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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883:
The name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned,
the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and
the date of original allowance,
as called for by
Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.
Volume III
Government Printing Office.

Name Post Office Address Cause for which pensioned Monthly Amount Date
Abbott, Mary Golconda widow $8.00 May, 1868
Aden, Alexander Lusk g.s.w.lft.leg $4.00
Alliston, Simpson B. Golconda minors of $10.00 Feb., 1880
Anderson, Geo. W. Golconda dis.eyes & l.ear $8.00
Asbell, Mariel Lusk ch.diarr., dis.of abd.vis., & lung dis. $14.00 Oct. 1882
Austin, Daniel Wool abd.and lung dis. $24.00
Austin, Pleasant Allen's Spring dislo.r.shr. $6.00
Austin, Thomas J. Rose Bud dis.lungs $10.00
Baker, Emma Golconda widow $20.00 May, 1882
Baker, Isaac M. Rock dis.lungs & liver $8.00 June, 1881
Baker, Oliver H. Allen's Spring ch.rheum $4.00 July, 1882
Baker, Wm. J. Allen's Spring dis.liver, kid., & dis.abd.vis $12.00 Dec., 1881
Barton, Mary J. Allen's Spring widow $8.00
Batey, Wm. H. Allen's Spring dis.lungs $8.00 Feb., 1882
Berry, Edward New Liberty wd.lft.hand $10.00 Jan., 1869
Black, Henry Allen's Spring in.r.ankle, sunstroke, nervous derang. & heart dis. $16.00 Jan., 1882
Breadew, Nancy Allen's Spring dep. Mother $8.00 Apr., 1866
Brown, Edmond K. Oak ch.diarr. & dis.of abd.vis., dis.lungs & rheum. $10.00 Mar., 1878
Brown, John R. Wool dis.lungs $24.00 June, 1880
Bryan, Ann E. New Liberty widow $8.00
Bulback, Wm. R. Rock ch.diarr. & debility $18.00
Cheney, Amanda Rose Bud widow $14.00
Chrisman, Reuben H. Rock inj.back and head $10.00
Collier, Asa Lusk dis.lungs $50.00
Collier, Thos. Lusk dis.l.hip & leg $8.00
Conley, Nancy Golconda widow $8.00 Feb., 1880
Dean, Wm. D. Bay City wd.r.leg and hd $10.00
Deen, Jeremiah S. Bay City ch.diarr.and dis.lungs $4.00 Dec., 1880
Diarman, Wm. W. Lusk ch.hepatitis & diarr. $24.00 Jan., 1881
Dickens, Sarah G. Rock widow $8.00
Dickerson, Mary Lusk dep.mother $8.00 Apr., 1867
Ditterline, Geo. R. Wool ch.rheum.shr.and arms $6.00
Dixon, Sarah Rose Bud widow $8.00
Eskew, Wm. N. Allen's Spring wd.r.breast $8.00
Estes, Charlotte Golconda dep.mother $8.00 June, 1874
Ethridge, Mary Allen's Spring widow $8.00 July, 1875
Farmer, James J. Allen's Spring dis.lungs $8.00
Farmer, John T. Allen's Spring dis.lungs $8.00 May, 1881
Faughn, Enos Wool wd.r.knee $8.00
Fox, Nathan D. Rose Bud bronch. & lumbago $8.00 Dec., 1882
Gann, Newton Allen's Spring minors of $14.00 Aug., 1881
Garrett, Geo. H. Bay City rheum. $6.00 Apr., 1880
Gaughn, Elizabeth Rose Bud widow $8.00
Gibson, Joseph A. Rose Bud wd.face, lft.shoulder, rt.leg, & dis.of abd.viscera $18.00
Giltner, Sarah J. New Liberty widow $8.00
Glass, Henry H. Rose Bud $8.00 Apr., 1880
Glass, Wm. D. Allen's Spring dis.abdom.viscera & bronch. $17.00
Gollebur, Sarah Rose Bud widow $8.00
Greenf, Elizabeth C. Rose Bud widow $8.00
Hall, Elizabeth C. Rose Bud widow $8.00
Hall, Wm. C. Allen's Spring erysip.,, ch.hepatitis and indiges. $8.00
Hazel, Samuel A. Allen's Spring minors of $10.00 Jan., 1880
Heibe, Henrietta Rose Bud widow $8.00 Jan., 1866
Heitman, Conrad Rose Bud wd.l.thigh $4.00
Helbig, John Rose Bud injury to abdomen $4.00 May, 1878
Hodge, John Rose Bud ch.bronch. $6.00 June, 1881
Holt, Elizabeth E. Rose Bud widow $8.00 Apr., 1864
Homburg, John F. Rose Bud g.s.frac.r.leg $12.00
Johnson, Nancy P. Golconda widow $8.00
Kelley, Wm. W. Lusk minors of $10.00 Apr., 1873
