The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Otto Halbleib

Page 638

This gentleman is a thrifty farmer living on section 11. He was born in Baden, Germany, in 1823, and came to the United States in 1837, locating in this county. He was married to Mrs. Catherine Hartenbower in January 1852. She was born in Wertemberger, Germany in 1834. They have nine children, viz: Victoria, Adam, John, George, Frank, Clara, Casper, Annie and William. Mr. Halbleib is school director, and owns three hundred acres of land. He has been in the bee business ten years, and has now about two hundred and twenty-seven hives in his apiary and will save about two hundred pounds of honey this year. He is a kindhearted, hospitable man, smart and energetic.

Isaac S. Ham

Page 662 Magnolia Township

Mr. Ham is a farmer residing on section 17. Post office, Ox Bow. He was born in Kennebee, Maine, in 1807, moved with his parents to New York in 1811, thence to Adams county, Ohio in 1819, where Mr. H. remained until 1845, when he moved to this county, located on his present homestead, and built a water mill, which he has run up to the last year, cutting about two million feet of lumber. In 1849 he married Miss Maria Cynthia Murch, a native of Courtland county, New York, born in 1828. They have three children living, - Mary E., Harry C. and Wayne I. They attend the M. E. church, in the Sabbath school of which Mrs. Ham has been a teacher many years. She is a lady of refinement and intelligence, and a most pleasant neighbor. Mr. Ham is a millwright, and has built several mills in other sections of this state and Kentucky. He owns 122 acres of improved land, and has a very pleasant residence, romantically situated in the timber on Clear Creek, near Caledonia.

Philip Ham

Page 638

Mr. Ham, one of the farmers of this township, is a native of the state of New York, born in 1821, but came to this county when only ten years of age. In 1851 he married Sarah Bear, a native of Pennsylvania, born in Dauphin county, that state, in 1834. They have seven children, Luella F., Leoria Estella, Anna E., William S., Clara Bell, (deceased), David and Laura May. Mr. Ham is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. His farm embraces 145 acres of land.

James Hanning (Henning)

Page 667 Granville Township

A native of Ireland, born in County Antrim in 1826. In 1845 he immigrated with his parents and other members of the family to this country, locating first in Chester Co PA, whence he came to Putnam Co in 1849, returned to Penn., and located here permanently in 1855. He is a farmer, residing on Section 22, and owns 300 acres of land all under cultivation with good improvements, besides additional tract of 40 acres, which he recently purchased. He is one of the most enterprising farmers in the county.

James A. Harper

Page 666 Granville Township

Mr. Harper is yet a young man but a large farmer and extensive grower of fine stock. He was born in Granville township in 1852 and in 1879 married Mary Darley, likewise born in Hennepin township. He owns 320 acres of fine tillable land, and is a son of James and Nancy Harper, who came here in 1832 and began improving the place where they afterward lived. His father died when his son was but a few months old and his mother in 1852. He is one of the most prosperous young men in Putnam county.

Stephen Harrison

Page 668-669 Granville Township

Mr. Harrison is a native of Dauphin county, Pa., which seems to a furnished a liberal proportion of the citizens of Putnam county. He was born in 1824, came to the state in 1837, locating in Putnam county which has since been his home. In 1850 he married Mary E. Dunleavy, a man well known in the early history of the county*. They have ten children - Ellen F., Mary C., Charles D., Clara E., Jas. D., Olive N., Richard H., Hattie V., Gracie F. and Stephen R. Are members of the Congregational church in Granville in which Mr. Harrison has served as deacon for many years. He owns 368 acres in his home farm under thorough cultivation and 124 at Union Grove. Mr. Harrison's fine residence is very pleasantly located and the country surrounding is singularly beautiful.

(*Possibly her father?)

Joel Hawes

Page 655 Magnolia Township

Joel Hawes is a farmer residing on section 22, and one of the early settlers of Putnam county. He was born in Madison county, Va., August 15, 1796, moved with his parents to Clinton county, Ill., in 1805 and thence to Putnam county in 1838. In 1824 he married Elizabeth Gibson, a native of Kentucky. Their children are Mary A., Thomas, Elizabeth (deceased), William, John, Sarah, Eunice, George and Asa. Mrs. Hawes died in January 1874. He owns 193 acres of land part of which he entered in 1835. A portion of this is located in Roberts Tp., Marshall county, in section 3, range 1, west of the third principal meridian. In 1864 he married Mrs. Maud Gustav Otto, by whom he has five children, James, Helen, William, Maud and Grace.

