2. William & Margaret [McLaughlin] Henning II Family

22. Hugh Henning, Farmer, b 9 Apr 1850 prob IL; d c1889 Lostant, IL; m Margaret "Bess" W McLaughlin, b 1852 Safe Harbor, Lancaster, PA; immig. 1850; d when 1937, prob Phila PA; bur Phila PA; Bess had sisters, Annie Margaret Orr McLaughlin and Margaret Longwell (Mrs David); children:

+ 221. Margaret "Maggie" Henning

+ 222. William Hugh Henning

+ 223. Anna Hay Henning

+ 224. Mary Hay Henning

+ 225. Retta Henning

226. Child

Ref: Lancaster Co. Historical Society from Ernest L Schuleen: (sic)" 1873-1878 listed under "Single Men", occupation - laborer, variously listed as residing with William Henning and with father; 1879 no records of Henning/Hanning; 1880 listed as "Tenant", occupation - farmer, residing on property owned by father; 1881-1895 no further records. Hugh was also in Bensalem, PA in 1880.

Letters: from Peggy, Mrs Frank Altdoersser, 1414 Valley Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603 (dau. of Retta): (sic) "After the death of Hugh in Lostant, IL., Bess then moved back to Philadelphia with her five children. Her sisters, Ann & Margaret [McLaughlin] Longwell sent for them and Margaret's husband, David, owned several homes on Brown Street in Philadelphia. He put them in one and bought their coal. My mother went to work at Gimbel Bros at 13yrs of age to help out. She was a noble, loved and respected woman all her 85yrs of life."

Check 1860 Census of Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co., PA?

1880 Census Bensalem, Bucks Co PA (17-133-16-11): Hugh 27, b Ire., Bess W 28, b PA., (parents b Ire), Retta 2, living next door is William

McLaughlin, age 25, b PA, (parents b Ire) and Catherine age 20, b PA (parents b Ger) John 3, Harrold 1

1910 Census at 1349 71st Ave Oaklane, Phila. PA: Bess [McLaughlin] Henning, widow (6 children born, 5 living) and children: Bess, William

Hugh 25, Anna Hay 27, and Mary Hay 29. William and Mary worked for the telephone company, William had polio. Where was

Bess born?

Check 1920 Census PA


23. Anne Jane Henning, b 21 Dec 1852/3 Lostant IL (1860 census of Safe Harbor says she was born in IL, 1900 census says PA); d 1 Apr 1932 York, York Co PA; m Feb 1873 Conestoga Twp, PA to James Harvey Barton, s/o Thomas Sharp & Hannah [Lowe] Barton of Maryland, Farmer and Pumpmaker, b 12 Oct 1837/44 poss. Crawford Co, PA; d 1917; Civil War Vet enlisted 1864; children:

231. Henry/Thomas C Barton, b c1874 IL/Ire; m Rachel L, b c1856 PA

232. William H Barton, b 5 Jun 1876 PA

233. Edward E/H Barton, b Jan 1878 PA; d 1960 Safe Harbor; m Lucy A 1883-1956

234. Robert W Barton, b Jan 1880 PA; d Lancaster; m Lizzie; children:

2341. Anna Barton, m Nathan Newcomer; children:

23411. Nathan Newcomer

23412. Carrie Lee Newcomer

23413. Elizabeth Ann Newcomer

2342. Rita Barton

2343. Robert M Barton

235. Margaret Hannah Barton, b 27 Sept 1884 Safe Harbor PA; d 13 Jun 1932 York, York Co

PA; m John Calvin Sourbraugh/Sarbaugh, b 1882; d 1920; the following submitted by Larry Stackhouse; children:

2351. Dorothy Jane Sourbraugh, b 13 Jul 1911; d 14 Jun 2000 Gaithersburg MD; m

Charles Lester Mann, b 1910; res 1998-401 Russell Ave T606, Gairtersburg MD

20877; children:

23511. Charles Lester Mann Jr, b 1928; m Pauline Marie Webb, b 1929

' 235111. Charlene Louise Mann, b 1951; m Lawrence Revelle Stackhouse,

b 1938; res 1998-24104 114th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98020

tel: 206-546-0494; children:

2351111. Lara Renee Stackhouse, b 1977

2351112. Krista Elizabeth Stackhouse, b 1979

2351113. Andrew Revelle Stackhouse, b 1981

2351114. Matthew Charles Stackhouse, b 1986

2351115. Elaina Ruth Stackhouse, b 1989

2351116. Peter Nathaniel Stackhouse, b 1991

2351117. Susanna Kathleen Stackhouse, b 1993

235112. Elaine Carol Mann, b 1954; m Thomas Winfield Worley Kauffman

Jr; children:

