The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

From  "The  Record of Olden Times or Fifty Year on the Prairie"
embracing sketches of the discovery, exploration and settlement of the country.
by Spencer Elsworth,   Lacon, IL Home Journal Steam Printing Establishment
Copyright Date MDCCCLXXX (1880)




























Joseph B. Albert

Joseph Allen  NEW!!

William Allen NEW!!

James Anderson  NEW!!


Walter B. Barmore NEW!!

Ira Barnhart  NEW!!

William Barnhart  NEW!!

Martin Bauman  NEW!!

Fred T. Beers NEW!!

John G. Bell NEW!!

Lewis I. Beck NEW!!

Winfield S. Benedict  NEW!!

Richared Bentley NEW!!

Wesley H. Bently NEW!!

John Pierce Blake NEW!!

William S. Bosley

John Bosst

Abner Boyle NEW!!

Huldah Boyle NEW!!

Julius Brenneman NEW!!

Leland Broaddus

William H. Brock

Samuel Brown NEW!!

Christian Bruder NEW!!

John Brumfield  NEW!!

Mattie Brumfield NEW!!

John Bunges (Bonges) NEW!!

G.R.S. Burney NEW!!


Barnerd Caley NEW!!

John Carothers NEW!!

O.P. Carroll NEW!!

Augustus Cassell

Joseph Cassell

William H. Casson NEW!!

David L. Child  NEW!!

Henry Childs

Michael Clamens

Jeremiah Clemens NEW!!

Theodore Classon NEW!!

Hiram Colby NEW!!

Charles Coleman NEW!!

William S. Coleman NEW!!

Samuel H. Condit NEW!!

Benjamin Cook NEW!!

Edward L. Cook NEW!!

Jessie M. Cowen

Jacob J. Croissant NEW!!

Asa Cunningham


Peter and J. P. Dahl NEW!!

David W. Danley

Larned Davis NEW!!

Adam Deck NEW!!

Henry Deck NEW!!

John H. Deininger

James Nevin Derr NEW!!

Charles Dodd NEW!!

Patrick Dore NEW!!

Henry Dose NEW!!

Elzy Downey NEW!!

Jeremiah Drake NEW!!

Moses Dugan NEW!!

Charles. M. Duncan

James Dunn   NEW!!

William Dunn   NEW!!

James N. Durley NEW!!

Capt. Jeff Durley NEW!!

Preston B. Durley NEW!!

Williamson Durley

Cornelius W. Dysart NEW!!


Joel W. Eames NEW!!

William Eddy NEW!!

George W. Ellinger NEW!!

Moses A. Elliott NEW!!

J. A. Ellis NEW!!

Samuel T. England NEW!!

Jospeh Etscheid


David Fessler NEW!!

Thomas Flowers NEW!!

John Foley NEW!!

Joseph Forney

Townsend G. Fyffe NEW!!


George Gall NEW!!

John Galvin  NEW!!

Edwin Gaylord NEW!!

Archibald Gerrow NEW!!

James Giltner  NEW!!

Young A. Glenn NEW!!

John Gowdey NEW!!

C. B. Greiner NEW!!

Lydia (Comley) Griffith NEW!!

Henry Griner

Luther D. Gunn  NEW!!

Andrew B. Gurnea NEW!!


Otto Halbleib

Isaac S. Ham NEW!!

Philip Ham

James Hanning  NEW!!

James A. Harper NEW!!

Stephen Harrison  NEW!!

Joel Hawes NEW!!

John Hawes NEW!!

William Hawes NEW!!

William Hawes, Jr. NEW!!

Chauncey D. Hawkins NEW!!

Henry and Jason L. Hawkins NEW!!

Simon Hedrick

Adam B. Henkins NEW!!

Mrs. Elizabeth Hiltabrand NEW!!

Enoch F. Hinman  NEW!!

Abraham W. Hoagland NEW!!

Peter Hollerich

John Holly  NEW!!

Theodore Holly  NEW!!

William Wheeler Holmes NEW!!

William P. Hoyle NEW!!

John Hufnagle

J. D. Hullinger  NEW!!

Henry Hunter NEW!!

Silas Hurin  NEW!!

J. H. Hyler NEW!!

Bazdale Ish NEW!!

J - K

Edward Jakes NEW!!

Aaron Jeffers NEW!!

Mrs. Rahel Kays NEW!!

William A. Kays

John F. Kuhne  NEW!!

Adam Kunkel  NEW!!


T.F. Lash NEW!!

James G. Laughlin NEW!!

John W. Laughlin NEW!!

