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"Want to contribute? Please share your data with us!"

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Check your attics & dust off your family scrapbooks!
We're looking for DATA for this site!!!
The only photos that will be accept are headstone photos or newspaper clippings (which will be transcribed to text), all other data will must be transcribed (written) form when submtted

Submit an Obituary for Pike County Here

Submit Data of any kind for Pike County Here

Data contributions are welcome & appreciated!
Many thanks to the folks that have contributed data to this site! Your contribution is very appreciated!
Every little bit helps & as always, all our data is always free!

Types of Data We're Looking to Post Online

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We accept contributions of data such as census information, marriage/birth/death records, obituaries, county histories, biographies, old newspaper articles, military records, or if you have walked cemeteries and have transcribed names & dates, or headstone photos, and any other type of data you think would be help someone build their family tree!

Data submitted must include the "source" from where that data came from.

Genealogy Trails History Group is about "genealogy & history" not current events, so please read below about what can be published and what cannot be published before submitting your data, thank you.

Any published or unpublished work BEFORE Jan. 1, 1923, are in the public domain and is free to use.

Any published or unpublished work AFTER Jan. 1923, may still contain copyright issues, so please make sure you have permission from owner before submitting data published after 1923.

Any published or unpublished work created on or AFTER Jan. 1, 1978, is protected for the life of the creator plus 70 years. So therfore, may not be submitted unless you are the creator or have been given permission by the creator for Genealogy Trails to post online.
Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright And Genealogy

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Our Goal:

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Genealogy Trails is a group of volunteers dedicated to free genealogy.
Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical & historical data placing it online for the free use of all researchers.

Information for Pike County will be updated frequently. All data we come across will be added to this site. Sources from where the data came from will be posted with that data. I regret that I am unable to do personal research for anyone.

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