Putnam County, Illinois History and Genealogy
Obituaries and Death Notices


 Mrs. Carrie Frances Gall

Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL

Thursday, March 6, 1924

Mrs. A. J. Gall of Florid Passes Away

At 12 o'clock Monday night, February 25, 1924, Mrs. Carrie Frances Gall of Florid, breathed her last and peacefully entered into the sleep that knows no awakening on this earth. Mrs. Gall was born at Peru, Ill., June 9, 1872, and died at her home four and one-half miles southeast of Florid. She underwent an operation at the Spring Valley hospital; November 8th and everything seemed bright and hopeful for a time, but soon a change came for the worse and the dark shadows grew darker and darker up to the last moments.

Mrs. Gall was of a happy and jovial disposition and won many friends by her kind and quiet manner. She grew up in the Roman Catholic church. On February 14, 1900, she was married to Andrew Jesse Gall, who later joined the Presbyterian church at Florid. She, with her husband and daughter were regular attendants of the church as long as health permitted her to do so. She was also an active member of the Ladies Aid Society and devoted much of her time to the interests of the society. She too, was a member of the Royal Neighbor Camp at Florid, where she will be sadly missed by her Neighbor sisters.

She is survived by her heart-broken husband and daughter Verna, two sisters and one brother, many cousins and other relatives, besides a host of friends who all are grieved over her early departure. The husband never faltered in whatever tended to sooth the uncomplaining afflicted one until the Great Physician of the soul called her home.

On Thursday afternoon at one o'clock brief services were held at the home, Rev. A. J. Pitman of Granville offered prayer and a beautiful duet by Mesdames Benjamin Hoyle and Fred Gallagher was sung, after which the remains were taken to the Presbyterian church at Florid, where the funeral services were held, Rev. Pitman officiating.......The Royal Neighbors then took charge of the services at the grave where their beautiful burial services were read and the body laid to rest. ........Those from a distance who attended the funeral were - T. R. Gall, Ira Gall, Mr. and Mrs. George Reginold and Mrs. Etta Bockman of Odell; Mr. and Mrs. John Weissenburger of La Salle; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Weissenburger of Zearing; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Clemens, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clemens of Spring Valley; Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Eberly of Lostant, and the two sisters, the Misses Weissburger and brother William, all of Peru.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gallahger


May 2, 1878
Died AT Florid, Putnam County April 24 of diabetes melitis, Mrs. Elizabeth Gallahger in her 87th year. Mrs. G. came to Illinois with her family settling one mile south where Florid is in 1827, where she has ever since resided. Last summer she came to her son William’s in this city and remained till a week before her death. She was one of the first settlers in Putnam County over 50 years ago.

Old Mrs. Gallagher, said to be the first white female settler in Putnam County, died on Wednesday of last week. Mrs. G. was the mother of John Gallagher, one of Putnam County’s heaviest farmers.


May 6, 1878
Mrs. Gallagher, mother of John Gallagher near Florid, and said to be the first white female settler in the county, died last Wednesday.

John McDonald Gallaher

Front Page, February 26, 1913

Old Settler Gone

John McDonald Gallaher was born near Florid, Putnam County, October 8, 1830. He was married ... of Davenport, Iowa, December 30, 1854 to Miss Martha Inks, who passed away four years ago. He leaves two children, a son McDonald Gallaher, who lives on the old place and a daughter Mrs. A.G. Heath, who lives near Florid. All of his life with the exception of one year, he has lived on the farm where he was born. He was well known to all and will be greatly missed. He died at the home of his daughter on Wednesday, February 19, and was buried in the Union Grove Cemetery, February 21, 1913. The funeral service was conducted by A.B. Smith of Henry. Thus ends the life of one who was a friend to many.

Margaret H. Gallaher

June 2, 1874

At the residence of her mother, near Florid, Putnam county, May 27, of disease of the liver and lungs, Miss Margaret H. Gallaher, sister of William Gallaher of this city.

