Rebecca (Kelly) Hunter

(Pike County Republican - April 1922)
06 August 1851 - 22 March 1922
The will of Mrs. Rebecca Hunter, who died on March 22, was admitted to probate after a hearing before Judge Swan one day last week. According to the petition her estate consists of real estate worth $14,000 and personal property amounting to $3000. She named as executors without bonds her sons, Merrel J. Hunter and Alexander Hunter. Mrs. Hunter gave to her husband all her personal property, absolutely, and a life estate in the real estate. Upon his death, the executors are authorized to sell the real estate, without court order, and upon conversion of the real estate into cash, to pay to Sarah Jane Hatfield, a daughter, $500; to Margaret Cunningham, a daughter, $500; to Edna Smith, a daughter, $500; to Rebecca Kellum, a daughter, $500. The remainder of the estate is to be distributed share and share alike among the six children of the testatrix, including the four daughters above named, and Merrell and Alexander Hunter. Mrs. Hunter, in her will, recites that the reason she has given her daughters more of her estate than her sons is because they have not heretofore received as much financial support from herself and her husband as the sons have received. The will was made March 30, 1918, and was witnessed by Albert Hoos, Lee Capps and Gertrude C. Penstone.