2351121. Thomas Winfield Worley Kauffman Jr, b 1975

2351122. Jill Marie Kaufmann, b 1977

2351123. Michael Allen Kaufmann, b 1979

2351124. Valerie May Kaufmann, b 1982

235113. Charles Lester Mann III, b 1960; m Audrey Elaine Snyder, b 1959; children:

2351131. Alexa Marie Mann, b 1985

2351132. Charles Lester Mann IV, b 1990

23512. Hugh Gregory Mann, b 1933; m Martha Litchfield; children:

235121. Charles Gregory Mann, b 1957; m Amy Prioli; children:

235122. Gregory Mann, b 1982

235123. Andrew Mann, b 1986

235124. Katie Mann

235123. Elizabeth Ann Mann, b 1959; m Mac Cutchin; child:

2351231. Jessica MacCutchin

23513. Barbara Elaine Mann, b 1936

236. Wenona Bell Barton, b Jun 1886; m Paul Bupp, York Co PA; no children.

237. Harry L Barton, b Aug 1897

Ref: Tombstone Records: United Cong. Church, Conestoga, PA for Anne and James Barton.

Lancaster Co. Historical Society from Ernest L Schuleen: (sic)": 1873-1875 listed under "Single Men", occupation-laborer, residing with Jno. Miller (or Walters); 1875-1877 listed under "Single Mem", occupation - machinist, residing with William Manning (probably Henning); 1878-9 listed under "Tenant", occupation - machinist, residing on property of J. G. Rhodes; 1880-88 listed under "Tenant", occupation - hydraulic engineer, residing on property of J. G. Rhoads except for 1881 when it was William Hanning; 1889-90 listed under "Tenant", occupation - Post Master of Safe Harbor, residing on property of J. G. Rhoads; 1891-93 listed under "Tenant", occupation - plumber, residing on property of J. G. Rhoads; 1893-95 listed under "Tenant", occupation - Post Master of Safe Harbor, residing on property of Benjamin Sawyer. He did not have time to look at any tax rolls after 1895."

1880 Census Conestoga, Lancaster Co., PA: James H Barton, Farmer & Pump Maker, age 36, b 1844 PA; Anna J, age 28, b 1852 PA; Thomas C,

age 6, b 1874 Ire; William H, b 1877 PA; Edward E, b 1878 PA; Robert, 4mo b 1880 PA; Hannah Barton, mother, age 61, b 1819 PA

Check again 1900 Census Columbia, Lancaster Co PA (142 S Front St):

1910 Census Lostant IL: Henry C. Barton, age 63 b IL (parents b. Scot-Ger), married 31 years to Rachel L, age 54 b PA living with Wyatt

Henning, tinsmith, age 45 b PA. Wyatt also living in 1910 with Mark Bangs family.

Check 1920 Census


24. William Henning III, b Feb 1856 prob. Safe Harbor, PA (1860 census of Safe Harbor says he was born in PA; 1900 say IL; d aft 1910 poss WV; m c1884 prob Lostant, IL to Margaret/Mary "Maggie" Unknown, b Jan 1860 PA; d bef 1910 poss. IL/WV; children:

241. Thornton William Henning, born 12 Feb 1884 Lostant IL

242. Robert M Henning, born 24 Dec 1885 Lostant IL

243. Jennie "Marjorie" Henning, born 27 May 1888 Lostant IL

244. Bernice Henning, (twin) born 29 Jul 1889 Lostant IL

245. Blanche Henning, (twin) born 29 Jul 1889 Lostant IL

246. Emma B Henning, born Aug 1891 Lostant IL

247. Bessie C Henning, born Jan 1893 Lostant IL

Ref: Check again 1860 Census Lancaster Co, Conestoga (Wm Henning 109 & Malhorn 143-9); Safe Harbor, PA

Check 1880 census

Check again 1900 Census 105 William Ave, Davis, Tucker Co WV

1910 Census on 105 William Ave, Davis, Tucker Co WV: William (widower) age 54 b PA was a Laborer at Paper Mill; Robert M, age 24 b IL,

Engineer at Paper Mill; living on Henry Ave, Marjorie, age 21 b IL, Teacher of public school; Thornton, age 28 b IL, Breakman on

log train, parents both born in PA.

