The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

J. W. Markley

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. Markley is a native of Hennepin, and first saw light here in August 30, 1855. He received his education at Bloomington, and having decided upon his present business, established here in 1877. His next move was to look about for a helpmate, and very happily he found one in the person of Jennie Greiner, whom he married in 1878. He is a liberal dealer and carries a large stock of hardware, stoves, shelf goods, guns, ammunition, etc. He is one of the live business men of Hennepin.

Adam Matern

Page 660 Magnolia Township

A farmer, living on section 12, post office, Mount Palatine. Mr. Matern was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1826. He came to this country in 1844, and located in this county on section 13, range 2. In 1854 he married Miss Theresa Amrahn, also a native of Bavaria, by whom he has seven children, - Michael, Elizabeth, Joseph, Barnard, Theresa, William and Henry, and three deceased. They are members of the Catholic church. Mr M. has served the community in the capacity of a school director for a number of years. He owns 255 acres of improved land, with good buildings.

Newton J. Mathis

Page 662 Magnolia Township

Mr. Mathis is a farmer living on section 30. Post office, Ox Bow. He was born in Champaign county, Ohio, November 22, 1837, located in Putnam county in 1842, and in 1858 married Miss Mary J. Seybold. She was born in Warren county, Ill., October 14, 1839. They have three children living - William Leslie, Edward A. and James N. They are members of the M.E. church, and he is a member of the board of school directors in his district. He has 225 acres of land, with good improvements.

Jacob Maulfair

Page 660 Magnolia Township

The subject of this notice is a farmer living on section 5, whose post office address is Florid. He was born in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania, in 1834, came to Putnam county in 1856, and in 1869 married Mary A. Chance, a native of Putnam. They have four children - Seltzer, Early, Chauncy and Jacob. He is a large land-holder and good farmer, owning 280 acres of improved land in Putnam and 120 acres elsewhere. He is a good farmer, industrious and prosperous.

G. A. McCormick

Page 647 Hennepin Township

Mr. McCormick is in the drug and medicine trade at Hennepin, doing a good business. He was born in Davis county, Indiana in 1846, enlisted in Co. B., 120th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in 1863, and was discharged in 1864 through disability. After his discharge he settled in Indiana for a short time, but came to Illinois in 1866. He married Miss Angeretta Simpson in 1870 and in 1876 she died, leaving three children, Ira, Ida and Edna. In 1877 he married Miss Mary Fitzpatrick. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. and an active, energetic and successful business man.

George McLean

Page 643 Hennepin Township

Mr. McLean is a farmer living in section 36, and was born in New York in 1835; came West in 1853, and located in McHenry county, removing to Putnam county in 1862. In 1861 he was married to Elizabeth Lincoln, who was born in New York State. They have five children, George W., Cora J., Charles H., Jennie B., and Elizabeth. He owns 260 acres of land, one half of which is well improved. Mr. Mclean is a member of the Masonic order, a skillful farmer, and receives a large income from his labors.

John McNabb

Page 661 Magnolia Township

Mr. McNabb, as his name indicates, is a Scotchman by birth, born in 1809, and came to the United States in 1826. He first landed in the state of New York where he enlisted in the regular service and served against the Indians in Florida, under Gen. Scott, where he was disabled and discharged from the service with a pension. He came to Putnam county in 1838, and married Margaret Morrison in that year, a country woman of his, by whom he has had six children, David, Robert, James, John, Orella, and James. He owns 160 acres of land and attends the Congregational church.

Robert McSmith

Page 665 Granville Township

Mr. McSmith is a blacksmith by trade, born in Brown county, Ohio in 1834 and came with his parents to Putnam county the same year. He married Isalbah Ring in 1868, who was born in Louisiana and brought up in New York. They have two children, Charles G. and Mamie Belle. They are members of the Presbyterian church and Mr. McSmith is a member of the town council. Is also a member of the A.F. and A.M. Mr. McS. Entered the three months service in 1861, served four months and re-enlisted in the 104th Ill. Volunteers in 1863 as regimental blacksmith, but was taken sick and upon recovery detailed for hospital duty. At the trial of Bowles Milligan and others for treason he served as messenger and private detective and performed valuable service. On one of his adventures the train on which he embarked was run into and all but himself and attendant killed. He was mustered out of service in 1865.