Margaret H., sister of William Gallaher of this city, whose death is elsewhere announced, had lived all her life, excepting two years, on the old homestead, in Putnam County.  The Gallaher homestead, near Florid, was located in 1827, when the nearest family was 80 miles away.  Hennepin an Indian trading post, and "going to mill," meant a trip below Washington, on the Mackinaw, in Tazewell county.  The mother of the deceased was 83 years of age the 17th of last April. Margaret taught a private school at one time, in this place. No one could be more unselfish, a deep, heartfelt sympathy, ever ready to help others, a most affectionate daughter, sister, and constant friend; spent her time, and sacrificed her life for those she loved.  Is a cold bed in mother earth all the reward for a life so pure, constant and devoted?  Tell us, oh tell us if this is all.

Thomas F. Galvin

Taken From the Henry News Republican

April 15 1915

Thomas F. Galvin was born near Putnam, Ill., Jan. 6, 1871; died at St. Francis hospital in Peoria, April 12, 1915. For some months the deceased had been troubled with shortness of breath and this difficulty seemed to increase as time went by until he determined to go to the Peoria hospital (where he died) that he might receive more constant medical attention.

His life was spent upon the farm where in a beautiful dwelling amid most congenial surroundings he and his sister, Mary L. Galvin, resided.

He was a member of St. Joseph's church of this city (Henry), a member of the Knights of Columbus. The announcement of his death also brought request for Undertaker C. C. Doran to come to Peoria and accompany the remains here. Dr. Doran, with John Real of Bradford, whose wife is a sister of the deceased, arrived here on the evening train Tuesday and the body was taken to the late residence of the deceased west of Putnam, where the funeral services were held. Interment in the Lone Tree cemetery.

The immediate family of the deceased included beside the two sisters whom we have mentioned above also his mother, Mrs. Margaret Galvin, who resides at Hennepin.

William Galvin

Taken From the Henry Republican
March 13, 1873

Died at Snachwine, March 11, of crebro spinal meningitis, William, aged about 6 years, son of John Galvin

Mrs. Ellen Pool (nee Gardner)


September 26, 1878
In this city, September 24, of congestion, Ellen Gardner, age 49, wife of A.M. Pool.

Harry S. Gardner

Putnam Record
June 15 1899

The funeral services for little Harry S. Gardner were held Friday afternoon at Mr. Gardner's home, Rev. P. M. France officiating. Harry was nearly five years old and will be greatly missed.

Henry Gardner


January 8, 1908

The Death of Henry Gardner

The mail this morning brought us the following letter which was a great surprise as we did not know of his illness. We give the letter in full.

Chicago Illinois, January 7,1908 I.H. Cook, Hennepin, Illinois

Dear Sir,

Father passed away this morning, in the Wesley hospital at 6:00. The remains will be sent from here to Bureau on the 9:15 AM train on Friday if the crossing on the river is good at Hennepin. In case it is not, they will be sent to Morance and then the service will be held at the cemetery on Friday afternoon. Lewis Gardner.


Florid, January 16, 1908


Word was received last Wednesday morning that Henry Gardner had died at the hospital in Chicago Tuesday morning and his son Lewis and Harvey Allen, who had gone there to see him the Sunday before, came home the same day, while his daughter, Stella and her friend, Florence Dawson, brought the remains Friday morning. A short service was held at the cemetery at about 2 o'clock. Quite a large company of sympathizing friends were present to view all that was left of a good man. A great many flowers were given by friends. Henry Gardner was 65 years, 5 months and 7 days old at the time of his death.

