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Pope County, Illinois


Miscellaneous Data


Justices of the Peace, 1894

Justices of the Peace in Pope county during the year 1894

Joseph M. Baker   Golconda, IL
C. W. Brown         Golconda, IL
John C. Densch      Waltersburg, IL
W. V. Eldridge             Golconda, ILll

James McCulloch         Brownfield, Ill
Reuben H. Chrisman     Rock, Ill

T. A. King                Rose Bud, Ill
W. F. McCormick     Rose Bud, Ill

Grand Pier
John S. Johnson         Hartsville, Ill
J. S. Williams             Herod Springs, Ill

Precinct Name Illegible
John T. Carter            Lusk, Ill
Caleb Taylor               Raum, Ill

A. J. Wheeler              McCormick, Ill
James R. Barker          McCormick, Ill

Eli Warren                   Ozark, PO, Johnson County, Ill.

copied from County Supt. Record, Vol. No. 8, page 17.
contributed by Faye


Voters Living in and Near Rock, Pope County, 1916

These names were found in the booklet,
"Complete List of Pope County Voters"(with P.O. Addresses)
Compiled by Werner & Jenkins, Golconda, Ill. March, 1916

District No. 17, Alexander Precinct, Rock P.O.

Bob Moore
Raymond Anderson
Fred Moore
Jim Wright

Eph Parmely

District No. 21, Columbus and Webster, Rock P. O.

H. N. Sistler
Claude Caldwell
Chas. Wright
Richard Wright
Ed Baker
Ivus Sistler
Ernest Wright
R. N. Wright
Allen Baker
A. J. Caldwell
Charlie Wright
W. R. Bullock
Fred Sistler
Herb Wright
Lon Wright

Golconda, Rural Route
J.G. Austin
William Sistler, Sr.
William Sistler III
B. F. Bowman
J. M. Cooper
William Sistler, Jr.
Jas. A. Cletcher

Rock P. O.

Will Robertson
Thos. Lauderdale
J.W. Baker
S. W. Abbott
Rev. G. W. Parmley
Dr. J. W. Parmley
Jno. Ellis
Tom Jennings

Golconda, Rural Route

Milo Austin
Thos. Austin
A. J. Elam
Joe Kerley
Harlo Austin

Doubtful ( political party)
Rock P. O.

Geo. Parmley
Pleas Austin
Geo. Sims
B. G. Austin

District No. 41
Columbus_ Alexander Precinct


Golconda R. 2

Matt Sistler
Luther Sistler
Minus Rodgers
James Stephens, Sr.
Charley Stephens
P. W. Sistler
George A. Sistler
Earl Sistler
Logan Duncan
James Stephen, Jr.
John Hans

Rock P. O.

James Sistler
Jack Robinson
Lunie Robinson
Bud Moore
James Cletcher
Ed Robinson
Charley Wright
John Duncan


Golconda, R.2

Gerhard Von Tungeln
Charley Baker
Charley Rodgers
Mack Ellis
Jake Lauderdale
William Waters
Heio Von Tungeln
Thomas Rodgers
Milo Lauderdale
Ben Ellis
Ado Lauderdale
Francis Waters


Julius Voslow

contributed by Faye


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