The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Barnerd Caley

Page 644-645 Hennepin Township

Mr. Caley is a farmer of Hennepin township and was born in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania in 1840. In 1861 he enlisted in company C. of the 1st Lancaster Light Artillery and participated in much of the heavy fighting of the peninsula. Owing to wounds received in action he was discharged at Harrison's Landing July 20th, 1863, and returned home. Feb. 20th he enlisted in the cavalry and became a member of company G. of the 20th Pennsylvania cavalry, serving until the close of the war. When mustered out of the artillery he was orderly sergeant and his commission had been made out as Lieutenant. He was 1st duty sergeant in the cavalry. After the war was over he married Fannie Ellinger in 1867 and turned farmer. She was born in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania.

John Carothers

Page 644 Hennepin Township

Mr. Carothers is superintendent of the Putnam county poor house which he manages to the satisfaction of those concerned. He was born in Canada in 1825 and moved to Boston, Mass., where he lived several years, emigrating to Putnam county in 1866. In 1859 he married Mary Ann Buchanan of Boston, to whom one child, James A., was born. Mr. C. and wife are members of the M. E. church. Mr. C. attends the county farm of thirty acres paying a rental of $155 yearly, and furnishes the paupers board at an agreed on price, the county providing suitable quarters.

O.P. Carroll

Page 674, 677 Senachwine Township

This gentleman was born at Sheffield, Bureau county, Feb. 23, 1845. Moved to Annawan, Henry county, about the year 1850. Lived on a farm in that county until 1861, and at that time engaged in the grocery business at Annawan, in which business he continued until the spring of 1863, when he again engaged in farming until March, 1867, and then engaged in the lumber business with his brother C. W. Carroll, at Chillicothe, Peoria county. Married Miss Clarissa F. Buttemore, of Annawan, Oct. 26, 1868. In February, 1872, sold out his lumber interests and engaged in the grain business at Green River, Ill. At that place his wife died June 15, 1873. Was appointed agent for the C. B.I. & P.R.E. Co. at Green River, Nov. 1, 1873. Married Miss Jennie M. Overmyer, of Henry county, Dec. 26, 1875. In February, 1876, resigned his position as R.R. agent at Green River and was appointed at Putnam Station, Putnam county. Here he engaged in the grain and R. R. business. October 1, 1876, was reappointed agent at Green River, and since that date has been engaged in the grain and R.R. business at Putnam and Green River Stations. Is serving his second term as supervisor of the town of Senachwine, and at the present time is school director of district No. 4, township No. 14. Has one child - Lotta.

Judge Augustus Cassell

Page 637

Augustus Cassell, ex-County Judge is a comfortable farmer and mechanic living on Section one. He was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in 1913, coming west in 1836 and settling in Putnam County. His wife mary Ann Baer to whom he was married November 14, 1833, she being also a native of Lebanon. They have seven children living: John H., William B., Sarah A., Alison K., Rufus L, Mary Ellen and Isadora. Both himself and wife are respected member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Cassell was a cabinet maker by trade and very ingenious in the use of tools. For several years he owned and ran a steam mill and was once in the mercantile business in Florid. During the war he sent three sons to the army, one of whom, John H. ran the Vicksburg Blockade, served as a scout and spy for nine months, visiting the rebel camps as a spy. He served three years and then re-enlisted and remained until the close of the war. He was in the Twentieth Illinois Calvary. Mr. Cassell was elected County Judge in 1872, and again in 1876, and was justice of the peace for seven years. His life has been long, honored, and useful.

Joseph Cassell

Page 638

Mr. Cassell is a veteran farmer on Section 22. He was born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania in 1815 and located in this county in 1837, where he worked at his trade as blacksmith for 9 years. He discontinued this work in 1850 and went to farming, which he had continued since. He married Miss Sara Lynch in 1833. She was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and died in 1845, leaving 5 children. Edwin, Esther A., Calvin, Ephraim, Philip A. He was again married to Miss Laura Bosley in 1847 by whom he had four children, Sara, Emma A., Jenny and Sidney. He is an influential member of the Lutheran Church and was a school director about 12 years and a road master 13 years. He had three sons in the army. Ephraim veteranized and was captured at Altoona. He was twice wounded and was one of the first on the ramparts in the assault upon Vicksburg.

William H. Casson

Page 652 Hennepin Township

Mr. Casson is a native of Pennsylvania, was born in Brownsville, Fayette county in 1838. Since 1848 he has been a citizen of Putnam county where he obtained his education. He is a lawyer by profession, having been admitted to the bar in 1871. In 1862 he married Mary McMahon and to them have been born two children, Margaret L. and Robert O. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. In 1864 he was elected circuit clerk and served two terms. In 1872 he was elected State's attorney for four years and re-elected in 1876. He is a lawyer of acknowledged ability, a good counselor and has a patronage that is constantly increasing.