William T. Gardner


October 26, 1921

WT Gardner Dead

WT Gardner died at his home north of Norborne Tuesday night, October 18, 1921 at 8:30 o'clock of heart disease, age 63 years, 1 month and 10 days. Mr. Gardner was born in Granville, IL September 8, 1858. On September 8, 1880, he was married to Miss Mary Clemens and soon after their marriage moved to Missouri, locating on a farm north of Norborne, where he has lived for the past 35 years. He is survived by his wife and 5 children, Mr. James Gardner of Norborne, Mrs. Clara Eden of Vici, OK, Mrs. Forrest Pierce, Mrs. Pollard Herring, and Mrs. Wiliam Parks of Stet. The death of Mr. Gardner was so sudden and unexpected as to shock not only his family but all who knew him. He had suffered from heart trouble for many years and on several occasions had severe attacks but always rallied. Mr. T. Gardner was one of the best men in this section of the state. He was upright and honest in all of his dealings and was always square with everyone. ............ Funeral services were held at the Wakenda Church conducted by Rev. Parker at 11:00, Friday morning. Internment in the Wakenda Church cemetery.---From the Norborne Missouri Democrat

Mrs. Pleasant (Garratt)

Taken From the Henry Republican
April 27 1882

Died at Clear Creek, Putnam county, april 17, of congestion of the stomach, Mrs. Pleasant, 69, wife of John Garratt.


Unusual mortality of this neighborhood. Last Tuesday Mrs. Garratt, wife of John Garratt, living three miles north of town was buried. She was considerably advanced in years.  The next day Pusey Mills, brother of Joshua and Abel Mills, and an old settler of this township was buried. On Thursday at the Boyle's cemetery, our brother Samuel Gurnea, Jr., who died at his residence in Hudson, McLean county, on Friday.  Willis Tomlinson, son of Carver Tomlinson, was buried with the two first named, at the Friend's burying grounds on Clear Creek.  In the case of Willis Tomilinson, a post mortem examination was held by Dr. J. M. Cowen of Hennepin.

Mrs. Relief Garside

April 15, 1871
Died April 8, 1871, at the residence of her son near Granville, Mrs. Relief Garside, aged 61 years 1 month.

Children of William German - Gillie German, Cassie German, William German, Nancy German

January 6, 1881 - Magnolia
William German and family have been very much afflicted. They buried three of their children in one week. The oldest a daughter, 17 years old. The disease is diphtheria. We understand that their two last children are sick with the same disease.

January 13, 1881 - Magnolia
We understand that another one of Mr. German's children were buried last week - it being the fourth within three weeks. They only have one left, a boy about 14 and he has the same disease that took all the others. Very sad indeed.

January 13, 1881
Died at Clear Creek, Putnam county, four children of diphtheria, as follows: Dec. 24, Gillie, 8 years of age; 26th Cassie, 16; 29th William, 4; Jan. 7, Nancy 12, children of William and Addie German.

January 20, 1881 - Magnolia
Mr. William German, on Clear Creek has buried his fifth and last child, a boy about 14 years old. All within four weeks. Diphtheria was the destroyer.

Christian Gerrick


July 13, 1878
Mount Palatine News

Christian Gerrick, a young German who worked fro Mr. Dan Bletch, died at the residence of Mr. J. Shaefer at an early hour on Sunday morning.  Deceased complained of feeling unwell on the morning of the 4th, but went out to Peru to share in the festivities of Independence Day.  His debility increasing, however, he was unable to enjoy himself and returned to Mr. Shafer's on Friday, where Dr. Robinson was called to see him, but without avail, for a succession of congestive chills ended as above stated. He was a hard working, sober, money saving man, and had laid by some $800 to $1000. He leaves a widowed mother in Germany, who is said to have been partially dependent upon him, and this will be a terrible blow to her in her old age.  His remains were interred in the cemetery here on Monday afternoon, a large number of English and German speaking friends attending the funeral.  Deceased was 28 years of age.

Joseph Getold

October 29, 1874

At Hennepin, October 16, of consumption, Joseph Getold, aged 28 years.

David Gibbs
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, August 17, 1849
Died at the residence of E. B. Newton, in Magnolia, on the 12th inst., David Gibbs, aged 19 years.