John Hawes

Page 659 Magnolia Township

Mr. Hawes is a farmer, born in Clinton county, Ohio, who, along with his parents, came to Putnam county in 1838 and located in this township. His wife was formerly Ella Z. Kellar, born in Fayette county, Penn., whom he married in 1862. They have three children, John E., Mary L., and Lizzie H. Mrs. Hawes died March 13th, 1879. She was a very estimable woman and a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. Although a comparatively young man Mr. Hawes has been fortunate beyond the majority of persons, owning 300 acres of fine farming land in this county and Marshall, and a beautiful residence near Magnolia.

William Hawes

Page 654-655 Magnolia Township

Mr. Hawes has the honor of being the earliest living resident of the two counties. He was born Sept. 23 1800 in Orange county, Va., and with his parents moved to Warren county, Ohio in 1805, two years later to Clinton county and thence to Sangamon, ill., where he followed driving team until 1826, when he visited the lead mines at Galena, passing on horseback through Putnam co., and selecting the place he afterward made his home. The next year he returned, built a cabin and broke a piece of land and put in a crop of corn. James d. Willis was the next man to locate in the neighborhood and Lewis Bailey the third. When the Indians discovered Hawes' presence they warned him to leave, making dire threats of what the consequences would be in case he did not, but he refused to desert his property and was not molested. In 1823 he married Lucinda Southwick, a native of New York, who coam to Sangamon county, in 1816. She died July 4th, 1867. In 1868 he married Mrs. Louisa Moffitt and to them were born, viz: Andrew, Lillian, Mary, Clifford and Joel. When the Black Hawk war broke out he was chosen captain of a company of rangers who did scout duty but saw no real fighting. He has lead a long and active life and at the age of eight is smart and active like a man of forty. In his younger years he was a great traveler, having dug lead in Galena, gold in California, and silver in Mexico. He owns nearly two thousand acres of land in Putnam and Marshall counties and a half section in Minnesota, most of it under cultivation. The father of Mrs. H. came to Putnam county in 1848. She married Mr. Moffit in 1861 and he died the following year from wounds received in the army.

William Hawes, Jr.

Page 661 Magnolia Township

Mr. Hawes was born Clinton county, Ohio, in 1833 and came to Putnam county with his parents when five years old. In 1858 he married Ellen Klisbee, born in Lacon, by whom he has one child, now Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Hawes died in 1864. In 1865 he was married again to Mary J. Trone of York county, Pa. Mr. Hawes has served his township two terms as supervisor, has been a school director seven years, and is now serving as a member of the town council and President of the Board. He owns two farms, embracing 360 acres, with a fine residence and grounds adjoining town.

Chauncey D. Hawkins

Page 671 Senachwine Township

Was born in Wallingford, Rutland county, Vt., March 31, 1829. Son of Isaac B. and Betsey Hawkins, who moved to St. Lawrence county, New York in 1832, where they lived about twelve years, thence moved to Buffalo, N.Y, at which time Chauncey commenced his trade of carpenter and joiner. In the summer of 1847 moved to Lake county, Illinois and lived there six years. Thence to Clintonville, and in 1860 came to this town, where he still resides, carrying on his vocation of carpenter and joiner. Was married in June, 1849 to Christina Soule, daughter of William and Angeline Soule, of Antioch, Lake county, Ill. Has five children, Amanda, Rosemer, Nettie, William and Minnie. Amanda married Charles Grubbs, and Rosemer George Griswold. Both live in this township. Mr. Hawkins belongs to the Masonic order, and is a member of the Henry Lodge, 119, A.F.&A.M.

Henry and Jason L. Hawkins

Page 668 Granville Township

These individuals are farmers on Section 9, and their post office address in Granville. They were born in Vermont and settled in Whiteside county, Illinois, in 1855 and in this county in 1862. J. L. Hawkins married Lydia Harkness in 1867, born in New York. They have one child. Himself and father are in the creamery business and agents for Cooley's creamery. They make a very superior article of butter and are demonstrating that our rich prairies are just the places for dairying.

Simon Hedrick

Page 640

Mr. Hedrick is a merchant and farmer of Florid, who was born in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania in 1823, from whence he removed to Putnam county in October, 1850. For ten years he was a farmer, when he embarked in the lumber trade, and ran a saw mill for nine years. Began merchandising in 1871, and has followed it since. In 1852 he married Sarah J. Allen, a native of Pennsylvania. She died in August, 1864. There were born to them three children, who survive, George W., Thomas A. and John Wallace. Mr. Hendrick owns eighty acres of land adjoining the village of Florid.