Check 1920 Census WV/PA


25. James Henning, Elevator Operator, b 11 Dec 1858 Safe Harbor PA; d 22 Jul 1948 Lostant, IL; m 26 Feb 1885 Lostant IL to Anna Mary Brenner, d/o Emanuel and Susanna [Funk] Brenner of PA, b 19 Sept 1858 Safe Harbor PA; d 3 Aug 1940 Lostant IL; children:

251. Ira Henning, b 3/30 Aug 1886; d 20 Jun 1887, bur Lostant, IL

252. Clara Golda Henning, b 10 Aug 1888 Lostant IL; d Mar 1986 (age 96) Tuscola IL; m

Burt Theodore Lundgren, b 17 May 1888 Lostant IL; d 15 Apr 1971 Sarasota FL; res

1984-Douglas Manor Nursing Home Tuscola IL age 92; no children.

+ 253. Walter W Henning

254. Clyde William Henning, b 14 Aug 1892 Lostant, LaSalle Co IL; d Denver CO; m Eva E.

Merrifield; no children.

Ref: 1920 Census Lostant IL: Clyde, Barber, age 26, b IL and Eva E, age 24 b MD and border, Henry M Phillips, age 63


+ 255. Carl J Henning

Ref: Check 1900 Census

1910 Census Lostant, Hope Twp, LaSalle Co IL: James, a night watchman for village, age 52 PA, m 24 yrs, 5 ch, 4 living, renting on 2nd St;

Anna M, 51 yrs PA; Clara G, restaurant saleslady, age 21 IL; Walter W, painter, age 19 IL; Clyde W, banker, age 16 IL; Carl J, age 12

IL; Iva A Brenner (brother-in-law) age 35 PA; Renting, living on 1st was Wyatt H Brenner, age 37, b 6/1868 PA, mail carrier, m 3

yrs to Addie W, age 32, b 12/1874 IL; Living also on 1st, Daisy C Brenner, 35 PA, cook and saleslady at restaurant.

1920 Census Lostant, IL: James Henning, Public Roads Laborer, owned property on Thirds St free and clear, age 62, b PA; Anna M, wife, age

61, b PA; son, Walter W, House Painter, age 29, b IL: Carl J, Barber, age 22, b IL; Ira Brenner, bro-in-law, Telephone Laborer, age

50, b PA; and Daisey Brenner, Waitress in restaurant, age 45, b PA.


26. Catherine "Kate" C. Henning, b 11 September 1862/0 Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co PA; d 1 Feb 1952 Lostant, LaSalle Co IL; m 21 Dec 1882 Lostant, LaSalle Co IL to Moses Nelson Dugan, s/o Nelson (tombstone 20 Aug 1815-20 Nov 1894) & Mary A (14 Oct 1817-12 May 1893) Dugan, both bur Lostant IL; Moses, b 4 Jul 1859 Magnolia IL; d 18 Jan 1937 Lostant IL; both bur Hope Cem, Lostant IL; children:

261. William Frank Dugan, b c1884; died young bef 1900

262. Harry W Dugan, b 3 Sept 1886; d ca 1928/9

263. Mark N Dugan, b 1887 Lostant IL; Brakeman on railroad in 1910 Census

Ref: Tonica News: Mose was blind for last seven years. Came to Illinois 1878. Lived in Chicago for a few years

"Roll of Honor" Vol 2 R929.3773 IL6R: R.A. Dugan, Civil War Co C 64th IL, d 11 Apr 1869, bur Hope Lawn Cem Lostant, Lot 5 Blk 16 Lostant IL

"Records of Olden Times" by Spencer Ellsworth pg 659: Moses Dugan, The subject of this sketch is a farmer, located on Section 5, Magnolia Twp, though his PO address is Hennepin. Mr Dugan was born in Chester Co PA in 1820. With his parents he located when a child in Harrison Co OH where he resided until 1836, when he took up residence in this county. He owns 290 acres of Land in Putnam and 80 acres in LaSalle Co, and his farm is one of the neatest in the country.

1880 Census Magnolia Twp, Putnam Co IL: Moses Dugan, 60 PA, parents born IRE, probably a brother to Nelson.

1880 Census Lostant, La Salle, IL: Nelson Dugan, age 61, b 1819 Ire, Clerk in store; Mary A, age 61, b 1819 PA, keepinghouse

Check again 1900 Census Hope Twp LaSalle Co IL: Day Laborer

1910 Census Lostant, LaSalle Co IL: Mose N, Horseman, age 50 IL (fa. b IRE, ma. b GER), m 29 yrs, 3 ch, 1 living; Kate C, age 48 PA; Hank

