The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Peter and J. P. Dahl

Page 667-668 Granville Township

Mr. (Peter) Dahl is a Dane by birth: having been born in Denmark in 1838. He left his native country in 1861 and located in Granville in that year. His wife was formerly Mary Blake, born in Granville. They have three children - Nettie T., Mary L., Percy E., and are members of the Baptist church, of which he is one of the trustees, likewise a member of the town council three years. During the war he enlisted in the 104th Ill. Volunteers and was discharged through disability in 1863.

J. P. Dahl, a brother of the above, was born in 1822, came to the United States in 1866 and to Granville in 1879. He married Abigail H. Davis in 1868. They have one child, Adda J. He was formerly a shipwright and sailed in a Danish ship to Australia, where he followed mining several years and then made several voyages between Boston and China in an American vessel. Was shipwrecked on his last voyage and went to Vermont where he bought a saw mill, sold it in 1879, and with his brother went to keeping bees in Granville. They deal in Italian bees, hives and pure honey, at wholesale and retail.

D. W. Danley  (David W. Danley)

Page 640

Mr. Danley is a grain and product dealer in Hennepin, who was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, in 1820, and came to Peoria county in 1850. He engaged here in farming, and after six months removed to Marshall county, settling on the "Reeves" property, whose story is told in this work. He purchased the place from Benjamin Lombard. He ran the farm until 1868, and then sold it to other parties. He began the grain trade in Henry in 1857, building up a large and extensive business. In 1865 he built one of the finest warehouse on the river, with a capacity of 130,000 bushels, which he sold in 1869. In 1868 he built the fine residence now owned by Mr. Wright. He then went to Ohio Station, in Bureau county, and built another warehouse at Bradford, in Stark county, and ran both houses in connection with C. S. Loomis for two years. In 1873 he returned to Henry, and has been buying grain for Nicholson & Co., up to the present time. While the lock and dam were building, Mr. Danley furnished large quantities of timber for it. In 1847 he married Nancy McCoy, daughter of Col. John McCoy of Washington, Pa. She died in 1855. His present wife was Catherine A. Noe, of Elizabeth, N.J., whom he wedded in 1857. Three children are the fruits of this marriage, Eugenie N., born in 1860; Mary L, 1861; and Willie M., 1871. He was a supervisor of Whitefield and Saratoga townships for six years and in 1870 was elected supervisor from Henry, which office he held until his removal from the county in 1878. Mr. Danley has taken a prominent part in everything pertaining to public interests, discharging the duties devolving upon him to the entire satisfaction of the public.

Dr. Larned Davis

Page 659 Magnolia Township

The gentleman, postmaster at Palatine and a merchant, was born in Franklin county, Mass., in 1811, and located in this county in 1841. Sept. 5th, 1833, he married Mary Parmeter who was also born in Massachusetts, in 1814. She died July 29th, 1848, leaving five children, one of whom has since died. The living are John, Dwight, Otis and Mary. April 5th, 1859 Mr. Davis married Keziah Loughlin, a native of Brown county, Ohio. He has been in the mercantile business and occupied the position of postmaster since 1859. He owns 80 acres of land adjoining Palatine, beside his residence and business property. Mrs. D. is a member of the Congregational church.

Adam Deck

Page 651 Hennepin Township

Mr. Deck is a watchmaker and jeweler, born in Pennsylvania, and brought here by his parents in 1851. He was educated here, and likewise learned his trade, establishing himself in business in 1875. Few men are more competent to handle and repair fine watches and jewelry. He is conscientious in business, and personally attends to all matters. He carries a large stock of goods, is prompt, energetic, and will win success if any man can.

Henry Deck

Page 652 Hennepin Township

A prosperous merchant of Hennepin. Was born in Burke county, Pa., in 1838, and located in this county in 1852. He commenced business for himself in 1867. In 1866 he married Annie Ahmler, a native of Germany. They have one child, Minnie L. Mrs. Deck is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He carried a full stock of groceries and queensware and is one of the successful business men of Hennepin.

