The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

W. B. Barmore (Walter B. Barmore)

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. Barmore is a stock dealer and the proprietor of a meat market in Hennepin. He was born in New York in 1818 and located in Hennepin in 1852. He commenced business in January 1853 and has continued in business since. He married Miss Henrietta V. Anderson, who was a native of N.J. They have three children, Watterilla, Edward II. And Henry C. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. and a Mason, and is the longest established butcher in Hennepin.

Ira Barnhart

Page 674 Senachwine Township

Mr. Barnhart was born in Marshall county, January 11th, 1836, and was a son of Peter and Ann Hines Barnhart, who were among the early settlers of the township. March 29, 1865, he married Sarah Frances Sheldon, daughter of A.M. and Mary J. Brightman Sheldon, who were from old New England stock. Mr. Sheldon, a carpenter by trade, was a native of Providence, and Mrs. Sheldon of Fall River, Mass. They came West and located three miles south of Tiskilwa, Bureau county, pursue farming as an occupation, and own about five hundred acres of land. To Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart have been born four children, two of whom are living, Hattie and Charles Albert. The deceased are Henry and Jennie Maud.

William Barnhart

Page 679 Biographical Department

Mr. Barnhart was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, June 25th, 1829, and is a son of Peter and Ann Hines Barnhart who came to the state in 1831 and located at first near Lacon, then called Columbia. At that time there were but few white settlers in those parts. While hunting one day he discovered two dead Indians sitting side by side upright within a small fenced enclosure. He lived there about three years. During the Black Hawk war he served as captain, for which he received a patent of 160 acres of land from the government. His occupation was that of a farmer, although possessed of the genius of doing all things with facility. At one time he owned about a thousand acres of land in Senachwine township. Had nine children - seven sons and two daughters - Martha, now Mrs. Hoselton, of Adams county, Iowa, James of Clinton county, Iowa, John, of Senachwine, Wesley, deceased, Ira and Asa, twins; Ira resides in Senachwine and Asa in Colorado. Mary Elizabeth died January 26, 1864. Mr. Barnhart died December 23, 1879, aged 82. Mr. William Barnhart grew up, followed the occupation of his father and resides on the old homestead. He made a prospecting tour to the Rocky Mountains and was one of the so-called "fifty niners". He enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, in the 113th Regiment of Ill. Volunteers, assigned to the Army of the Tennessee, served three years and was musterd out in Memphis, Tenn., at the close of the war. Was married Oct. 1878, to Martha Jacobs, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Scott Jacobs, of Mendota, Ill. Has two children, Clara May Umponhour and Frank Koestner.

Martin Bauman

Page 646 Hennepin Township

Mr. Bauman is a manufacturer and dealer in furniture and a Prussian by birth, having been born in the principality of Hesse-Damstadt November 24, 1819. Finding little chance for a man to rise in the old world he determined to emigrate to the United States, and landed at New York April 14, 1851. He worked at his trade there four and a half years and came to Hennepin in 1856, where he established himself in business and has continued it ever since. In 1855 he was married to Miss Anna Reinhardt, in Columbia county, New York, a citizen of his native place, to whom have been born two children, Mary and Philip. Before coming to this country he served six years in the army.

From Gudrun A. Bernhard
You may be interested in correcting a little spelling error in the name of one of my relatives in the following text on Martin Bauman, page 646. Martin Bauman's wife Anna [Maria] is related to me and her maiden name was Bernhard (or Bernhardt) - not Reinhardt.

Lewis I. Beck

Page 656 Magnolia Township

Mr. Beck is a farmer of section 15 his post-office being Clear Creek. He was born in Muskingum county Ohio, in 1818 and located in this county in April 1831. Nov. 18, 1841, he married Cynthia A. Winters, who was born in Miami county Ohio. They have seven children living, Harrison W., Lewis M., Stella A., Mary I., Lenora, Harry E. and William E. Harrison W. served three years during the war of the rebellion in the 124th Ill. Volunteers and afterwards located in Butler county, Kansas, serving one term in the legislature from that county. Mr. Beck owns 140 acres of land in his homestead farm.

Fred T. Beers

Page 664 Granville Township

Granville, Putnam County, Illinois

J.G. Bell (John G. Bell)

Page 651 Hennepin Township

This gentleman, senior member of the firm of Bell & Son, millers, of Hennepin, was born in Chester county, Pa., in 1829. He located in this county in 1856, followed farming one year, and then moved to Ottawa, where he engaged in the milling business until the spring of 1879, when he and his son took the Union Mill of Hennepin, put it in thorough repair, and are now successfully running, with a capacity of sixty barrels per day. In 1854 Mr. Bell married Mary Henning, a native of Ireland. They have six children, Alfred, Ada, George, Anna, Cora, and Jane. Mr. B. is a member of the Lutheran church.