David J. Leech

L. T. Leech NEW!!

Robert Leech

John Lehmann

William Livingston  NEW!!

Wm. H. Lucas NEW!!


J. W. Markley NEW!!

Adam Matern NEW!!

Newton J. Mathis NEW!!

Jacob Maulfair NEW!!

G. A. McCormick NEW!!

George McLean NEW!!

John McNabb NEW!!

Robert McSmith  NEW!!

Abel Mills NEW!!

H. C. Mills NEW!!

Joshua S. Mills NEW!!

John Frank Mokler NEW!!

Alford Monroe NEW!!

David B. Moore

John and Alexander Moore  NEW!!

Robert W. Moore NEW!!

Clara E. (Cook) Morgan NEW!!

S. C. Morrell NEW!!

Henry C. Morris NEW!!

S. H. Mumma   NEW!!


Martin Nash NEW!!

Stephen Newbern

William Newburn NEW!!

Beecher W. Newport NEW!!

John Newport

W. B. Newport NEW!!

August Ney & Co. NEW!!

David Nixon

Andrew C. Noxon NEW!!

L.M.G. Noyes NEW!!

O - P

J. F. O'Neal

Mons. Olson NEW!!

Christian Opper  NEW!!

George Packingham  NEW!!

David L. Packingham  NEW!!

James C. Packingham  NEW!!

Asaph Paralee

George S. Park NEW!!

John F. M. Parker NEW!!

James L. Patterson NEW!!

James A. Patton

Charles C. Penniman NEW!!

Alvin Perkins NEW!!

Norman I. Peters NEW!!

John I. Peterson  NEW!!

Josephus Phelps

Edward Phillips NEW!!

John H. Phillips NEW!!

H. C. Pierce

Joshua Poling NEW!!

G. W. Pool

Thomas M. Purcell NEW!!

Amos T. Purviance

Price Purviance NEW!!


Reuben Ashley Radle

Eli V. Raley  NEW!!

John H. Rauch NEW!!

Chas. W. Read

Geo. C. Read NEW!!

Thomas Real NEW!!

Anthony Reavy

Joseph Reinhardt  NEW!!

Robertus S. Robinson NEW!!

John Clayton Rolley NEW!!

Sara J. Ross


M. Schilz NEW!!

Peter Schitz

William S. Schmid NEW!!

Henry Schneider  NEW!!

Dr. J. H. Seaton NEW!!

Frederick Sebold

Tallman Selley NEW!!

John F. Shepherd NEW!!

Nelson Shepherd

Thomas W. Shepard NEW!!

William W. Shepherd NEW!!

Campbell Shields NEW!!

James Shields

William B. Sill  NEW!!

L. B. Skeel

Michael Skowena  NEW!!

Beriah Hartshorn Smith  NEW!!

Don C. Smith NEW!!

Eliza W. Smith NEW!!

Ellis C. Smith  NEW!!

Ephraim Smith NEW!!

Oliver Smith NEW!!

Samuel H. Smith NEW!!

William Smith NEW!!

William A. Smith NEW!!

George Sparling NEW!!

Edwin R. Spencer NEW!!

Dennis Springer NEW!!

George F. Stanton NEW!!

William Stehl

Hiram Stickel NEW!!

H. B. Stockdale NEW!!

L. Studyvin NEW!!

Benjamin Sutcliffe

David Swaney NEW!!

John Swaney NEW!!


J. H. Taggart NEW!!

James R. Taliaferro NEW!!

George Taylor

Henrietta Thiel

Thomas C. Thorn NEW!!

Carver Tomlinson NEW!!

C. P. Towle NEW!!

Charles Trierweiler NEW!!

Walter Trone NEW!!

Charles O. Turner

Oakes Turner

U - V

E. Unthank NEW!!

A. M. Vanderslice

John Van Horn NEW!!


Thomas Ware  NEW!!

William Waugh NEW!!

William Weeks NEW!!

William Wheeler NEW!!

Alanson Whitaker  NEW!!

Benjamin F. Whitaker NEW!!

Joel Whitaker NEW!!

Frank Whiting  NEW!!

John Williams NEW!!

John M. Williams NEW!!

William Hunter Williams  NEW!!NEW!!

Amos Wilson NEW!!

Mason Wilson NEW!!

Henry D. Winship NEW!!

James M. Winship NEW!!

Lambert Winterscheidt NEW!!

Fred Wolf NEW!!

Michael Wolf NEW!!

Crisfin Wood  NEW!!

James Alfred Wooley NEW!!


James S. Zena NEW!!

Mrs. Flora Zenor NEW!!

Jacob Zenor NEW!!

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