Ella Gibson
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
Died at Hennepin, July 15, of consumption, Ella, 17 years 6 months, oldest daughter of Mrs. Mary Gibson, formerly of Marshall County.

Child of Mrs. Gilson

The Putnam Record
April 16, 1880

A child of Mrs. Gilson's died last Tuesday night. The child had been ailing for some time with a trouble in the head. Mrs. G. buried her husband but a short time since and certainly deserves the sympathy and assistance of this community.

Mrs. Australia Glass


December 12, 1878
Local Correspondence - Hennepin

Mrs. Australia Glass died at her residence in Hennepin last Sunday evening at 10 o'clock.  Her death was caused by an accidental overdose of chloroform and morphia administered by herself.  Deceased was 22 years of age, and leaves a husband and two children.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. J. Bailey at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Etta (Cassell) Glass


Mrs. Frank L. Glass buried in Hennepin, January 12

The sad and unexpected passing of Mrs. Etta Cassell Glass occured at the Peru hospital on Thursday, January 10, 1935. Following a fall down the stairs at her home several weeks ago, she seemed to be recovering however, her system had been so weakened that an infection set in that caused her death. Etta T. Cassell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allson Cassell, was born in Henry, February 11, 1882. She married Frank L. Glass of Hennepin, July 15, 1908 taking up their residence in Granville, where Mr. Glass was employed in the Granville Echo shop and Post Office for 10 years. In 1918, they moved to LaSalle, where Mrs. Glass was very active in church and society. Her church activities found outlet in the LaSalle Methodist church. She was an Eastern Star and a member of the LaSalle Women's club and a very active worker in every organization to which she belonged. Only one child was born to this happy union, Norman, whom with his wife and their daughter Donna Jean, have been at home with the parents. Surviving Mrs. Glass are her completel household and a sister, Mrs. Florence Hoskins of Oak Park. The funeral was held in the LaSalle M.E. Church on Saturday, with her pastor, Reverend Lester Springer in charge, assisted by former pasters, Dale and George - both of Chicago. Mrs. Vera Moil of Ogelsby was the soloist. Burial was made in the Riverside cemetery at Hennepin in the family lot. Frank Glass has many friends in Putnam County who sympathize with him at this time.

Frank Lincoln Glass

Front Page, Thurday, October 9, 1944

Former Local Man Buried in Hennepin

Frank Glass, 64, Dies, October 12 in Witchita, Kansas - Service Monday

The body of Frank L. Glass, 64, former Hennepin and Granville man, who died Thursday afternoon, October 12, 1944, following an operation in Witchita, Kansas Hospital, was laid to rest Monday in Reiverside Cemetery in the County Seat, his native village. Services were held at 2:00 in the Methodist Church in LaSalle, where he had also lived. Reverend Robert A. Mulligan, pastor, officiating - assisted by Reverend Baily of Chicago............ Born in Hennepin, August 30, 1880, the decesed was a son of Robert and Laura Glass. He married Etta Cassell of Hennepin Township in 1908 and they came to Granville to make their home. Mr. Glass was employed as a clerk in the Granville Post Office under W.E. Hawthorne, later working in the shop of the Granville Echo. It was here that there only son Norvin was born. Mr. and Mrs. Glass moved to LaSalle where he was employed as a shipping clerk at Ossinger's Bakery. Mrs. Glass died there in 1935. Mr. Glass later worked in Ottawa and Elgin, going last spring to Witchita to make his home with his son and family, after having visited for awhile with his aunt Mrs. Clara Wonser in Hennepin. Beside the son, there are three grandchildren.

Mrs. Leoria Estellia Glass (nee Hamm)

Taken From the Putnam Record

Front Page, December 29, 1932

Mrs. Glass is laid to rest a Hennepin.

