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Updates to Pike County

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August 2018

91 Yr. Old Man Operates Automobile

FRANCIS, Ellen(Wolf) - Obituary

Steamboat Era

June 2018

Nebo - Baptist Church History

Various Artilces from Nebo Banner Newspaper

George Caylor Obit

May 2018

Tripp (Keys) Cemetery

April 2018

Bio of Thomas C. Martin

Feb. 2018

Ludwig Family

Jan. 2018

Luther Kitchel, Accidental Shooting

Certified Pioneers

December 2017

Obit for FOSTER, George Robert "Bob"

Updates for Nov 2017

Photo added for Leo R. Martin

Updates for May 2017

Tractor Owners in 1919

Biography of Samuel Curfman

Biography of Fred Shaw

Biography of Austin Barber

Biography of Rev. Jordan F. Wohlfarth

Biography of Aaron H. Dean

Biography of Elijah Petty

Biography of Palmedus D. Roberts

Biography of John Gheen, Esq.

Biography of William H. Crow

Biography of Albert G. Crawford

Biography of George H. Whittaker

Biography of George R. Sanderson

Biography of Willam T. F. Petty

Biography of William J. Talbert

Biography of Josiah S. Rowand

Biography of Harlan P. Dodge

Biography of Melville D. Massie

Clement L. Hoskin

Biography of William Grammer

Biography of Thomas N. Hall

Biography of Maj. Edwin A. Crandall

Biography of William H. Gay

Biography of Henry B. Atkinson

Biography of Hutson Martin

Biography of William B. Willsey

Capt. Benjamin L. Matthews - Updated!

Biography of Ason G. Chamberlain

Biography of Col. Daniel D. Hicks

Biography of Henry R. Brown

Biography of Loammi R. Gerard

Biography of Henry Thomas Shaw

Biography of Lycurgus Eastman

Biography of John C. F. Boggs

Biography of James W. Sperry

Biography of Asa L. Hill

Biography of James H. Harrison

Biography of Willaim A. Staats

Update to the Biography of Williamson Bond

Update to the Biography of Charles B. Gose

Biography of Robert Burbridge

Biography of Andrew Ingram

Biography of Hiram C. Brock

Earliest Marriage Recorded (1834)

Feb. 5, 2017
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Posted: 2-3-2017: Crime News - Henry A. Fowler

Posted: December 2016
Obituaries for:
Howard O. Wintjen, Arthur Glenn Wintjen, Freda N. Clendenny, Earl Jesse Inskip, Sarah Buchanan, Vernon Norris
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Funeral News - Visitations

Posted: December 17, 2016
First Man Hung in Illinois

December 2016
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