W, age 23 IL

1920 Census Lostant IL, living on Grant St: Moses N Dugan, Horse Tender owning property free and clear, age 60, b IRE; Kate A, age 58 b PA


28. John A Henning, Railroad Laborer/Plumber with City Water & Light, b 29 May 1867 PA; d 9 Feb 1947 Lostant, LaSalle, IL; bur St John's Cemetery, Lostant IL; m 9 Jun 1888 Wenona, IL to Katherine "Kit" Agnes Seery, d/o Thomas Seery of Eng/Ire, b Apr 1869 IL (1880 census. Ire); d 1 Jan 1949 Lostant, IL; children:

281. Child

282. Mary Frances Henning, b Aug 1890/6 Lostant IL; d 1923 Washington IL; bur Lostant IL;

m Fred E Lechner, d c1940's;

2821. Jack Lechner, living in Ohio

2822. Eddie Lechner, d 15mo.

+ 283. Queenie Margaret Henning (See Lechner Family File)

Ref: Tonica News 14 Feb 1947

Tonica News Jun 10, 1938: Mr & Mrs John Henning married 50 years. They were married in Wenona on 9 June 1988 the dau. of Mr & Ms Seery.

Check again 1860 Census Phil PA, 298, 19 W Phil, John Henning

1880 Census at 437 Allen St, Phila. PA: John age 42 b PA and Catherine age 36 b IRE; children b PA: John age 18, Annie age 15, William age

12, Maggie age 9 and Sarah age 3

1900 Census Hope Twp, Lostant, IL: John A, age 33, b May 1867 PA; renting home; Catherine A, b Apr 1869 IL; Frances M, b Aug 1890 IL;

Queenie M, b May 1892 IL (Robert Doil & Charles Roberts, boarders).

1910 Census First St, Lostant, Hope Twp, IL: John A, Plumber City Water & Light, age 42, b PA, m 22 yrs, 3 ch, 2 living, Catherine A, age 39, b

IL; children: Mary F, age 19 and Queenie, age 17; Fancis I Cain, sister-in-law, age 34 IL

1920 Census Lostant LaSalle Co IL: John A age 52 PA and Katherine D age 50 IL living on Shendan St


29. Mary May Henning, b 3 Jan 1870 Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co PA; d 20 July 1952 Peru, LaSalle Co IL; m 26 Oct 1892 Ottawa, LaSalle Co IL (honeymooned at the Chicago's World Fair) to Mark Howard Bangs, Drygoods Merchant, partner in Merritt & Bangs, s/o Samuel Lyman and Margaret [Howard] Bangs of Marshall Co IL; b 25 Dec 1860 LaMoille, IL; d 4 Jul 1935 Streator IL; both bur Lostant IL; children:

+ 291. Marjorie Louise Bangs

292. Child, b 1901 and only lived for 2 days

+ 293. Dorothy Gail Bangs

294. Edward Howard Bangs, Grad. Ill. State Univ/U.S. Air Force WWII/Internal Revenue for 23

years/Postmaster 1963-73, b 30 Jul 1906 Lostant IL; d 17 Jan 1998 LaSalle County

Nursing Home, both bur Hope Cem-Lostant; late res of Lostant, IL; m(1) 24 Oct 1942

Palmyra MO to Jane L. Kidd, b 1915; d 1 Feb 1963; m(2) 2 Oct 1965 Ottawa IL to

Dorothy McMahon

+ 295. Frank Kendrick Bangs

Ref: "Past & Present of LaSalle Co, Illinois": (sic) "Samuel Lyman Bangs - Groveland Twp, farmer, sec. 8, P.O. Rutland; born in Hawley, Franklin Co., Mass., 11 Jul 1808; d 9 Dec 1898 Lostant IL; came to Illinois in 1845, and to LaSalle County in 1855; he had been a Justice of the Peace in Mich. for four years; Republican; Congregational Church; owns 100 acres of land valued at $5,000; m(1) to Mary H. , born in Chili, N.Y. in 1813, died 8 Jun 1842; m.(2) 3 Mar 1844 to Margaret Howard, born 5 Mar 1819 in Newburg, Lancashire Co., Eng; d 14 Jun 1907 Peru IL; has six children living: Fidelia A., b. 22 Mar 1837; Charles L., b. 14 Apr 1840-d. 8 Mar 1877; Mary H., b. 18 Apr 1842; Sarah A., b. 5 Apr 1846, m. 30 Dec 1925 Rutland IL to Amos Wilson Merritt; Amelia, b. 23 Dec 1848-d. 6 Mar 1854; Jennie C., school teacher, b. 16 Jul 1850 Lamoille, Bureau Co IL, m 4 Mar 1874 to Dr Albert Henry Hatton, descendant of Robert Burns of Scotland and a lineal descendant of Puritan Pilgrim Edward Bangs, who came to Plymouth colony on the ship Anne in 1624; I. Edward, b. 18 Oct 1853; and Mark H., b. 25 Dec 1860. He was agent for Mark Bangs, a younger brother, in building five dwellings and purchasing about $100,000 worth of railroad lands and breaking 800 acres of prairie. The speculation failed of success in the Revulsion of 1857."