Funeral held Monday. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

Mrs. Leoria Glass, who has made her home this winter with her son Frank at LaSalle, passed peacefully into her eternal rest last Thursday evening December 22, 1932, following failing health which made it impossible to stay alone at her home in Hennepin. Leoria Estellia Hamm, second daughter of Sara and Phillip Hamm, was born on a farm near Jesup, Iowa, August 21, 1857. The family moved to Illinois, located near Granville and then near Union Grove. On July 3, 1877, she was united in married with Robert Glass, a veteran of the civil war, at the Union Grove Church, Reverend Homer McVay performing the ceremony. To this union, two children were born, one dying in infancy and Frank remaining to be a comfort and mainstay to his parents. They moved to Hennepin about 37 years ago. Mr. Glass preceded his wife in death, July 25, 1923. Mrs. Glass was a woman who delighted in her home and family and seldom left her home in mingle with others. At her death last Thursday, she had lived 75 years and four months. Funeral serviced were held at the home of her son at LaSalle to the M.E. Church at Hennepin with Reverend Lester Springer of LaSalle conducting the service. .......... Casket bearers were the nephews of Mrs. Glass, John Wooley and Lewis Patterson of Dover, David Hamm of Princeton, William Glass of Spring Valley, Jessie B. Morris of Hennepin, and Ira Hyler of Princeton.

Mrs. Glass in survived by two sisters, Mrs. Anna Hamm of Nemaha, Iowa and Mrs. Clara Wonser of Hennepin. One brother, David Hamm of DesMoines, Iowa, besides her son Frank Glass of LaSalle and one grandson Norvin Glass and his little daughter Donna Jean also of LaSalle. The remains of Mrs. Glass were interned in the family lot beside her husband at Riverside cemetery, Monday afternoon.

Robert Glass

Front Page, August 1, 1923

Obituary of Robert Glass

Following a hemorrhage of the brain, at 1:00 AM, Tuesday, July 24, Robert Glass, an old G.A.R. resident passed to his reward at 10 minutes of two, Friday afternoon, July 27, 1923, age 77 years. Robert Glass was the second child of Lawrence and Sophia Glass. He was born in Patterson, New Jersey, October 29, 1845, moving to Hennepin Illinois with his parents at the age of 10 years, where he has resided ever since. He was a veteran of the civil war and listed in Co.B, 139th Reg., IL Vol. - 1864. He was a member of Hennepin Post G.A.R. 231. In 1879, he united with the Union Grove Presbyterian Church. July 3, 1877, he was united in marriage with Leoria E. Hamm. Two sons were born to them, William Henry dying in infancy and Frank Lincoln, living in LaSalle, Illinois. He leaves to mourn their loss, his faithful wife, his son Frank, one grandson, three sisters, Mrs. Jenny Hiler of Princeton,IL; Mrs. Sudie Hamm, Dover, IL; Mrs. Hattie Walpole, Epsie Montana. His father and mother, two sisters and three brothers preceded him to the homeland. It is indeed sad to loose our dear one, but he who has the power to give and take away, stays not his hand, but calls them one by one to their heavenly home to rest from all life's toils and weariness. The funeral took place at 2:00 Sunday afternoon from the L.O.O.F. under funeral director H.L. Dysert of Granville. Reverend Pittman of Granville conducted the services, the music was beautifully rendered by the M.E. Choir. He was laid to rest in the Riverside cemetery.

Sophia Jane Glass

Sophia Jane Glass was born at Patterson, New Jersey, April 14, 1824, and departed this life Feb. 10, 1911, at her home at Princeton, Ill.
Her early life was spend in her native state. Sept. 4, 1841, she was married to Lawrence Glass. To this union nine children were born, namely: Enoch Glass, Robert Glass, William Glass, George Glass, Sophia Jane Hyler, Ann Glass, Leah Glass and Harriet E. Walpole, all of whom survive with the exception of Ann and Leah dying in infancy and William Glass, who died some sixteen or seventeen years ago.
In the year 1855 she with her husband and children came to Illinois, settling on Hennepin Prairie and later moved to Hennepin, where she constantly resided until a year ago, when she moved to Princeton, Ill., where she passed away Feb. 10, 1911.
She has left to morn her death 26 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren.
The remains were brought to Hennepin Sunday afternoon and the funeral service was held from the M. E. church, of which the deceased had long been a member, at 2 o'clock p.m., conducted by the pastor J. B. Speaker, and was attended by a large concourse of relatives and sympathizing friends, who gathered to pay their last earthly tribute to a dear departed friend. Interment at Riverside cemetery by the side of departed loved ones.