D. L. Child (David L. Child)

Page 670 Granville Township

Mr. Child (deceased) was born in Windsor, Vt., in 1818. He came to Putnam Co. in 1836, and purchased the place where he afterward lived in 1841. Two years previous he married Margaret L. Dysart, born in York county, pa., in 1813, and there was born to them six children, Susan E., Clarinda, Lucinda, A.P., Kate L., and David W., the latter no longer living. A.P. married Miss Henshaw, a native of Athens county, Ohio, in 1872 and has three children, William L., A.B. and Edwin H. Mr. Child was a leading man in the community, served as justice of the peace many years, and held five offices at the time of his death. He presided at the Ramsay inquest when the latter was hung by a mob as detailed elsewhere. He served several terms as supervisor, and was a very popular auctioneer, in which capacity his son promises to excel him.

Henry Childs

Page 635

Mr. Childs is a farmer living on section 2, Hennepin Township. He was born in Lorraine, Germany, in 1829, and came to this country twenty years later, remaining a short time in New York State. In 1857 he married Mary Gashran, who was born in Summerhill, County Meath, Ireland, in 1837, and came to this country in 1856. They have five children - James, George H., Charles A., William and Mary J. Is a member of the Catholic church of Hennepin, owns 200 acres of land, with brick dwelling, and good improvements.

Michael Clamens

Page 639

Mr. Clemens is a citizen of Florid, born in Pennsylvania in 1806 and came to Putnam County in 1842. He is by trade a cooper and followed it for 15 years. When he turned farmer, for some time ran a threshing machine. He married in 1832, Miss Eliza Winters and is the father of three children, Mary, Peter and Eliza. His wife was born in Pennsylvania. Mr. Clemens was for sometime Post Master and is a member of the Dunkard Church. He owns 40 acres adjoining Florid and 4 houses in the village.

Jeremiah Clemens

Page 667 Granville Township

A farmer residing on Section 16. Post office, Florid. He was born in Lebanon county, Pa., in 1819, located in Rockingham county, Va., in 1835, where he married Elizabeth Brock, a native of that county, in 1843; in 1854 moved to Madison county, Ind., and thence to this county in 1865. They have eleven children living - George W., B. Franklin, John E., Samuel P., Sarah E., Jacob P., Mary A., William H., Charles A., Rebecca A. and Jeremiah, and one dead. Mrs. Clemens is a member of the German Baptist church. He has been a school director several terms. Owns 214 acres of improved land, and 464 acres of land in Roy (Ray) county, Missouri.

Theodore Classon

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. Classon was born in Prussia in 1844 and came to the United States in 1864, locating on section 12 of Hennepin township. Concluding it was good for man to be alone, he married Miss Christina Cleil in 1875. She was born in Bavaria, Germany. They have one child, William, born in Hennepin. Mr. C. owns and cultivates one hundred acres of land. Himself and wife are members of the Catholic church of Hennepin.

Hiram Colby

Page 663 Granville Township

Mr. Colby is a farmer residing in Granville. He was born in Gennessee county, New York in 1825, came West in 1855, located in this township and followed his trade of carpenter until 1870, since which time he has devoted himself exclusively to farming. In 1851 he married Miss Sophia E. Clark, a native of the same place as himself. She died in 1876, leaving four children - Newton H., Emma J., Archie L., and L. Isabel. In 1878 Mr. Colby married Mrs. G. A. Goldsmith (Wykoff), a native of Knox county, Ill. They are members of the Congregational church. Mr. Colby served his community as supervisor two years, and has been a member of the board of school directors some fourteen years. He owns 430 acres of land, all under cultivation, with good improvements.

Charles Coleman

Page 645 Hennepin Township

Mr. Coleman is a farmer, who was born in Huntington county, New Jersey, in 1817, and emigrated West in 1844, locating in this county. The gold fever of 1847, that carried so many men off, took him to California, where he remained four years. He married Jane L. Lane in 1845 the results of the union being five children, William S., John R., Richard S., and Charlie and Jennie (twins). Mr. Coleman has been very successful in his undertakings, has a pleasant home, and owns 390 acres of land; has seen much of the world, is a close observer and good judge of human nature.

William S. Coleman

Page 644 Hennepin Township

The subject of this sketch was born in Putnam county in 1845, and moved with his parents to California in 1847, being among the first emigrants to the "sunset lands." They journeyed with ox teams and their trip was long and eventful. On the way Mr. C. met with an accident, the consequences of which have followed him through life. The family returned from California in 1851 and in 1871 he married Margaretta Ranch by whom he has two children living, Francis M., and Albertus. Mr. Coleman owns 100 acres of land and his farm is under a high state of cultivation.