Adam B. Henkins

Page 673 Senachwine Township

Mr. Henkins was born in Green county, Pa., in 1826, and was a son of Elijah and Elizabeth Brown Henkins. He came to Illinois in 1852, with his family, consisting of Rawley, Andrew P., Elijah, Christina, Catherine, Susan, Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha Jane, Mary and Amanda. Adam and Elijah reside in this township, and Rawley in Missouri. Mr. H. owns about 500 acres of land in this township. He was married in 1860 to Sarah jane Dawson, daughter of Mercer and Cassandra Dawson, of Monongahela county, Va. They have six children - Jahu, Commodore F., Jacob S., Adam, Miles W. and Susan L. All are at home or at school.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hiltabrand

Page 654 Magnolia Township

This lady, widow of George Hiltabrand, one of the pioneers of Putnam county, was born in Caswell county, N.C. in 1804. She was married in 1824, and in 1829 moved with her husband to the then almost unbroken prairie of this section. They located a claim on section 20, upon which Mrs. H. still resides. Mr. Hiltabrad died October 20, 1870, leaving ten children, viz.; Jerusha, Simeon C., Henry H., Edward C., Josephus, George W., Emily E., Benjamin F., Ella J. and Melissa A. Mrs. H. had been a member of the old school Baptist church since she was fourteen years of age. Her homestead farm comprises 340 acres of land. Her post office address is Caledonia.

Enoch F. Hinman

Page 667 Granville Township

Mr. Hinman is a native of Massachusetts, where he was born in 1813, and came to Illinois in 1849. In 1844 he married Paulina Ingersoll, born in New York. The fruits of this union were Geo. E., Albert F., Marshall, Ella and Lansing. Mr. H. had one son by a former marriage, who was killed in battle at the siege of Vicksburg the night preceding the surrender. Albert F. married Maggie Batten in 1877, born in Canada. They have one child - Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Hinman are members of the Congregational church, and have long resided in the neighborhood.

Abraham W. Hoagland

Page 679 Biographical Department

Mr. Hoagland was born in Readington, Huntington county, New Jersey, son of Dr. C. C. and Gertrude La Bagh Hoagland, who had eight children - Francis E., Anna M., John E., A. W., Lucy R., Nellie W., Hattie R. and Henry M. Frank resides in Council Bluffs, Ia., Anna M., now Mrs. James H. Smith, and John in Jackson county, Kansas and Lucy R. in Yuma county, Arizona and is a teacher. The other children live at home with their mother. Dr. Hoagland died in March, 1868, in Iowa where he was employed as state agent of the American Bible Society. He was a man of great energy in every vocation of life. Was state superintendent of schools in New Jersey. Was editor of a weekly journal published in the town of Hennepin. Abraham W. enlisted in Co. I., 47th Regiment Ill. Volunteers in the last year of the war, and was mustered out in December, 1865, at Springfield, Ill. His brother Frank, enlisted at Maros, Macon county, this state, and entered the army in the department under General Grant. All came home about the same time, having served their country faithfully and honorably. Abraham carries on the farm of 120 acres. Has served as school director.

Peter Hollerich

Page 637

Mr. Hollerich, a resident of the city of Hennepin, was born in Luxemboug, Germany, in 1846. In 1871 he came to the United States, and located in Hennepin shortly after his arrival in this country. In 1877 Mr. Hollerich married Miss Mary Sontag, a native of Mendota, Ill. They have two children, Colonel and William. Mr. H. and his wife are members of the Catholic church.

John Holly

Page 669 Granville Township

Mr. Holly lives on section 38, in Granville township. He was born in Germany in 1822 and emigrated along with his parents to this country in 1832, living in Butler county, Ohio until 1840, when he came to Putnam county. In 1855 he married Eliza Noffzinger, a countrywoman of his who bore him seven children, Emma, Helen, Albert, Theodore, Ida, Charles and William. He has served several years as school director, and owns a finely cultivated farm of 110 acres. He is an intelligent and enterprising German American.

Theodore Holly

Page 666 Granville Township

Mr. Holly is a farmer and drain tile manufacturer, whose residence is in Granville township, and his post office Peru. He was born in Butler county, Ohio in 1845, came to this county in 1849 with his parents, and married Miss Bertha Brenneman in 1869. They have five children, Julius D., Willie, Eliza H., Laura H. and Clara M. Seeing the great advantage of thorough draining, and finding by experiment his farm was underlaid with clay of remarkable tenacity and adaptability he embarked in the business of manufacturing, and turns out a large amount yearly, acknowledged to be without an equal in the vicinity.