W. S. Benedict (Winfield S. Benedict)

Page 644 Hennepin Township

Mr. Benedict is a successful farmer, who was born in Marion township, Linn county, Iowa, in 1848, and came to Putnam county in 1878. In January of that year he married Ada Wilde, who was born in this county in 1854. They have one child, Lyman E. They own 254 aces, which under his energetic management, is being put in first-class condition. They also have an interest in the unsettled estate of Mr. Benedict, grandfather of Mr. W. S. Benedict.

Richared Bentley

Page 648 Hennepin Township

Mr. Bentley is a barber and hairdresser in the city of Hennepin, where he was born in 1855. He has been engaged in business for himself since 1877. In 1876 he married Carrie Kessling, a native of Harrisburg, Pa. They have two children, Mary and Della. Mr. Bentley is a son of William and Cerena Bentley, who came to Hennpin in 1861. He is an industrious and enterprising young business man.

W. H. Bently (Weslie H. Bently)

Page 651-652 Hennepin Township

Mr. Bently was born in Bond county, Ill., in 1845, and came here in 1850. IN 1863 he enlisted in Co. H., Twentieth Illinois Volunteers, and served until the end of the war; was wounded at the battle of Peach Tree Creek, Georgia, and sent to the hospital. After the war he returned to Hennpin, and married Jennie Campbell in 1867. She died in January, 1869. He established his present business in March, 1879, and has been very successful thus far, proving that good soldiers usually win success in whatever they undertake. It should be stated that Mr. Bently enlisted when but eighteen years of age.

John Pierce Blake

Page 669-670 Granville Township

The subject of this sketch was born in Warwick, Franklin county, Mass., July 2, 1803. He attended the ordinary schools of the place, and after two years of preparation at the academy in Mendon, N.H., he entered Amherst College, but severe attention to studies ruined his health and compelled him to leave after three years study. He chose surveying as a profession and removed west at an early day, and was appointed trustee of school lands by the circuit court of Putnam county in 1833. He was also elected trustee of Granville township school funds, which position he held until 1877. Was commissioned judge of probate court in 1833, was appointed deputy surveyor in 1836, and served either as official or deputy surveyor up to 1867, and was actively engaged in the business 31 years, until obliged by increasing infirmities to discontinue his labors.

Has been twice married, his first wife being Zilpah Atwood, whom he wedded July 11, 1833. She was born in Warwick, Mass. They had eight children, John A., Asson A (killed in the Confederate army in East Tennessee), Mary A. (Mrs. Dahl), Edward E., Theodore D., Ellen C., Amelia nd Jeannette. Mrs. Blake died March 8, 1845. In 1847 he married Mary Smith, his present wife, born in Lancaster county, Pa., 1823. They have five children, Kersey S., a graduate of Oberlin College, and now a teacher in a school for boys in New York; Martha D., a graduate of the Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia; Orella, a graduate of Wheaton College; Ellen C. and Theda Pierce.

Mr. Blake has been a prominent member of society in church and school for many years, has been actively connected with Sabbath schools all his life, and having performed his full duty is ready to lay aside the harness when his Master calls. He gave his children the benefits of a thorough education and provided for them in other ways. Few men can show a more honorable record than he

W. S. Bosley  (William Springer Bosley)

Page 638

Mr. Bosley, farmer and postmaster at "Cottage Hill", was born in Uniontown, Fayette county, Pa., in 1833, and located in Putnam county, April 5, 1851. October 31, 1858 he married Miss Mary D. Nesmith, a native of the same county in Pennsylvania as himself. They have seven children, Thomas N., Nannie H., Lizzie M, Rebecca S., Minnie May, James Harry and Carl Edwin. Himself and family are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian church os which he has been an elder since 1860. He is secretary of the magnolia Township Insurance Company, Vice President of the County Musical Association, and Road Commissioner. He is an extensive stock dealer, and "Cottage Hill" is a delightful residence, complete in all its appurtenances.

John Bosst

Page 636

The subject this sketch is a farmer, born in Germany in 1820, and emigrated to this country in 1864, settling in Putnam county. His wife was formerly Miss Lucy Trierweiler. She also was born in Germany. They have two children Theodore and Nicholas and own a good farm of 80 acres, well improved. Are members of the Catholic church of Hennepin

Abner Boyle

Page 658 Magnolia Township

Mr. Boyle is a farmer living on section 22. His Post Office is at Clear Creek; was born in Beford county, A., in 1808. He moved to Madison county, Kentucky, with his parents in 1810, and to Todd county in 1815. He moved to Putnam county, Ill., in 1829, and located in Magnolia. He married Matilda Wilson in 1831, who was born in Kentucky. They have five children, William A., Caroline (Griffith), Edward H., A.T. and Virginia. He was the first postmaster in Putnam county, which was located at Magnolia. He has served as assessor and supervisor. He owns his home farm 190 acres of improved land, 60 acres of timber and 600 acres in La Salle county.

