The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

T.F. Lash

Page 654 Magnolia Township

Mr. Lash is a merchant, living in Magnolia. He was born in Belmont county, Ohio, in 1846, and located in Magnolia in 1865. He has been in the mercantile business since 1876. He was married to Miss Sarah C. Wabel in 1873. Mr. L. is a member of the Masonic order, and is also a member of the Retail Jewelers Association of Illinois. He enlisted in the 170th Ohio Volunteers in May, 1864, and was discharged in the fall of the same year. He came to Magnolia will less than $10.00, and has now a general stock of goods worth about $2000, besides 160 acres of land in Nebraska and 480 acres in Missouri, also his store. He owns a residence, and another house and lot in Magnolia, and has been a member of the Town Board for two years.

James G. Laughlin

Page 660 Magnolia Township

Mr. Laughlin is a farmer, living at Mount Palatine, who was born in Bond county, Ill., October 6, 1824, and with his parents came to Putnam county in 1830. He married Julia Smith, born in Herkimer county, New York in 1850, lived a while in Orange county, and came to Illinois in 1847. They have eight children - Marion E., Charles Emmett, Antionette, John R., James A., Jennie, Samuel F. and Chester H., and one (Mabel) deceased. They are members of the Congregational church. He owns an improved farm of 160 acres, and other land, and is one of the leading citizens of the place.

John W. Laughlin

Page 654 Magnolia Township

A Justice of the Peace at Mount Palatine. He was born in Bond county, Ill., in 1820, moved to this county in his parents when only ten years of age, and in 1845 married Miss Jane W. Reid, who moved with her parents to Brown county, Ill, when a child. With the exception of about three year's residence in Versailles, they have lived in this county since their marriage and in Mount Palatine twenty-four years. They have four children living, Henry R., Fannie C., Mary E. and Ebert H. They are members of the Congregational church. Mr. L. has been justice of the peace about twelve years. He has 230 acres of land in his home farm, and also a farm of 160 acres in La Salle county.

David J. Leech

Page 636

Mr. D. J. Leech is a dealer in agricultural implements and farm machinery in Hennepin. He was born in Pennsylvania, but brought up in Ohio, where he lived until twenty-one, when he removed to Illinois, arriving in Hennepin in 1849, and went to farming.In this he was successful, and continued to follow it to 1877, when he turned it over to his sons and took up his present business. In 1851 he married Miss Sarah A. Corson, also a native of Pennsylvania. Four children were born to them, Mary C., Harvey H., Ella S., and John W. Mr. Leech is an extensive dealer in farm machinery, buying his stock from thwenty-three different establishments. His long experience as a famer enables him to know just what is required, and he seldom makes a mistake. He has done much to introduce the cultivartion of sorghum, having raised it for many years and proved its value. He was personally acquainted with Shaubena, and has many ornaments, etc., obtained by himself from the grave of Shaubena's father, who was buried on the present site of the town. Mr. Leech's life has been long and useful, and he is a respected member of society.

L. T. Leech

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. Leech is proprietor of the City Hotel of Hennepin and was born in Muskingum county, Ohio, January 19, 1833. He came to Putnam County Sept. 15th, 1849. In 1872 he embarked in the restaurant business and has ministered to the public ever since. In 1871 he married Elizabeth A. Davis, formerly of Morgan county, Ohio, to whom to children have been born, Charles E. and William L. By a former marriage he has two daughters Jennie and Kate M. Himself and wife are members of the congregational church of Hennepin. Mr. L. keeps a good house in which he is ably assisted by his wife. Mrs. Leech was the daughter of Mrs. Ellis, well remembered among the older citizens of Lacon as a milliner and dress-maker. His table is well supllied and it is popular with the traveling public.

Robert Leech

Page 638

Mr. Leech is a farmer living on section 13. He was born in Jefferson county, Ohio in 1814, removed with his parents to Peoria in 1832 and to Hennepin one year later. Has ever since resided on his present homestead. John Leech, his father, died in 1839, leaving nine children. His mother still lives, and is eighty-six years old. Mr. Leech never married, having dutifully remained with his parents, giving all his care to them. He has one of the finest farms in the township, containing 330 acres, his house occupying a beautiful location, skirted by a belt of timber on the north-west, interspersed with old oaks and other native trees.

John Lehmann

Page 642

Mr. Lehmann is a farmer living on section 23, and was born in Germany 1824. He emigrated to Canada in 1854, and came to this county four years later, or in 1858. His wife was formerly Catherine Stuver, to whom he was married in 1859 at Hennepin. Her native country was Germany. Their children are Amelia, Anthony, Christopher, Lena, John, Katie and Minnie. Mr. Lehmann owns 240 acres of land in a high state of cultivation and his buildings are first-class. He is one of the live men of the place and a warm patron of whatever promotes the interest of the community.

William Livingston

Page 668 Granville Township

Florid, Illinois

Wm. H. Lucas

Page 647-648 Hennepin Township

Ferryman at Hennepin. Mr. Lucas was born in Davis county, Ind., in 1842, and located in Hennepin in 1861. In 1862 he enlisted at Chicago in company D, of the 68th Ill. Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out after four months service. In 1863 he re-enlisted in company H., 20th Ill. Volunteers and served until the close of the war. On the 22d of July, 1864, he, with the entire command to which he belonged, about 1700 in all, was captured at Peach

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