Munger School

Nebo School
Nebo High School

New Canton Alumni 1920-1948
New Canton Grade School
New Canton Grade School 1928-1933
New Canton Grade School 1935
New Canton Grade School 1936
New Canton Halloween 1937
New Canton Grade School 1937-1938
New Canton Grade School 1939 - 1940
New Canton Band 1941
New Canton Grade School 1952-1953
New Canton Grade School 1953
New Canton School
New Canton High School 1917
New Canton High School 1926-27
New Canton High School 1936 Seniors
New Canton High School 1936 Freshmen
New Canton High School 1940
New Canton High School 1945
New Canton High School Class of 1947
New Canton High School 1947
New Canton High School Class of 1948
New Canton Unknown

Oak Grove School 1908
Oak Grove School 1937

Oakland School

Pearl School

Perry High School 1902
Perry Recital 1902
Perry School 1922

Pike County 8th Grade Commencement 1907
Pike County Schools

Pittsfield - East School
Pittsfield - Higbee High School 1936-37
Pittsfield High School 1948
Pittsfield High School - 1950's Year Unknown
Pittsfield High School 1950-51
Pittsfield High School 1951 - Graduates
Pittsfield 1952 Home Coming
Pittsfield - Voshall Gymnasium

Pleasant Hill Grade School
Pleasant Hill Grade School Basketball
Pleasant Hill High School
Pleasant Hill High School 1920

Pleasant View School

Rockport - Elementary School 1920's
Rockport - High School 1928
Rockport - Elementary School 1930's

Smith School

Stockland School

Summer Hill School

Union School Horton Creek

Walnut Grove School

West Pike High School

Whip Herring

Yearbooks All Years
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