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Pulaski County, Illinois

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25? Year Class Reunion - 1942 Mounds Township, submitted by Suzan Shepherd Hodges.

Camp Hardin sign in Villa Ridge, submitted by Suzan Shepherd Hodges.

Submitted by a Friend of Genealogy

1  Villa Ridge, IL - Rife Memorial Elementary Grade School


Submitted by a Friend of Genealogy

1  Mounds, IL - First Street Looking East.  c1900  "On the left corner as most of us remember would have been the location of the Corner Tavern and on the right would have been Connells Dept. Store".  (Corner Tavern)


Submitted by Ralph Mize

1 We are sure this is a Mize Family but need names.  Contact Leslie .


Submitted by Dee Sullivan

1  1930-1931 Ullin Grade School 7th & 8th grades.  Teacher: Charlie J. Moore 

2  1930 Ullin Grade School 7th & 8th grades.

3 Ullin Grade School 5th & 6th grades.  October 15, 1928.  Teacher: Miss Mathis

4  1947 Pulaski Grade School 1st - 4th grades. 

5 Pulaski Grade School 1957 - 1958

6   Pulaski Grade School 1958 - 1959

7   Pulaski Grade School 1959 - 1960


Submitted by John W. Stoner

1  Moses Stoner Family


Submitted by Sharon W.

 1 Ullin Class of 1927-1928


Submitted by: Teresa Holcomb

1  Ullin flood of 1937-various photos of the area

2  Holcomb's Garage-Ullin, 1937 Flood

3  1957-1958 Ullin Baseball Team


4  Unknown children at an old Ullin School


5  Ullin Depot


6  1920 Ullin School Classmate Photo


7  1937 Flood Cache River Bridge at Ullin


1934 Ms. Brust's Class-Ullin, Grades 1 & 2


Submitted by Paul E. Echols

9  1953-1954 Ullin East Side School-Grades 1 & 2

1  Ullin Bus Drivers "1969 Yearbook"

2  Miss Leona Brust "1973 Yearbook"

3  Ullin School Campus "1954"

4  Ullin School Basketball Team "1937"

5  Ullin High School Band "1941"


Submitted by Scott Manwaring

1  Mt. Pleasant  School with class in early 1930's.

2  William Barton Manwaring Family Photo


Submitted by Jim & Sharon Weninger

1  Paul Kirschner, with what is believed to be the Lutheran confirmation class of 1904-1906.

2  Gabrielle Kirschner, and others believed to have been taken in 1927 near Olmsted.


Submitted by Wayne Dye

1923 to 1943   Harry L. Dye family home.

1931  Depot

1931  Railroad Station, Pulaski, Illinois

1933  Railroad Station, Pulaski, Illinois

1933  Dye Family Home

1 Sept 1933  Group Picture, Pulaski Grade School

1934  Downtown, Pulaski, Illinois

1934  Pulaski, Pulaski Co. Illinois (Taken from Moore Hill)

1934  Birthday Party, 1934

1935  Dye Family swimming pool.

1936  Norman, Wayne & Johnnie DeVary

1936  Rose Hill Cemetery

1938  Pulaski County, Illinois

1941  Tornado, Orlan Palmer home

1979  Pulaski Grade School


    Submitted by Mary Ellen (CULL) Sparkman
1  Early Call of World War 1
2  Invitation to the Commencement Exercises for the Mound City Community High School, Class of 1925
3  John Guinn Cull, in his Piggly Wiggly store in the 1930's.
4  O. H. Crippen at the Old Tavern
Submitted by Donna Winget

1  Unknown School

2  Friendship School.  Please help identify the students.

3  Butter Ridge School, Please help  identify the students.

4  Believed to be the Concord School

5  Tin type picture


Submitted by Andrea White
1  1937 Flood on Main Street at Mound City
Submitted by John Marshall
1  Tallula and Dyas Frazier Parker Family Photo
Submitted by Bobbie
1  Billie Williams of Belknap, Johnson Co., Illinois


2     Billie Williams of Belknap, Johnson Co., Illinois


3   W. L. Williams Cemetery Deed 
"I grew up in Belknap ( population 235) and was born in l934.  There were 2 general stores there and one was W. L. Williams or Uncle Billie (Billy).  His family had the one store and they had a beautiful 2 story home next door.  I have pictures of all the town children (me too) on their front lawn with Uncle Billie when it was apparently his birthday and although  I don't know I would say he was in his late 80's or early 90's.  There were 2 other adults in the house, Myrtle and Levi that must have been his children but I don't remember Uncle Billie having a wife or she may have died previously.  The store has been torn down and the house burned from a lighting strike.  My aunt worked at the store and later purchased it. She passed away in 1972.   I began working there for her at age 13 until I graduated high school. We had a gasoline pump in front, vinegar in a barrel, and live chickens in a coop out back, dry goods, shotgun shells, etc." Bobbie

Hi I have seen your information on Belknap, Illinois a couple of times and I knew my Gr Aunt Thelma Knight Richards and family had once lived there, so several months ago,  I called Thelma's daughter, my Mothers 1st cousin, Carolyn Richards Decker and had her look the photos up on her computer.  I thought she would probably be one of the children shown.  Carolyn, may have contacted you, I don't know, as I have not spoken to her in awhile.  She recognized many  of the people in the photo, although she did not see herself or her younger Sister Jill and then she recalled her family had moved to Chicago for a time and it was at the time the picture was taken.   I have been doing genealogy for years and though you probably know Carolyn, I don't know if you knew her mother Thelma was born Thelma Knight, to James "Frank" and Nancy Addie Brock Knight, this couple lived in Pulaski Co., Illinois, usually Olmstead, although they did travel as he was a "Fished and Shrimped" in the winter months making his way down the Mississippi River, often with his family, camping along the way.  Addie Knight died when Thelma was only about 1& 1/2 yrs, she was the youngest of Frank Knights 4 living children.  (he had a brief second and a long 3rd marriage) and Frank and Ruby Knight had 4 more children who grew to adulthood, although they mainly lived in Pulaski County.  Back to Thelma, she was raised by ? Graham and his wife, they also tragically died when Thelma was a child, then Thelma went to live with and be raised by the Wyatts. I don't know if the Wyatts lived in Belknap or moved there when Thelma was a child.  I don't know if they were related to her or just a couple that wanted a child to love and care for.  Thelma married Morgan Richards and they had 2 daughters Carolyn and Jill.  Once when I was looking online for Belknap families, I noticed Felkers lived there and Thelma was probably related to them as Frank Knights Grandmother was Lydia nee Felker Guess . They lived in Livingston County, Ky.  I do not know anything about the Wiliams' family.  I know quite a bit about our family genealogy  Thelma's parents, although I cannot locate Nancy "Addie" Brock Knights family on a census, so am stymied.  I think she was may have been raised in Marion, Illinois and her mothers maiden name was Springs.  With Regards, Sandy Firek, Michigan

Billy Williams obituary

If anyone can supply me with more information about Billie (W. L. Williams ) of Johnson Co., IL., please email Leslie.
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