Descendants of Chester Eddy

Generation No. 1

1. CHESTER1 EDDY was born in Vermont, and died May 1874 in Putnam Co IL. He married UNKNOWN.


May 21, 1874
Old Father Eddy of Hennepin is very low and not expected to live.


Occupation: 1850, Clerk
Residence: 1850, Hennepin, Putnam Co. IL

Occupation: 1860-1870, Dry Goods Merchant
Residence: 1860-1870, Hennepin, Putnam Co. IL

Children of CHESTER EDDY and UNKNOWN are:

2. i. WILLIAM2 EDDY, b. March 11, 1831, Wilmington, Vermont; d. February 01, 1883, Hennepin, Putnam Co. IL.

3. ii. LUCY J. EDDY, b. Abt. 1837, Vermont.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM2 EDDY (CHESTER1) was born March 11, 1831 in Wilmington, Vermont, and died February 01, 1883 in Hennepin, Putnam Co. IL. He married ELIZABETH B. CASSON May 01, 1855 in Putnam Co IL, daughter of HENRY CASSON and MARY.


From the Record of Olden Times by Spencer Ellsworth, 1880
Biographical Department, Hennepin Township - Page 647
William Eddy
Mr. Eddy is one of the very few men who make merchandising a success. He was born in Wilmington, Windham county, Vermont, 1831, came to Hennepin in 1844 as a clerk, and established his present business in 1853. Two years later, in 1855, he married Elizabeth B. Casson, a native of Brownsville, Fayette county, Penn., to whom four children have been given, William E., Mary L., Alice C. and Harry C. Mr. Eddy is a prominent member of the I. O. O. F. of twenty-five years standing, having been initiated the first night of its organization. He has the finest store room in the counties of Marshall or Putnam, and does a heavy trade. He is a progressive citizen, and the man to succeed where others fail.

Henry Republican
Feb. 8, 1883
Hennepin News - Death of Mr. William Eddy
Wm. Eddy died at Hennepin, Putnam Co., at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 1. He had pain in his stomach or breast on the Friday before, but next day was all right and attended to his business until late on Thursday, when he said to his wife that he had a terrible and sudden pain different from the other, and fell over dead. The funeral from the house on Tuesday was largely attended. The extreme cold weather kept many away. Both churches omitted their rugular morning services, and the people turned out en masse.

Wm. Eddy was born in Wilmington, Vermont, March 11, 1831. Came to Illinois in 1844. In 1854, in company with his father, the late Chester Eddy, established the mercantile firm of C. & W. Eddy, which as done a prosperaous business up to the hour of his death. He was married May 1,1855 to Elizabeth B. Casson, and to them have been born four children, viz, Wm. E., Mary (now Mrs. H. B. Stockdate, Alice C., and Harry, all of whom survive thim, and are citizens of our town. He left also an aged mother, and one sister Lucy, now Mrs. J. M. Durley of this place.

Present at the funeral we noticed Henry Casson, Sr., wo is the father of Mrs. Eddy, also Henry Casson, Jr., and lady and son, and John Casson and lady, all of Viroqua., Wis.; also W. H. Casson and lady of Hennepin. These three men are brothers of Mrs. Eddy. From Mendota we notice Aunt Mary Crawford who is a sister to Grandmother Eddy.

In the death of Wm. Eddy our town and country around has lost at the age of 51 years, 10 months and 20 days, one of our most active, energetic and solid business men. -- Ruth

Occupation: 1860-1880, Dry Goods Merchant
Residence: 1860-1880, Hennepin township, Putnam Co. IL


i. WILLIAM E.3 EDDY, b. Abt. 1856, Pennsylvania; m. ANNA C. GREINER, December 04, 1878, Hennepin, Putnam Co IL.