Huldah Boyle

Page 645 Hennepin Township

Mrs. Boyle is the widow of Burns Boyle, who died in 1860, leaving five children, their names being as follows: Albert, Joseph, Emery, Isaac, and Emily. Isaac lives at home with his mother, and manages their farm of 183 acres, which he has brought under a high state of cultivation. He was born in this county in 1857.

Julius Brenneman

Page 666 Granville Township

Mr. Brenneman represents a well known family, often met in the annals of Putnam county. He was born in Germany but came here with his parents when three years old and was reared and educated in this county. In 1875 he married Emma Reinhardt, born in this county, and to them has been born one child, Myra, in 1877. He is a farmer by profession and is enterprising and industrious.

Leland Broaddus

Page 635

Mr. Broaddus is a farmer living on section 23. He was born in Caroline county, Va., in 1826. In 1835 he, with his parents, located in Marshall Co., and in 1849 removed to Putnam. In 1851 he married Harriet Crane, who died in 1858, leaving two children, Lundsford T. and Hervey E. He married Susan Case, a native of Indiana, and his present wife, in 1859, three children being the result of this union. John L., Irving, and Clara. Mr. B., is a member of the Baptist church and a school trustee. He owns 320 acres, mostly under cultivation, with good improvements.

William H. Brock

Page 640 Hennepin Township

Mr. Brock is a wagon-maker, living in Florid. He was born in Rockingham county, Va., in 1836, and came to Putnam county in 1878. In 1870 he married Catharine Nixon, to whom four children have been give, viz., Nannie, David, Louis and infant not names. Both himself and wife are members of the Dunkard church. He is a hard working man and good mechanic, owning two houses in townk, a large outfit of tools, etc., and does all kinds of repairing and spring wagon work.

Samuel Brown

Page 667 Granville Township

Mr. Brown is a retired farmer, living in Granville, who was born in Lexington, Ky., in 1799. He removed to this county in 1835 and engaged in farming. In 1821 he married Lavina Akers of Shelbyville, Ky., who died in 1845, leaving eleven children, viz., Martha, William M., Sarah, Mary, Anna, Nancy, Lavina, Prudence J., Louisa, Achas, and Albert. Albert died in the army from wounds received in the battle of Franklin; William M. from disease contracted in the service, and his son Marion was killed in action. Besides his two sons, three grandsons lost their lives in defense of their country. Who can show such a record? All of the remaining children but one are married.

Christian Bruder

Page 665 Granville Township

Mr. Bruder is a blacksmith living in Granville. He was born in Germany in 1828, came to the United States in 1852 and located in Granville. He has followed his trade continuously since coming here. In 1872 he married Barbara Mea, also a native of Germany. By this marriage Mr. Bruder has three children, Leonard, Lena and Fritz, and two by a former marriage, Mary and Theodore. Himself and wife are members of the Lutheran church. He owns 240 acres of land in Livingston county and his residence, shop and one block in Granville.

John Brumfield

Page 642 Hennepin Township

Mr. Brumfield is a farmer, who came from Wayne county, Indiana, where he was born in 1831, coming here with his parents when one year old, and has ever since lived in Putnam county. In 1862 he became a soldier, enlisting in Company E., One hundred and twenty-fourth Illinois volunteers, and serving until mustered out at Chicago in 1865. Returning from service he married Margaret Markley, born in Missouri, and to them have been born three children, viz: Cora, Jessie and Mary. Mrs. B. is a member of the M. E. church. They own a fine farm of one hundred acres, well improved. Mr. B. is industrious, careful and thrifty.

Mrs. Mattie Brumfield

Page 643 Hennepin Township

Mrs. Brumfield, widow, was born in Putnam county. She married Mr. Augustus Brumfield in December 1869. He was a native of Wayne county, Indiana; went to California in 1850, and remained until 1866, when he returned and located in this county. He died April 28 1869. Mrs. Brumfield is a daughter of Mr. William Allen, of Hennepin. She is a lady of unassumed delicacy, and is deeply grieved by her great loss in the death of her late husband. She owns over 200 acres of land in the neighborhood of Hennepin, the county seat of Putnam county.

John Bunges

Page 645 Hennepin Township

Mr. Bunges is a farmer, living on section 36, Hennepin township. He was born in Luxenburg, Germany in 1828, and came to this country in 1852, locating at Aurora, Illinois, from whence he came to Putnam county in 1856. He was married to Susannah Bedesheim (born in Prussia) in 1857, by whom he has four children, August, Maggie, Mary and Lizzie. They are members of the Catholic church of Hennepin, and own eighty acres of land.

G.R.S. Burney

Page 646 Hennepin Township

Mr. Burney is proprietor of the leading confectionery, oyster and ice cream saloon in the place, established in 1879. He is a son of W.H.G. Burney, a well known printer and editor of marked ability, who died in 1869. Mr. B. keeps a large supply of fruits, nuts, oysters, candy, cigars and tobacco, and his rooms for ice cream and oyster parties are elegantly furnished.

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