Abel Mills

Page 659-660 Magnolia Township

Mr. Mills is a farmer, born in Pennsylvania in 1829 and came to Illinois when eleven years old. He was married to Elizabeth Bosley in 1850. She died in 1865 leaving seven children, tow of whom have since followed her to the grave. The living are Martha, Milton, Huldah R., Oliver P. and William L. In 1866 Mr. M. was married again to Elizabeth, daughter of Amos Wilson, born in Belmont county, Ohio, in 1835. They have five children, Charles W., Clarence, Albert L., Amos P., and Le Roy A. They are members of the Society of Friends. Mr. Mills has held several minor offices and is president of the Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance Company. He owns a fine farm of 160 acres with first-class improvements.

H. C. Mills

Page 657 Magnolia Township

Mr. Mills was born in Magnolia township, March 21st, 1849, and received his education at the State Normal school and Lincoln University. His father, Capt. Ely R. Mills, was a well known steamboat captain who along with Capt. Price, owned the boats he run and died many years ago. Mr. Mills chose farming for a profession and in 1877 married Hester Badgley, of Anglaize county, Ohio. He owns a very nice farm of 230 acres under cultivation and is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.

Joshua S. Mills

Page 659 Magnolia Township

Mr. Mills is one of the wealthiest real estate owners in Putnam county and a very successful farmer. He was born in Washington county, Pa., in 1821, and came to Putnam county in 1842. In 1850 he married Hannah S. Hoyle, born in Ohio, and to them have been given Mary L., S. F.,Edith Ann and Ruth E. They belong to the Society of Friends. Mr. Mills owns 910 acres under cultivation and 110 acres of timber. His home is one of the pleasantest in a township noted for its fine residences, and his farm shows what intelligent management can effect in a country like Illinois.

John Frank Mokler

Page 672 Senachwine Township

Mr. Mokler was born in the city of Boston, in 1834, being a son of James and Margaret Bailey Mokler. He was educated at the Catholic College for the priesthood, in Worcester, Mass. After leaving college he learned the carriage ironing trade in Sudbury street, Boston, came west in 1857, and located at Aurora, Ill.; thence to Wilmington; thence to Oxbow, Putnam county, where he resided thirteen years; thence to Whitefield Corners, Marshall county; thence cameto Senachwine, where he has resided four years. Mr. Mokler retains his old tastes for literary pursuits, and spends his leisure in reading and writing. Under the nom de plume of "Sampson," in the Henry Republican, will be found many racy articles from his pan (pen?). Is correspondent under other nom de plume. Was married in the year 1857 to Elvina Biedleman, daughter of Dr. R. B. Biedleman, formerly of Henry, Ill. Has ten children, five boys and five girls, - Mary E., Herbert R., Alfred J., Charles A., Wilson, Elvina Francis, Harriet B., Victor, Clara, baby.

Alford Monroe

Page 646 Hennepin Township

Mr. Monroe is a merchant of Hennepin. He was born in New York City in 1815, moved to Putnam county in 1845, located in the village of Hennepin, and started a grocery store. In 1842 he married Margaret J. Condit, who was also a native of New York City, and three children have blessed their union, - George, Frank L., and Marietta. Mr. Monroe belongs to the Society of Quakers, while his wife is of the Universalist denomination. He followed steam boating many years, was an outspoken anti-slavery man in the exciting times during the operation of the Fugitive Slave Law, and refused to let a slave-holder preach the Gospel to his deck hands.

David B. Moore

Page 638

Mr. David B. Moore, is a farmer whose residence is in section 18, though a portion of his farm is in section 19. He was born in Washington county, Pa., February 7th, 1831, and located in this county in November, 1853. August 28th, 1856, he married Miss Martha Moore, a native of this county, born June 20, 1836. They have six children, Wilson S., Fannie E., Minnie A., Harry H., Perry O., and Howard. Mr. M. and his wife are members of the Presbyterian church of Granville. He has been a school director, and for a number of years trustee of the church to which he belongs. His farm comprises ninety acres of good land, well cultivated, and his improvements are excellent.

John and Alexander Moore

Page 669 Granville Township

Mr. (John) Moore was born in Brown county, Ohio, in 1809, came to Bond county, Ill., in 1819 and to Putnam county in 1830. He was one of the first settlers in the county and lives upon the farm he located fifty years ago. He owns 240 acres of land under good cultivation. Alexander Moore, a brother of the above, likewise was born in Ohio in 1815 and came to Illinois in 1831. He married Mary Bowman in 1879, born in Washington county, Pa. They are members of the Presbyterian church. He owns 180 acres of land. Andrew Moore, father of the above, was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Putnam county in 1832 and died in 1845, leaving nine children.