King, Lucinda A. Rose Bud widow $8.00
Kirkpatrick, John Rose Bud rheum. $18.00 May, 1879
Kirkpatrick, Wm. J. Wool ch.bronch. $18.00 May, 1880
Lawson, Reuben Golconda g.s.w.lft.thigh $6.00 Oct., 1876
Liggett, Mary E. Rose Bud widow $10.00 June, 1880
Love, Artelia New Liberty widow $8.00
Martin, Rachel L. New Liberty widow $8.00 Mar., 1864
Mathews, James T. New Liberty minors of $10.00 Jan., 1879
Mathews, Joseph P. Wool wd.face    $8.00
Mathews, Nancy Lusk widow $8.00
McCauley, Sylvester D. New Liberty dis.of abdominal viscera $24.00
McCawley, Lucy A. New Liberty widow $8.00
McCulloch, James M. Wool ch.rheum $14.00
Miller, Edward R. New Liberty loss r.eye $4.00
Mitchell, Robert A. Rose Bud dis.lungs $8.00 Apr., 1881
Modglin, Thos. M. Allen's Spring lung disease $8.00
Morgan, Uriah Wool ch.diarr., dis.of abd.vis., & rheum $6.00 Feb., 1882
Mosely, Mary New Liberty widow $8.00
Perrin, James Z. Wool minors of $12.00 July, 1875
Phelps, Burges Allen's Spring erysipelas r.ankle $4.00 Sept., 1880
Phelps, Tilman Allen's Spring wd.l.arm $18.00
Phelps, Wm. H. Allen's Spring dis.eyes $6.00 June, 1882
Potts, James G. Lusk loss l.arm $18.00
Pryor, Thos. L. New Liberty ch.diarr. $8.00 Sept., 1882
Ragsdale, Benj. F. Allen's Spring sh.bronch. $6.00 Jan., 1882
Randolph, Logan Wool inj.back    $8.00 Mar., 1882
Renshaw, Elizabeth Wool widow $8.00
Riddle, Catherine New Liberty dep.mother $8.00 Feb., 1876
Robison, John Wool dep.father $8.00 Mar., 1882
Robison, Thomas L. Wool wd.l.thigh $10.00
Roe, Mary M. Allen's Spring widow $8.00
Rogers, Claudius C. Rose Bud wd.r.ankle & l.knee $8.00 Dec., 1880
Roland, Wm. P. Allen's Spring dis.bowels $12.00
Roper, Samuel Golconda minors of $24.00
Royer, Edward F. New Liberty wd.r.thumb $2.00
Scott, Mary E. Golconda widow $14.00
Searls, William C. Rose Bud wd.r.thigh & ch.rheum $10.00
Sheppard, Thomas Bay City g.s.w.rt.hand $18.00
Sheppard, Wm. Rose Bud ch.diarr., dis.of abd.vis., indiges., & bronch. $12.00 May, 1882
Shroder, Sarah E. Rose Bud widow $14.00
Slankard, Caleb E. Wool inj.breast $2.00 Apr., 1882
Slankard, Wm. S. Rose Bud ch.diarr. & dis.of abd.vis. $8.00
Smith, Alcy A. Rose Bud widow $8.00
Smith, John J. Rose Bud inj.l.arm $14.00
Speck, Wade M. Allen's Spring dis.of abdominal viscera $18.00
Speck, Woody T. Allen's Spring minors of $12.00
Springer, Allen Rose Bud g.s.w.l.foot $2.00 June, 1882
Stafford, Henry D. New Liberty loss rt.eye, dis.of lft.eye, measles $8.00
Story, Ephraim Lusk dis.liver & heart $8.00 Mar., 1880
Thompson, Chas. W. Bay City loss sight l.eye $4.00 June, 1882
Thompson, Sarah V. Golconda widow $10.00
Thorp, Jasper M. Golconda minors of $10.00
Threkeld, Sally Golconda widow 1812 $8.00 May, 1880
Travelstead, Jeff'n A. Wool ch.diarr.and dis.of abd.vis. $6.00
Travilon, Thomas N. Wool wd.l.shr.and necrosis $18.00
Treyvillion, James Y. Wool inj.r.leg, arm, & shr $12.00
Trovillion, Daniel P. Wool spinal dis. $18.00
Vickers, Alexander New Liberty ch.diarr.and dis.kid. $8.00 Jun., 1882
Wallace, Jonathan L. Lusk ch.diarr. & rheum. $6.00 July, 1882
Walters, Wm. Golconda minors of $2.00 Jan., 1882
Wamack, Emily c. Oak widow $8.00
Waters, Shadrach Wool abd. & dis.r.arm $16.00
Waters, Wm. H. Wool lung dis. $18.00
Williams, Green B. Oak wd.l.leg, ch.rheum. & diarr., dis.of abd.vis., & dis.liver $12.00 Oct., 1880
Williams, Thomas B. Allen's Spring ch.diarr. $4.00 Apr., 1882
Witherington, Wm. Rose Bud minors of $14.00 Apr., 1879
Yates, Abel S. Wool dis.spine $12.00

transcribed and submitted by Nan Lambert Starjak

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