The Class of 1929-1930, Hennepin High School, Hennepin, Illinois

Contributed by Neil

Fern G. Seibert

Cecilia Stoens

Robert Reavey

Robert Newcomb

Maurice Reynolds

Henry Henning

It comes from my mother in law, Fern (Seibert) Paganelli, who is 93. She made the student identification key some years ago. I think there's only one student she didn't know. Fern grew up in Florid, later lived in Granville and moved to California after marriage. -- Neil

James Stoens

Huck Hamm

Lillian Hamm

Anna Mekley

Mrs. Dean
(History Teacher)

Mr. Lovell
(Science Teacher)

Mr. Wilson

Laura Reavey

Rebecca Hanson


Art Newcomb

Walter Colby

Irvin Casey

Elsie Gandolfi

Esther Kofoid

Mary Lecki

Elinor Watts

Marge Hamil

? Newcomb

Royal Clemens

Mary Pucci

May Peterson

Fred Bush (Custodian)

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