Sprinkleburg School - 1896

Not sure of who all is in the picture.  The student with the blue X above her is my great-grandmother Lillie (Beck) Daily (age 10).  The littlest guy in the front row,  right of sign holder is Robert Dinkey (age 9), nephew of Lillie.  They called him "Little Rob" all of his life (I can see why).  

Joseph Beck worked for Simon Beck, and the school was located on his property. Some of the other families in that area at that time were Dagger, Shepherd, Newburn, Ford, Newport, Kays, Brenneman, Worrell, Hegeler, Culter and others.  If anyone knows the names of the remaining students, please email me and let me know.


Myron Clemens writes, "In this photo the one holding the slate is my father- Clarence Clemens born Nov.1 1890, on the far left is his older brother- Ivan born January 1888. In this photo identification of Ivan would be impossible for anyone not familiar with the photo."

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