-- Contributed by Jack Henning

James Gleason


August 3, 1899

James Gleason died at his residence seven miles east of Hennepin, Tuesday, July 25, 1899, aged 90 years, 4 months and 11 days.  Deceased has suffered from the infirmities of old age for several days, but the end came peacefully and painless.  James Gleason was born March 14, 1809 at Herbertstown, Limerick county, Ireland.  He came to New York with his parents in 1820, and in 1830 he was united in marriage with Katherine Hayes.  Eleven children were born to them, five of whom are still living:  Elizabeth, Michael, James, John and Katherine.  In the year 1837 he, with his wife and two children, moved from New York to Chicago, where he stayed but a short time when he came to LaSalle. His wife died in 1860 at Peru. He lived in LaSalle county until October, 1864, when he enlisted in the army and in 1865 he was mustered out at New Orleans.

In 1867 he was again united in marriage with Eliza Forney, and to them six children were born, Five of them, Joseph, David, Charles, George and Mary still survive.  He moved to Putnam county in 1869, where he resided until the time of his death.  He leaves a wife and ten children (seven boys and three girls) to mourn their loss.  Six were in attendance at his funeral: Elizabeth Skelly, Mankato, Minn.:  Katherine Langan, Ottawa, Ill.,; Joseph, David, Charles and Mary, Hennepin.  The absent ones were George, who is in Cuba serving in the regular army, James, John and Michael.

He was a carpenter and built the first frame house in LaSalle, but of late years he was a farmer.  The funeral took place at the Catholic church in Hennepin, Thursday, July 27, Rev. Father Francis conducting the services, and was largely attended.  After the services at the church the remains were taken in charge by Hennepin Post 231 G.A.R., of which organization deceased was an honored member, and escorted to the Catholic cemetery where after pray by Father Francis, the body ..(can't read remaining)

Mrs. Glenn

Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL
August 22, 1878

Local Items - Magnolia

Old Grandmother Glenn of Oxbow died last Saturday night. She was one of the early settlers of this county and about 83 years of age. She was the mother of Samuel, Young and Allen Glenn. She was buried at the Caledonia grounds.

Local Items

Another pioneer of Putnam County Grandma Glenn died at the residence of her son, Young Glenn on the Oxbow prairie Sunday last. She was highly esteemed and loved by all who knew her. At the casket in which the remains were enclosed, furnished by John Kline, was one of the handsomest we have noted for a long time. The large procession of friends followed the remains to the grave.

John C. Gore

Taken From the Henry Republican
April 2, 1874, Putnam county News - Snachwine

Mr. John C. Gore was stricken with heart disease on Tuesday, dying in his chair. He was an old settler, sheriff and coroner of the county in previous years and held minor offices of that city. He was generally respected. His funeral takes place today, his interment being attended with the rites of Odd Fellowship, of which he was a bright and shining star.

Mrs. M. V. Gowdey


April 28, 1898


Mrs. M. V. Gowdey, widow of the late John Gowdey, died at her home in Dexter, Ia., April 25, 1898, aged 84 years and 4 months.  Her ilness was of short duration, having been attacked with a severe cold which soon developed into pneumonia.  The remains accompanied by a son of the deceased, arrived at Hennepin Tuesday forenoon and were interred beside those of her husband in Riverside cemetery.