James Nevin Derr

Page 674 Senachwine Township

The subject of this sketch was born in Lancaster, Pa., June 22, 1853, in a house then owned by James Buchanan. His parents are natives of Pennsylvania, and his mother is a great-granddaughter of Gen. Jos. Reed, of Revolutionary fame. His father, the Rev. J. H. Derr, is a minister in the Reformed church of N. A., at present preaching at Williamsport, Pa. Mr. Derr served about tow and a half years in the regular army, and is a graduate of the Artillery School of U.S.A. at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Since his discharge from the army in 1874, he was engaged in the States of Pennsylvania and Ohio until 1877, when he came to this State, in which he is still engaged as teacher in the public schools. He was married December 29, 1875 to Julia a. Howarth, daughter of Thomas and Caroline Howarth, of East Norwalk, Huron county, Ohio. The other members of the family are two daughters - Julia Hays and Mabel.

John H. Dininger (Deininger)

Page 637

Mr. Deininger is a highly successful farmer living on section 36. He was born in Lebanon County, Pa in 1827 and settled in Putnam Co. in 1859. In 1850 he married Caroline Zimmerman, also a native of Pennsylvania and to them have been born 10 children, still living. vis. Emma, Sarah, Ella, Augustus, Kate, Lizzie, Johnas, Lincoln, Adam and William. He owns a fine farm of 100 acres under excellent cultivation with first class improvements.

Charles Dodd

Page 674 Senachwine Township

Mr. Dodd was born in Shenandoah county, Va., August 20, 1823; son of William and Mary Stump Dodd. In 1834 he moved to Warren county, Ohio, and came to Illinois in February, 1857, where he engaged in farming, which he pursued for fourteen year; then embarked in the grain, produce and general merchandizing business. Has held the offices of school trustee and school director. In September, 1857, he married Emily Perkins, daughter of Jesse and Amy Perkins, of Kentucky, pioneer settlers of Leeper township, Bureau county, at that time embraced in Putnam county. Mrs. Perkisn still survives, in a fair degree of health, at the advanced age of 78 years, and lives with her son Alvin, of this township. To Mr. and Mrs. Dodd have been born six children, four of which are living, Cyrena, Rachel, Alice, Mary E., and Henrietta. Cyrena, now Mrs. Albert Stickel, resides in this township. Mrs. Dodd died January 7, 1871. At the present time Mr. Dodd is out of business, except that of negotiating loans and trading in Western lands

Patrick Dore

Page 648 & 651 Hennepin Township

Mr. Dore is a native of County Kerry, Ireland, and came to Hennepin in 1850, having walked from Chicago to Peru, and traveled thence by stage. His destination was Peoria, but meeting with chance for an engagement with John Ware, proprietor of the hotel, he engaged at $8.00 per month, which was soon after raised to $10.00, and finally to $13.00. Though the wages were small, he was economical and saved his earnings, thereby laying the foundation of the very comfortable independence he now enjoys. After leaving there he engaged with Minihan & Simpson, lumber and grain dealers, with whom he stayed over four years. In 1858 he began business in a small way for himself, first familiarizing himself with its details and the wants of the public, and increasing it as his means allowed and the public demanded. His business today is second to none in Putnam county, and his great success is due to strict integrity, inflexible honesty with the public, square dealing and meeting his obligations promptly. Hi large store and warehouse are filled from cellar to garret with seasonable goods, one floor being devoted exclusively to the wholesale and retail sale of clothing; the main floor to dry goods, groceries and notions, and the basemetn to boots and shoes. In the decoration of his store Mr. Dore is unexcelled, his fine room setting off his rich goods to great advantage. His stock of clothing is not excelled west of Chicago. He owns 720 acres of land in this county, most of it under cultivation; 160 acres in Iowa, and city property in Nebraska. In 1857 he wedded Margaret Rooney, and they have four surviving children, John, Thomas, Margaret and Ellen. Mr. Dore and wife are members of the Catholic Church, and he is a respectable, public spirited citizen.

Henry Dose

Page 660 Magnolia Township

Mr. Dose is a farmer, living in Palatine. He was born in Alsace, France, in 1823, came to this country in 1847, and located in Putnam county in 1867. He married Miss Catharine Errick, a native of Bavaria, Germany, their union being blessed with seven children - Christiana, Philip, Theodore, Lawrence, Mary, Theresa, and Michael. They are members of the Catholic church. Mr. Dose owns 157 acres of land, all improved.

