Cornelius Umbarger


April 13, 1893
News was brought to Hennepin early Monday morning that Cornelius Umbarger, living about 1 3/4 miles east of Florid had disappeared Sunday evening, and although between forty and fifty men had hunted nearly all night he could not be found.  It was pretty generally known that Mr. Umbarger had been troubled quite frequently of late with hart disease, and it was little expected that when found he would be alive, yet it seemed strange that his body could not be found, as persons subject to heart trouble do not usually wander about much.  

About nine o'click, however, the same morning, word came that the body had been found in a stubble field a short distance from the house.  He left the house about four o'clock Sunday evening to do the chores, and had been unusually lively and jovial during the day and when supper time came and he did not return some uneasiness took the form of alarm, and a search was at once commenced by the family, and was kept up until eight o'clock with no success.  The word was sent out for help, and the neighbors came in from miles around, and nearly the entire population of Florid turned out and joined in the search, which was kept up until after midnight, with the result as above stated, when it was deemed best to cease until daylight came to help them.

Dr. Bickel, of Florid, who was the leader of the searching party during the evening, remained at the Umbarger residence the balance of the night, and as soon as daylight came, he renewed the search and found the body in the stubble field as stated above.  The supposition is that while walking in the field, Mr. Umbarger was seized with one of his attacks, and sat or lay down to await until it passed off, but it proved to be the last one, and he was soon cold in death.  There was no indications of any struggle, and it is presumed that he passed quietly to sleep.

He was about 68 years of age, and leaves a wife and three children to mourn his sudden death.  The funeral took place from the house at ten o'clock a.m., Tuesday last, and the remains were laid to rest in the Florid cemetery.

Mrs. Elizabeth Umbarger (nee Bear)

Taken From the Henry Republican

January 20, 1876
Mrs. Umbarger, sister-in-law of Judge Cassell died on the 17th instate, at the age of about 70 years.

Local Department
Judge Cassell adjourned court last Tuesday until Thursday in consequence of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Umbarger, his sister-in-law and mother of David B. Umbarger. The funeral took place on Wednesday last./ Record

Haley Umbarger

Taken From the Henry Republican, March 27, 1879
At Florid, Putnam County, March 14, Haley, age 3, son of Cornelius and Malinda Umbarger.

Mrs. Malinda Umbarger

Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL

Florid, May 27, 1927

Wednesday, May 18th occurred the death of Mrs. Malinda Umbarger at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Dagger in Walnut, Kansas. Paralysis and old age were the causes of death. Mrs. Umbarger was past 86 years old and had lived in Florid all of her life until some years ago when she went with her daughter to Kansas to live with her. She leaves to mourn her loss, 2 daughters, Mrs. Charles Melhorn of Walnut Kansas and Mrs. Walter Dagger of Walnut, Kansas. The remains were brought to Florid, Saturday by her daughters. Burial was made beside her husband in the Florid cemetery.

Mrs. Addie Durley (nee Untank)

November 16, 1876

Died in Hennepin, Nov. 10th, Addie, aged 35 years, wife of P. B. Durley, and daughter of E. Untank.
Hennepin - Mrs. Addie Durley, wife of our postmaster, P. B. Durley, died last Friday, at 2 p.m. She was sick but little over a week.  A consistent member of the M.E. church, and for 16 years teacher of the infant class in the M.E. Sabbath school, her death will sadden many hearts that knew her, and knowing loved her.  Her father, brothers, husband and infant daughter have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.  Funeral services took place at the M.E. church, Sunday at 2 p.m., Rev. Cumming and Rev. Bailey officiating.

Mrs. E. Unthank


July 3, 1879


Mrs. E. Unthank died of cancer on Thursday last about noon. She had been in bed for the last sixth months and suffered as only she who feels it knows. She leaves a husband, two children, and many relatives and friends.

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