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Various Sources: GNIS, IL Genealogical Society Quarterly

Note: corrections/additions gratefully accepted

Antioch Cemetery Brownfield
Antioch Cemetery -
Asbell Cemetery Herod
Audubon Cemetery New Liberty
Austin Cemetery -
Azotus Cemetery -
Baker Cemetery Brownfield
Barger Cemetery Eddyville
Barger Cemetery Waltersburg
Beames Cemetery Stonefort
Bethany Cemetery Brownfield
Bethesda Cemetery Herod
Blackman Cemetery Herod
Bozarth Cemetery Stonefort
Bradford Cemetery Brownfield
Brown Cemetery Shelterville
Buchanan Cemetery -
Cedar Bluff Cemetery Eddyville
Cedar Grove Cemetery Stonefort
Clanahan Family Cemetery Brownfield
Collier Cemetery Herod
Compton Cemetery Brownfield
Concord Cemetery Herod
Cosby Cemetery Shelterville
Cox Cemetery Reevesville
Dean Cemetery -
(Jeremiah Sage) Dean Cemetery -
Densch Cemetery Waltersburg
Dixon Springs Cemetery Glendale
Dutton Cemetery -
EddyvilleCemetery Eddyville
Ellis Cemetery Waltersburg
Fields Cemetery  Brownfield
Floyd Cemetery Shelterville
Foote Cemetery Brownfield
Foreman Cemetery Brownfield
Fulkerson Cemetery Herod                          
Glendale Cemetery Glendale
Golconda - New Golconda
Golconda - Old Golconda
Gossage Cemetery Eddyville
Grasty Cemetery Reevesville
Griffin Cemetery Stonefort
Hamletsburg Cemetery New Liberty
Harper Cemetery Glendale
Hastings Cemetery Hamletburg
Hazel Cemetery Dixon Springs/Old Brownfield
Hemphill Cemetery Brownfield
Henley Cemtery Reevesville
Hodge Cemetery Brownfield
Hogg Cemetery Herod
Independence Cemetery -
Joiner Cemetery Shelterville
Kickasola Cemetery -
Kool Cemetery Waltersburg
Lambert/Lightner Cemetery -
Lewis Family Cemetery

37.353684, -88597894

Lewis-Neely Cemetery

37.19110,  -88.48690

Lusk Cemetery Shelterville
Macedonia Cemetery Reevesville
Masonic Cemetery -
McNally Cemetery  Eddyville
Morse Cemetery Eddyville
Mt. Olive Cemetery Reevesville
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery Rock                                                        
New Home Cemetery Eddyville
New Hope Cemetery Herod
New Liberty Cemetery Eddyville
New Liberty Cemetery New Liberty
New Liberty Cemetery Waltersburg
Odd Fellows Cemetery -
Old Grand Pierre Cemetery Herod
Old Home Cemetery Waltersburg
Old Zion Cemetery Stonefort
Owens Cemetery -
Palestine Cemetery Waltersburg
Parkinson Cemetery Shelterville
Partain Cemetery Herod
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Eddyville
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Eddyville
Prospect Cemetery Brownfield
Ragsdale Cemetery Glendale
Rains Cemetery -
Reynold Cemetery Eddyville
Roe Cemetery -
Roland Cemetery Glendale
Roper Cemetery Brownfield
Sassafras Cemetery Reevesville
Shedville Cemetery Brownfield
Shelby Cemetery -
Sheldon Cemetery Herod
Sloan Cemetery -
Sturgill Cemetery Herod
Sulphur Springs Cemetery Waltersburg
Sycamore Plain Cemetery -
Temple Hill Cemetery Reevesville
Temple Hill/Cold Springs Cemetery Reevesville
Thompson Cemetery Shelterville
Vaughn Cemetery Shelterville
Vickers Cemetery -
Wallace Cemetery Herod
Waltersburg Cemetery Waltersburg
Whiteside Cemetery Eddyville
Williams Cemetery Brownfield
Zimmer Cemetery Eddyville
Zion Cemetery -

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