William Wheeler Holmes

Page 658-659 Magnolia Township

Mr. Holmes was born in Herkimer county, New York, in 1806, but spent the most of his life in New York city. While here he was engaged in mercantile enterprises that took him over all parts of the Union, an enabled him to make the acquaintance of most of the leading men. He has a vast store of information, and is an entertaining and instructive talker. In 1853 he came to Magnolia, and his pleasant residence, one mile west of town, has since been his home. In 1829 he wedded Julia P. Vivort, who died in 1848, leaving him eight children, viz., Mary L., William B., Percelia V., Vernon, Julia R., Lawson C., Geo. N. and Grace. In 1857 Mr. Holmes wedded Mrs. Mary Murphy by which marriage he has four children, Charlotte, Margaret, Emma and Oliver. Mrs. Homes had one son, John Murphy, by a former marriage. One of Mr. Holmes' sons leanred the printing business with the late William Trench, and all of his children have shown marked ability in their various avocations.

William P. Hoyle

Page 659 Magnolia Township

Residence in section 4. Post office, Mount Palatine. Mr. Hoyle was born in this township July 4th, 1849. In 1874 he married Miss Alvira Hoyle, a native of Ohio, born July 15, 1851. They have three children, Elizabeth J., Sarah W. and J. Warren. Mrs. Hoyle is a member of the Society of Friends. Mr. William Hoyle, father of the subject of this sketch, came to Putnam county in 1832, and was one of the organizers of the Friends' church at Clear Creek. He died in 1875. Mr. Hoyle owns 600 acres of improved land, and is one of the school directors of his district.

John Hufnagle

Page 638

Mr. John Hufnagle, also a member of the farming community of this township, was born in Dauphin county, Pa., in 1850, but with his parents moved West in 1853. In 1873 he married Miss Maggie Sherring, a native of the State of Ohio. They have three children, John E., Winfield S. and Richard Walter. Mrs. Hufnagle is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

J. D. Hullinger

Page 664 Granville Township

Mr. Hullinger is a farmer, born in Champaign county, Ohio, who emigrated with his parents to La Salle county in 1833 and came to Putnam in 1840. He married Sarah B. Church, a native of Stamford, N.Y. in 1846. She died in 1874 leaving seven children, Caleb B., Frank W., Mary F., Charles S., Henry H., Phebe G., and John D. Mr. H. takes a deep interest in education, giving his children all the benefits to be derived therefrom, and serving as school director sixteen years. He owns 200 acres of well improved land, takes pride in fine cattle and fat hogs and has filled various minor offices. His father died in 1836 and his mother two years later.

Henry Hunter

Page 671 Senachwine Township

Mr. Hunter was born in Cortland county, New York, June 4, 1815, and was a son of Edward and Rhoda Tuttle Hunter. His father came from Vermont and was of Scotch descent, while his mother claimed a German ancestry. Was married Jan. 1, 1840 to Henrietta Turrell, daughter of Abel R. and Susan M. Turrell, of Tompkins county, New York. They have two sons and one daughter living - Mrs. Mary B. Orr of Mahaska, Iowa and Henry E. and Wm. A., living at home. Their eldest son Stephen Hunter enlisted in the 113th Reg., serving under Gen. Sherman, and died of smallpox Marh 7, 1864 at Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill. Mr. H. came west in 1856, and the following spring purchased the farm where he now resides. In 1859 went to Pike's Peak and tried mining, returning in December of the same year. In 1860 he went again, and after a few months experience returned and resumed farming. During the rebellion he served his township as supervisor, and sent 34 substitutes to the field. Is a member of the M.E. church and held the position of elder therein since 1853.

J. H. Hyler

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. Hyler was born in the city of New Yrok in 1833. When the ware broke out and a call was made for soldiers to put down the rebellion, he enlisted in the Ninth New Jersey Infantry, and served three years and three months, participating in some of the hardest battles of the war. At Kingston, N.C., he was wonded in the hand. He came West in 1864, and located in Hennepin. In 1870 he married Jennie Glass by whom he had five children, Henry, Jennie, Hester, Maggie and Florence. He has been in the saloon and billiard business here since May, 1879.


Bazdale Ish

Page 664 Granville township

The father of Mr. Ish was a soldier in the war of 1812, and at its close he settled in Wayne county, Indiana, where the subject of this sketch was born in 1820. Two years later he removed to the vicinity of Peoria, and in 1829 came to what is now Putnam county, and selecting as a homestead the place his son occupied today. Here he grew to manhood, and his remembrances of those pioneer days are well worth commemorating. In 1848 he married Miss Lucia Servis, born in Meigs county, Ohio, who has brought him six children, with names as follows: George, Francis, Alice, Herman, Lyman and Irene. Mr. Ish has served the people in various public capacities, and his industry and enterprise has been rewarded with a comfortable independence. He owns 214 acres of valuable land, has a comfortable home and pleasant surroundings, and is a genial, hospitable gentleman.

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