Elzy Downey

Page 654 Magnolia Township

Mr. Downey is a farmer, living in Magnolia township. He was born in Greenbrier county, Va., in 1810, and moved to Belmont county, Ohio in 1814, thence to LaSalle county, near Ottawa, in 1832, locating in Putnam county in 1838. He married Mrs. Nancy Johnston in 1838, who was born in Ross county Ohio in 1814. Mr. D. has one child by a former marriage, Robert; and Mrs. Downey one by a former marriage Sarah J. (Gowman). They are members of the Methodist church. Mr. D. is a man of diversified ability; in engaged in butchering part of the time, and has also run a cider mill for several years past; and was constable for two terms.

Jeremiah Drake

Page 677 Senachwine Township

Mr. Drake was born in Clinton county, Ohio, October 15, 1838. Son of Drury and Lydia Furguson Drake, who had born to them six children, four sons and two daughters, four of whom survive, namely: William, of Hennepin, Caleb, of Davenport, Iowa, Emily Haselton, of Cass county, Iowa and Jeremiah, who resides in Senachwine. Jas. P. Drake, a brother of the above, enlisted in 1861 in the 45th Reg. Ill. Vol., and died of fever in Alabama. William and Caleb served throughout the war, and were mustered out at the close. October 25, 1860, Jeremiah married Miss Cirena Perkins. Has three children living - William M., Ida May and Lillie Lu. He came west in 1845 with his parents and located in Bureau county, and in 1863 moved to Putnam county. Is a member of the Christian church of Senachwine.

Moses Dugan

Page 659 Magnolia Township

The subject of this sketch is a farmer, located on section 5, Magnolia township, though his post office address in Hennepin. Mr. Dugan was born in Chester county, Pa., in 1820. With his parents he located when a child in Harrison county, Ohio, where he resided until 1836, when he took up his residence in this county. He owns 290 acres of land in Putnam, and 80 acres in La Salle county, and his farm is one of the neatest in the county.

Dr. C. M. Duncan (Charles M. Duncan)

Page 641

This gentleman is a practicing physician and surgeon of Hennepin. He was born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1816, graduated from Beech Medical Institute in that city in 1837, and after practicing his profession in Philadelphia two years removed to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he also practiced two years. He then returned to Philadelphia. In 1842, at Louisville, Kentucky, he married Miss Jane E. Noxon, and in 1845 located in Hennepin. May 24, 1872, his wife died, leaving three children - Aspassia L., Zach. T., and Charles M. In 1875 he married Miss Vesta A. Turner, a native of Oxford county, Maine. He removed to Fairbury, Livingston county, Illinois, in 1868, but returned to Hennepin in 1870, since which time he has followed his profession successfully, securing an extensive and lucrative practice.

James Dunn

Page 667 Granville Township

Mr. Dunn is a mechanic, and was born in Washington county, New York in 1825. He came to Illinois in 1855, working in Granville at the carpenter and joiner business two years, and then embarked in the manufacture and sale of carriages, continuing it until 1870. He married Lydia L. Whiting, in 1858, and to them one child, Charles H. was born in 1866. All are member of the temperance organization, and active workers and promoters of the cause. He owns two fine farms of 160 acres each, under cultivation, also his residence in town and other property.

William Dunn

Page 665 Granville Township

This gentleman is a resident of Granville, and is engaged in the manufacture of carriages. He was born in Greenwich, Washington county N.Y. in 1828. In 1854 he came to Putnam county, remained one year and returned to New York. In 1863 he located here permanently, since which time he has been engaged in his present business. In 1868 he married Sarah M. McFarland, a native of Salem, N.Y. Mrs. Dunn is a member of the Congregational church. Mr. Dunn belongs to the Masonic order. He has been a member of the town council for several years, during the last two years occupying the position of president of that body. He owns a comfortable residence and shop. In 1864 he enlisted in the 139th Ill. Volunteer Infantry and served until the expiration of his term of enlistment. Was also deputy sheriff in Washington county, N.Y., before coming to this county.