Samuel H. Condit

Page 673 Senachwine Township

Mr. Condit was born in New York city in 1831, and was a son of Courtland and Mary L. Teneich Condit. Mr. Condit, senior, was a merchant, dealing in groceries, on the corner of Broom and Bowery streets. Making a trip into Illinois and so far as Madison county in 1834, with the intention of locating, returned home and with his family came back in 1835, where he remained one year; thence moved to Putnam county in the autumn of 1836, and pursued farming until he died in August 1870. Mr. Samuel H. Condit remained on the farm with his father until he was married in 1865 to Rachael A. Bacon, daughter of Samuel C. and Deborah A. Morgan Bacon, of New York State. Mr. Condit has nine children - Martin L., Ann A., Pluma C., Charles R., Emma E., Minnie E., Belle M., Samuel C. B. and William B. Mr. Condit has held several offices of the town, as supervisor, town clerk, and at the present time is justice of the peace. It is due to Mr. Bacon, the father of Mrs. Condit, to state that as an old citizen of this place, form 1837 to 1869, he was largely interested not only as a landholder, but as a man who was identified in the welfare and prosperity of the place. He now resides in Austin, Minnesota.

Benjamin Cook

Page 645 Hennepin Township

Mr. Cook is a native of Dupage county, having been born in Joliet in 1862 and moved to Livingston county in 1869. From thence he went to Des Moines, Iowa in 1875 and came to Putnam in 1878. He married Miss Susan Dysart in 1875, a native of Putnam county, and to them have been born two children, Harvey and Burtie. Mr. and Mrs. Cook are members of the Methodist Episcopal church of Hennepin. Mr. C. cultivates 230 acres of land adjoining Hennepin.

Edward L. Cook

Page 672 Senachwine Township

Mr. Cook was born in Madison county, N.Y. in 1825. Was a son of Barnabas and Lydia Cook. Was married in 1847 to Letitia S. Trask, of New York, and have three children living - Martin W., Fred C., Walter E. Until 1848 was engaged in farming in Chautauqua county, N.Y. Then was engaged for four years in lumbering on the Western Reserve of Ohio. Returning to his old homestead, resumed his former vocation as farmer until 1860, when he moved west to his present home in Senachwine. Was among the first in building up the village. Entered the mercantile business and remained in it until 1865. Occupied various positions as express agent, insurance agent, etc., until 1871, when he was appointed postmaster. Has been justice of the peace, notary, etc.

J. M. Cowen (Jessie M. Cowen)

Page 640 Hennepin Township

Mr. Cowen is a prominent physician and surgeon of the city of Hennepin. He as born in Zanesville, Muskingum county, Ohio, in 1834, was a student in the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, from which institution he graduated March 2, 1858, and moved west, locating in Magnolia, June 1, 1858, where he engaged in the practice of his profession until September, 1862, when he entered the army as assistant surgeon of the Seventy-seventh Illinois Volunteers and continued in active service until February 1865. He served with General Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley, was for about ten months surgeon in charge of the Twenty-eighth Illinois and Twenty-third Wisconsin, was almost continuously on detached hospital duty, was in charge of the transfer of the wounded from temporary to permanent hospitals after the battle of Ceoar Creek, the occasion of Sheridan's celebrated ride, and was in charge of one hundred and twenty-five of the wounded after the battle of Winchester. September 27, 1860 he married Miss Amelia A. Dent, daughter of Judge Dent, of this county. She died November 3, 1875, leaving two children, Charles C. H. and Robert M. After his return to Magnolia, he continued his practice in that place until march, 1869, when he moved to Hennepin. Mr. Cowen is an Odd Fellow and a member of the Masonic order.

Jacob J. Croissant

Page 644 Hennepin Township

Mr. Croissant is a farmer and was born in Bureau county in 1849. He moved to Peru with his parents in 1852 where he resided until March 1879, when he purchased his present farm and moved to Hennepin. Married Miss Elizabeth Orth in 1869. He was born in Pennsylvania. They have three children, Caroline, Aramina and Annie. Mr. C. is a member of the German Benevolent society of Peru, of which he was secretary five years, up to March 1879. He owns 120 acres of land, well improved. He is a ship caulker by trade which he followed part of the time, and served several years in a store.

Asa Cunningham, J. P.

Page 640

Mr. Cunningham was born in Virginia in 1812, but was raised in Washington county, Pa., where he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner. In 1835 he came West and located in Magnolia, remaining there until 1862, when he was elected Sheriff of Putnam county, and removed to Hennepin, serving the county two terms in this position. In 1835 he married Mary Carpenter, a native of Lancaster, Pa. He has three children, S. H., George M., and F. W. Mrs. C. died in 1878. Mr. Cunningham has been Justice of the Peace six years and was collector four years. Both his sons, and William Rankin, his son-in-law, served in the army during the war of the rebellion, the latter being killed at the battle of Chattanooga

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