Mrs. Gowdey was born in New Jersey, August 31, 1813.  She was converted to Christianity when about 15 years old, and had been a member of the M. E. church ever since. She was united in marriage to John Gowdey, July 31, 1836 and in 1855, she, with her husband, came to Hennepin. After a residence on Hennepin Prairie of a number of years, they came to Hennpin, where they resided until Mr. Gowdey died some four years ago.  About 2 years after his death, Mrs. Gowdey moved to Dexter, Iowa, where her son lived, and remained there until death called her hence.

Twelve children were born to them, of whom four are still living.  No services were held here, that office having been performed at her late home in Iowa.

John F. Grable

Taken From the Putnam Record
April 21, 1876

A special telegram from Wenona to Chicago Times, dated April 17, announced the death of John F. Grable. Mr. Grable resided in this place for many years, engaged as a farmer-editor and for the past few years was engaged in the mercantile business in Wenona and other points. He always took an active part in politics, fighting hard for abolition of slavery. He was 67 years of age at the time of his death and had been in failing health for several years. The funeral took place at Wenona cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Graves

APRIL 6, 1882


Old Mrs. Graves died last week. She was in her 101st year.

Mrs. Horace Graves
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Mineral Springs
Mrs. Horace Graves was buried in the Oxbow cemetery one week ago last Sabbath.

John Green

Taken From the Henry Republican
December 4, 1873
Died in Magnolia, Nov. 15, John Green, nephew of Wm Hoyle, Sr.

A. E. Greenfield


April 13, 1899

A. E. Greenfield, who until 1883 resided in Mt. Palatine, died recently at the age of 74 years in Santa Paula, California.

Charles B. Griener


Hennepin, February 13, 1890
Died at his residence in Hennepin, Feb. 9, of pneumonia, Charles B. Griener, age 56 years, 10 months and 17 days. The subject of this sketch was born in the province of Alsac, France, March 23, 1833, being the youngest of a family of 16 children. In 1852, he emmigrated to the United States, locating in Hennepin in 1856. The same year he was married to Sophia C. Elmer, who survives him. To them eight children were born, six of whom are living. Mr. Griener was sick for upward of a month but despite all efforts, he gradually grew worse until death relieved his suffering. Funeral took place from his residence Monday, February 10 at 10:00 PM.

Luella Griffith

October 15, 1874

In Magnolia township, September 16, of consumption, Luella, aged 16 years, daughter of George and Mary Griffith.

Martha Griner

Taken From the Henry Republican, March 6, 1879
Died Near Florid, Putnam County, February 20, Martha Griner, age 57.

Bertha Griswold


August 21, 1879 - Snachwine

At Snachwine, Aug. 17, Bertha, 10 months, only daughter of George and Rosa Griswold.

Died, on Sunday morning about 3 o'clock (17th), after a few days illness, Bertha, only daughter of George and Rosa Griswold, aged about 10 months ….. The family have the sympathy of all who know them. Mr. and Mrs. Griswold take this method of expressing their heartfelt thanks to all those who kidly rendered their assistance in their affliction, especially to their friends in Milo, who came here to accompany the remains of their child to Milo, to be placed by those of a little brother, and other family friends.

Mrs. Mary B. Grover

Taken From the Henry Republican
September 8, 1881

Near Mt. Palatine, Aug. 30, of cancer of the stomach, Mary B., 66 years, 5 months 24 days, wife of Thomas B. Grover.

Son of William Grubb

Taken From the Henry Republican
May 9, 1872

Putnam County News - Magnolia
On Thursday of last week a son of Mr. Joseph Whitaker, and a son of Mr. Wm. Grubb, citizens of this county, while planting corn, happened to find some wild parsnips which they took to be artichoke, and ate freely of it, causing their death. The boys were aged respectively 11 and 14 years. The son of Mr. Grubb died in about four hours after eating the poison, and Mr. Whitaker’s boy lived till five o’clock next morning. The boys’ funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Moore

Issac Gudgel

Taken From the Henry Republican

February 12, 1880

Died at Hennepin, Feb. 7, Isaac, 86 years 6 months, 4 days, uncle of Mrs. Jacob Bowman of this city.