James N. Durley

Page 653 Hennepin Township

Mr. Durley belongs to a family prominent in the history of Putnam county for enterprise and patriotism. He was born in 1837 and in 1864 enlisted in the Forty-seventh Illinois volunteer infantry, was captured at Gay's Landing on the Alabama River, and was mustered out at the close of the war. His present business was established in 1863. In 1871 he married Lucy Eddy, of Vermont, and they have one child, Mable, born in 1875. In business he is both energetic and conservative, pushing his enterprise, but keeping it well under control. Such men rarely fail.

Capt. Jeff Durley (Jefferson Durley)

Page 652-653 Hennepin Township

Captain Durley was born in Sangamon county, Illinois, December 7, 1822, and came to Putnam county in 1844, where two years later he married Eleanor Seaton, a native of Kentucky. Her parents died while she was young, and she fell to the care of an uncle, who moved to Indiana and subsequently to Illinois. They have five children, Leslie, Rosalie, Francis A., Helena and Annie. When the war broke out he was in the far west, but finding his services were demanded he came home, shouldered his musket, and enlisted as a private in the 139th Illinois volunteers. He was chosen captain, and his command designated as company B. the 139th was a "short time" regiment, and the term of enlistment having expired it was mustered out. Captain Durley next organized company I of the 47th regiment and was elected its captain. With this command he served until the close of the war, doing good service. They were mustered out at Demopolis, Alabama. In 1876 he was chosen circuit clerk, which he still retains. Mr. Durley is one of the solid men of the township, and is withal genial, obliging and popular.

P. B. Durley (Preston Bradley Durley)

Page 648 Hennepin Township

A native of this county, born in the village of Hennepin in 1839. He received his education at Wheaton college and during the last twelve years has been engaged in the mercantile business. In 1866 he married Miss Ada Unthank. She died in 1876, leaving one child, Ada Kate. July 29th, 1862 Mr. Durley enlisted in company E, 124th Ill. Volunteer Infantry and served as quarter master's sergeant during his term of service - three years, being mustered out at Chicago at the close of the war. In December, 1875, he received the appointment of postmaster at Hennepin, which position he still holds.

Williamson Durley

Page 639

The subject of this sketch is a farmer living on section 14, who was born in Colwell county, Kentucky, in 1810, and came to Sangamon co., in 1819, where he lived until 1831, when he emigrated to Putnam county, then recently organized. An uncle - John Durley, was associated with him, and together they embarked in the mercantile business, opening out a mile above the town. Their customers were principally Indians, though settlers were rapidly coming in. When the village was laid out they secured a lot and began the erection of a storehouse, to which they removed. In 1837 he purchased his present farm, and in 1844 retired from business and devoted himself to improving his real estate. His wife, whom he married in 1834 was Miss Elizabeth Winters, born in Monroe county, Ohio, in 1810. They have eight children, one of whom is a prominent lawyer at Lemars, Iowa. In politics Mr. Durley is a pronounced Republican, and has occupied advanced ground in politics, having been a leading member and organizer of the Union League. In pro-slavery times he was an active "free-soiler," in full sympathy with the leaders of the Liberty party, personally siding in the escape of fugitives. He has been actively engaged in public life. For many years he was county commissioner, served as internal revenue assessor from the beginning of the war up to 1865. He had been an active promoter of the educational interests of the township, serving in all capacities; has seraved as justice of the peace, is often called to administer on estates and settle differences between neighbors. During the rebellion he was chosen to fill the township quota of enlistments, in which he as assisted by William Allen; is reporter for the Agricultural Bureau at Washington, and his opinions upon farming matters are recognized authorities. In principle and practice Mr. Durley is strictly temperate and himself and wife members of the Congregational church of Hennepin. He owns one of the best farms in Putnam county, and takes pride in its management.

C. W. Dysart (Cornelius W. Dysart)

Page 669 Granville Township

Mr. Dysart was born on the place he now occupies in 1847, his father beoing one of the earliest settlers of Putnam county. His wife was formerly Mary E. Haywood, a native of Massachusetts. To them were born four children, Hannah J., Archibald H., Lucy M. and Joseph W. They are communicants of the Presbyterian church, of which Mr. D. is an influential member, being trustee and elder. He owns two hundred acres of land under good cultivation.

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