Occupation: 1880, Bookkeeper in Store
Residence: 1880, Hennepin township, Putnam Co. IL

Marriage Notes for WILLIAM EDDY and ANNA GREINER:

Henry Republican
December 12, 1878
Married at Hennepin, Dec. 4, by Rev. A. J. Bailey, Willie Eddy ("Col. Crampton") and Miss Anna C., daughter of C. B. Greiner. -- The Republican extends its congratulations, wishing the happy couple bon voyage down the river of life.

Local Correspondence - Hennepin Will E. Eddy and Miss Anna C. Greiner were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. C. B. Greiner, Dec. 4th, by Rev. A. J. Bailey. Many of the readers of The Republican will remember Will. as the droll "Colonel Crampton: of newspaper notoriety, and those who have read his news items and laughed at his drolieries, will join with your correspondent in wishing the happy couple a happy and prosperous future.

ii. MARY L. EDDY, b. Abt. 1861, Illinois; m. HARRY B. STOCKDALE, March 19, 1879, Hennepin, Putnam Co IL.


From the Record of Olden Times by Spencer Ellsworth,1880
Biographica Department - Hennepin township, page 652
H. B. Stockdale
Mr. Stockdale was born in Philadelphia in 1852 and comes from a family of more than average ability. His father was a noted educator and for several years presided over the public schools of Peru. He gave his sons a thorough business education and through them controls a larger grain business than any firm along the Illinois river, having houses at Hennepin, Bureau Junction, Peru, and elsewhere. They own several boats running upon the river and canal and have very favorable connections east. While often selling in the Chicago and Peoria markets their principal shipments are to the seaboard and to Europe direct. Mr. Stockdale was married in 1879 to Minnie L. Eddy, of Hennepin. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.


Occupation: 1880, Clerk in Warehouse
Residence: 1880, Hennepin township, Putnam Co. IL

Marriage Notes for MARY EDDY and HARRY STOCKDALE:

March 27, 1879
At Hennepin, March 19, by Rev. A. J. Bailey, H. B. Stockdale and Miss Minnie L. Eddy, both of Hennepin.

Hennepin  - H. B. Stockdale and Miss Minnie Eddy, both of this place, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents last week Wednesday morning, by Rev. Amos J. Bailey. Soon after the ceremony was performed, the bridal party started for a pleasure trip to Milwakee, Wis. They returned last Monday evening.

iii. ALICE C. EDDY, b. Abt. 1865.

iv. CHESTER HARRY EDDY, b. Abt. 1872.


3. LUCY J.2 EDDY (CHESTER1) was born Abt. 1837 in Vermont. She married JAMES M. DURLEY October 1876 in Hennepin township, Putnam Co. IL, son of JAMES DURLEY and EMELINE SKEEL.

Notes for JAMES M. DURLEY:

From the Record of Olden Times by Spencer Ellsworth, 1880
Biographical department, Hennepin township, Page 653
James N. Durley

Mr. Durley belongs to a family prominent in the history of Putam county for enterprise and patriotism. He was born in 1837 and in 1864 enlisted in the Forty-seventh Illinois volunteer infantry, was captured at Gay's Landing on the Alabama river, and was mustered out at the close of the war. His present business was established in 1861. In 1874 he married Lucy Eddy of Vermont, and they have one child, Mable, born in 1875. In business he is both energetic and conservative, pushing his enterprise, but keeping it well under control. Such men rarely fail.


Occupation: 1870, Canal Boatman
Residence: 1870, Hennepin, Putnam Co. IL

Occupation: 1880, Grocer
Residence: 1880, Hennepin township, Putnam Co. IL

Marriage Notes for LUCY EDDY and JAMES DURLEY:

October 16, 1874
James M. Durley and Miss Lucy J. Eddy were married last Thursday at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. J.P. Hayes.

October 22, 1874
At Hennepin, October 15, by Rev. J. P. Hayes, James M. Durley and Miss Lucy J. Eddy.


i. MABEL3 DURLEY, b. Abt. 1876, Illinois.

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