Magnolia Illinois School Photos

Photos Contributed by Rick Vest

Student Names Transcribed by Rick Vest - Contributed by Stella Travis

Rick writes - " I spent some time with my aunt (Stella Travis in the pictures) and by using the 1920 and 1930 census to help jog those old memories, she came
up with a fairly complete list of names. None of the names had been written down and I was amazed at how much she remembered. She said the music group was the Magnolia High School Orchestra and that she and her best friend Janey Kidd also played, even though they were still in grade school. I used a single question mark to indicate uncertainty and double question marks if either the first or last name was not remembered. Spelling may not be exact."

Magnolia School Grades 3, 4 and 5 in 1926-1927 school year

BOTTOM ROW 1 (left to right)
Dale Sammons, Walter McKirgan, William Chestnut, Wallace Dean, Glenn Lee, Bertha Buell, Julia or Olive Dagner, Dean King, Ardell Himmelrick, Jack Calhoun, UNKNOWN, Gladis Travis, Virginia Reska, Hollis Frasier?
ROW 2 (left to right)
Virginia Zenzen, Verna Bishop, Henrietta Hefner, Dorothy Formals, ?? Dagner, May Hauger, May Eddingfield, Stella Travis, Georgia Davis, Virginia Davis, Mildred Ahlstrom, Elnora Titus, Alta Forest, Marjorie Formals, Delores ??
ROW 3 (left to right)
Luther Hauger, Murray Hauger, Louis Hauger, UNKNOWN, Keith Morphew, Thomas McGahey?, ?? Reaska, Robert Martin?, Eugene Bickerman, Clarence Donoho.
TEACHER: Florence Westerlund

Magnolia High School Orchestra

BOTTOM ROW 1 (left to right)
Martha Chestnut, ?? Hefner, Janey Kidd (grade school student), Martha Ward, Tosie? Hefner, UNKNOWN, Dorothy McKirgan
ROW 2 (left to right)
Wesley Formals, Alice Sivell, Stella Travis (grade school student), UNKNOWN, Alice Ward, Darrell Morphew, Fred Defenbaugh (a teacher)
TEACHER: Lela Barlow

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