Robert W. Moore

Page 663 Granville township

Mr. Moore is one of the first settlers in the county. He was born in Brown county, Ohio, October 3, 1803, moved with his parents to Bond county, Ill., in 1819, and in 1829 located in Putnam (then Tazewell) county, where he has since followed farming. His residence is on section 8, Post office, Granville. March 28, 1830 he married Miss Fannie Leeper, daughter of Judge Leeper, of Jacksonville, Ill. She died March 10, 1842, leaving six children - Elizabeth, John A., James H., Martha, Mary A. and Sarah. John died in 1860, and Sarah in 1868. In 1846 he married Miss Nancy McClung. The only child by this marriage, Francis E., was born in April, 1848 and died June 4, 1850. They are members of the Granville Presbyterian church, of which Mr. M. has been an elder fifty-one years, being one of the twenty-two original members. In 1824 the synod of the Presbyterian church for the States of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri met at Shoal Creek, traveling on horseback and the attendance was so great and the country so sparsely settled that adequate accommodations could not be provided. Mr. Moore owns 453 acres of land.

Clara E. (Cook) Morgan

Page 671-672 Senachwine Township

Mrs. Morgan was a daughter of Ebenezer Cook and Leonora Comes, of Herkimer, Oneida county, New York, and granddaughter of Ebenezer Cook of Augusta, Oneida county, born January 21, 1818, and came to Hennepin in 1836. At the age of eighteen she was united in marriage to Thomas Morgan of Hennepin, formerly of New York, the wedding being long noted for the large party assembled, the elaborateness of the display, the number and value of the bridal presents and the richness of the toilettes. Mr. Morgan was a carptenter in early life, but in 1838 began farming in Senachwine township, where he resided until his death in 1868. Eight children were given them - six died in infancy and two survive - Helen Josephine, born in 1840, and Dwight Ellston in 1846. Both reside in Senachwine village. Mr. D. E. Morgan wedded Sarah Whitney, daughter of Brooks Whitney, of Henry, and has seven children - Fred, Thomas, Clara, Esther, Nellie Leonora, Charles Dwight, Frank Brooks, Lewis Cook and George Byron. Nellie Leonara died when eight years old.

W. E. Cook, of Lacon, whose portrait is given elsewhere, was a brother of Mrs. Morgan. Another brother, James Watson (Cook), died in Henry in 1859; William Francis (Cook) in 1852, of cholera. Hobart C. Bacon was killed at a steamboat explosion in 1856. Another half brother died Nov. 3, 1859. A sister, Mrs. Captain L. N. Packard lives in Oregon. Mrs. Morgan is very pleasantly situated in Senachwine village, where she is honored with the position of post mistress, which she holds to the entire satisfaction of the Department. Her life has been a busy one, and she has ably conducted her business affairs.

S. C. Morrell

Page 655 Magnolia Township

Mr. Morrell, merchant, was born in Caledonia county, Vt., in 1828, and located in Hennepin in the fall of 1837; came to Magnolia in 1840, and engaged in the mercantile business in 1857. He married Mary Baker, in 1854, who was born in Vermont. They have three children living, Ella L., Mary F., and Josephine. Mr. Morrill is a member of the M. E. church. He was township collector in 1854-5. He carries a full stock of goods suitable to his trade.

Henry C. Morris

Page 655 Magnolia Township

Mr. Morris is a farmer living on section 6, Magnolia township. He was born in Union Town, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, in 1817 and came to Putnam in 1845. In 1849 he married Elizabeth McLaughlin, born in West Newton, Westmoreland county, Pa., and to them have been given two children, Henry R. and Fannie L.; are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. He is a firm friend to education and has served as director for thirty years; was also supervisor of his township, road director, etc. He has a well cultivated farm of 167 acres, and 36 acres of timber, good dwelling and pleasant surroundings.

S. H. Mumma

Page 664-665 Granville Township

Mr. Mumma was born of German parentage in Dauphin county, Pa., in 1836 and came to Granville in 1863. Three years before he married Anna A. Vanderslice, a towns woman of himself. In 1875 he embarked in the mercantile business and is the leading tradesman of the place, carrying a very complete assortment of well selected goods. He is the father of ten sons and daughters, viz: James V., Harry L., Willie d., Gracie E., Warren S., Herbert A., Mary E., Charlie L., Richard and Fannie. Are members of the Congregational church of Granville. He is township collector and member of the council, has held other minor offices, and stands well in the community.

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