Hennepin -- On Saturday at 1 a.m. Isaac Gudgel, aged 86 years, 6 months and 4 days passed very quietly to that other shore. He was born in Woodford County, Ky., and after changing dwelling places several times, moved to Illinois in 1842 where he spent the remainder of his days. He leaves two daughters living vis: Mrs. Katherine Thomas at Hennepin and Mrs. Charles Blanchard in Ottawa. He was an uncle to Maylan Neewburn and Mrs. Jacob Bowman of Henry. At the funeral among others from out of town we noticed Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanchard of Ottawa, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bowman of Henry, Mr. and Mrs. William Gudgel and Miss Mellisa Gudgel of Tiskilwa. The funeral on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the M. E. church was attended by a house full of people and Rev. J. M. Murphy officiated.

Louise Guengerich


January 19, 1899, Local New Items - Granville
Miss Louise Guengerich died at her home south of Granville Monday, January 9. The deceased was about 28 years old and leaves a mother and brother to mourn her death. She was buried in the Granville cemetery.

Mrs. Abigail Gunn


June 1, 1876
At Mt. Palatine, May 15, Mrs. Abigail Gunn, aged 73 years. Settled in Putnam county in 1840.

Mrs. Persis E. Gunn

Putnam Record
July 28, 1898

The following obituary is taken from the Snohomish County, Tribuen, Snohomish, Wash., July 15, 1898

Afer more than two years of patient suffering, Mrs. Persis E. Gunn passed away at her home at Index, Monday, July 11. Mrs. Gunn was 53 years of age, and came to this state about seven years ago from Ill. Since then her home at Index has become a favorite resort for the many friends from Snohomish and vicinity. It is now more than two years since the first premonition of her fatal malady began to be felt. Relief was sought at the hands of specialists in Chicago and Seattle, and she returned to her home to pass the remainder of her days with her family. These last few months were full of suffering, scarecely a moment of them all being free from pan, but she bore it without murmer or complaint. During the last few weeks she seemed to be improving, and rallied so much as to be able to leave her bed to which she had been confined for a year, and on Fourth of Jul she ate dinner with her family.

The improvement proved to be only temporary, for on Wednesday last she grew much worse and sank rapidly until Monday afternoon when she passed away. Tuesday, as the evening shadows were lengthening, she was laid to rest in a peaceful spot, only a few rods from the room in which she had lain so long, and in the midst of the beautiful surroundings which had been so dear to her. She leaves a husband, five daughters and one son to mourn their loss.

Winson Gunn

Taken From the Henry Republican
February 23, 1871

Died near Mt. Palatine, Putnam County, Feb. 14, Winson Gunn, formerly from Massachusetts, aged 69 years, 8 months

Ellen A. Gurnea

Taken From the Henry Republican
June 29, 1871

At Magnolia, Putnam county, June 15, of inflamation of the lungs, Ellen A. Gurnea, aged 20 years

Taken From the Henry Republican
August 17, 1871

At Magnolia, Putnam county, Ill., June 15, of consumption, Miss Ellen A., daughter of A. B. and Elizabeth Gurnea, aged 20 years and 3 months and 10 days. She was a gentle Christian woman. My pen lingers lovingly upon her name.

Mary E. Gurnea

May 7, 1868

Died at Magnolia, April 23rd, of consumption, Mary E. daughter of A. B. Gurnea, Esq., aged 24 years, 7 months and 6 days.

Samuel Gurnea

Taken From the Henry Republican
April 27 1882

Died at Hudson, McLean county, April 17, of consumption, Samuel Gurnea, 60, brother of A. B. Gurnea, Esq., of Magnolia.  Funeral hald at the house of David Boyle; interment at Clear Creek cemetery, beside a daughter


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