"Biographical and Genealogical Record" pg 386-9, Hatton and Bangs family.

Tonica News from Jean Burger: (sic) "Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Merritt - Over Two Hundred Seated at the Banquet Tables in Honor of Event - Mr. Amos Wilson Merritt and Miss Sarah Bangs were married at the home of the bride's parents in Rutland with Rev. S.R. Belville as the officiating minister; Miss Hannah Merritt, a sister of the groom acted as the bride's maid, and Mr. Edward Bangs, a brother of the bride, was the groom's best man.

Many of the Lostant friends of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt had been thinking as the 50th anniversary of their marriage was on the 30th of December, 1925, that some suitable celebration of the event was the right thing to have - and Mrs. Mary Mortenson and Mrs. Marjorie Bryan proved the successful ones to plan for and carry out the details of the happy event. Mary is a born leader and our readers are acquainted with her successful management of many social affairs. Both of these ladies tell us they could not have made the "Golden Wedding" a success if it had not been for the willing help of a host of our people.

The new school gymnasium was selected as the best place in which to hold the celebration. The reception committee who met all at the door were Mr & Ms M H Bangs, Mr & Ms M Reynolds, and Mr & Ms I E Merritt......Miss Amanda Bell was the violin soloist accompanied by Mrs. Estella Bell." Sarah Bangs and Amos Wilson Merritt (of Merritt & Bangs Drygoods).

Lostant Tombstones 1998: Samuel Lyman Bangs, b Jul 11, 1808 Hawley MA, d Dec 9, 1898 Lostant IL with Margaret Howard, b Mar 5, 1810 Lancashire Eng; d Jun 14, 1907 Peru IL, came to Illinois 1845; Mark H Bangs 1860-1935 & Mary Henning Bangs 1870-1952; Edward H Bangs 1906-1998 & Jane L 1915-1963

1870 Census Groveland, LaSalle Co IL: Samuel Bangs, age 62 MA, Farmer, property value $2500, personal property $1,000; Margaret, age 51

ENG; Sarah 24 IL; Jennie 20 IL; Joseph 16 IL; Mark H 10 IL.

1900 Census Hope Twp, Lostant, LaSalle Co IL: Mark H Bangs, age 39, b Dec 1860 IL and Mary Bangs, age 30, b Jan 1870 and dau, Marjorie,

age 6, Jun 1893 IL were living with Marjorie Henning and her son, Wyatt, Tinsmith age 45 b. PA) Then her mother lived with Mary

until her death.

1910 Census Lostant, Hope Twp, IL: Mark H, Gen. Merchant, age 49, b PA (fa. b MA, ma. b ENG), m 18 yrs, 4 ch, 3 living; Marjorie H, age 40

PA; Marjorie L, 16 IL; Dorothy G, 7 IL; Edward H, 3 IL; Wyatt Henning, 45 PA. Wyatt also living in 1910 with the Henry C Barton


1920 Census Lostant IL: res Third St, Mark H Bangs, Grocery salesman, age 59, b IL (parents b MA & ENG); Mary H age 50, b PA; Dorothy G

age 16; Edward H age 13; Kendrick age 5 and Wyatt Henning, bro-in-law, Plumber, age 55, b PA.


30. Margaret "Maggie" Henning, b 19 Sept 1872 Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co PA; d 7 Jan 1911 Nelson (near Dixon), IL of cancer; m 16 Oct 1890 (near Dixon,) Cook Co IL to Charles Orville Dean, son of Stephen Dean, living aft 1911.

301. Stephen Ole Dean, d at age 19 Dixon, IL about 1910/11

Ref: 1850 Census Tonica, LaSalle Co IL: William Henning, age 22, b IRE, Farmer; Margaret age 22, b PA; Thomas, age 2, b PA; Hugh, 1mo, b IL

Check 1900 Census

1910 Census Bloomington, McLean Co IL age 60 living alone; Brother, Ole B. Dean died in Freeport, IL May 1930. He was born 8 Aug 1872

Golden City, MO.

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