The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Martin Nash

Page 643 Hennepin Township

Mr. Nash was born in Morgan county, Illinois in 1830, and came to this county, where (with his parents in 1835), he has ever since resided here. His father and mother died in 1786 and 1878 respectively. In 1859 Mr. Nash married Miss Charlotte Noble, a native of Ohio, who died in 1872, leaving four children, Charles N., Leonard W., Henrietta B., and Nellie. His present wife, Sarah J. Mead, he married in 1874. She is a native of New York city. Mr. N. is a successful farmer, and the duties of the house are well cared for by Mrs. N. They are members of the Congregational church.

Stephen Newbern

Page 640

Mr. Newbern is a native of this county, having been born here in 1846 and married Miss Alvira Inks, a native of Pennsylvania in 1867. They have two children, Albertus and Franklin. Mr. Newbern is president of the Protection Society of the township and cultivates one hundred acres of land. He is a breeder of and dealer in Chester White and Poland China hogs, having followed it several years.

William Newburn

Page 661 Magnolia Township

This gentleman is a farmer living in section 4. Post office, Hennepin. Mr. Newburn was born in Warren county, Ohio, in 1824, and located in this county when eighteen years of age. In 1852 he married Leah Harley, who was born in Lancaster county, Pa., in 1828. They have seven children, Samuel H., John W., Mary E., Amy, Martha A., Irene and William. Mr. N. has served in the district in which he resides in the capacity of a school director for several years. He owns 200 acres of improved land, with good residence and other buildings.

Beecher W. Newport

Page 670 Granville Township

A farmer, born in this township, in 1825, on the farm he now occupies, in section 32. Post office, Hennepin. In 1875 he married Nettie Gunn, also a native of the township. They have two children - Mary Irene and Leander Collins. Mrs. Newport is a member of the Congregational church. He owns 200 acres of land, all under cultivation. His father was one of the first settlers in this county.

John Newport

Page 639

Mr. Newport is a farmer, living on section 32: was born in Boone county, Kentucky in 1832 and located in Putnam county in 1839. In 1855 he married Miss O. White, who has born him twelve children, Lucy, Carrie, Alonzo, Ralph, Seymore, Julia, LaNora, Earl, Andrew, Lillian, James and Nathan. Mr. N. is a member of the Baptist church, and has been school director. He owns 160 acres of land, all which is in a high state of cultivation.

W. B. Newport

Page 664 Granville Township

Mr. Newport was born in Boone county, Kentucky in 1828 and came to Putnam county with his parents in 1836, returning the same fall for the purpose of completing his education. He remained there until 1840. In 1859, he married Sarah Pipes who died in 1876, leaving three surviving children, Virginia, Laura and Henrietta. Mr. N. is well informed on all topics of the day, is well read up politically, and asks no man what he shall believe or how he shall vote. He owns 160 acres of land under good cultivation and is a model American farmer.

August Ney & Co.

Page 648 Hennepin Township

Photographers. These gentlemen came to Hennepin and established their present business in 1879, coming from Galesburg where they run a similar business. Mr Ney, the principal operator, has very few equals in his profession, being an artist of rare merit whose work readily commends itself. They possess the only gallery in Hennepin, where pictures in the latest styles can be had, and have received a liberal patronage. Prices for cabinet size $5 per dozen, and small size $2.

David Nixon

Page 639

Mr. Nixon is a farmer, born in Scotland in 1816, and emigrated to this country in 1843, locating in Phoenixville, Pa., from whence he removed to Philadelphia, and staid one year, returning again to Phoenixville, where he lived until 1849. Disposing of his interests there, he embarked for the West, settling in Putnam county. He was married in 1838 and to them were born fifteen children. Seven of them are dead and eight living - viz., George, David, James, Emeline, Cass, Nancy and Eliza. Two of his sons, William and Samuel, enlisted in the Union army, and lost their lives bravely battling for their country. Mr. N. is a member of the Presbyterian church and township trustee.

Andrew C. Noxon

Page 651 Hennepin Township

Mr. Noxon was born in New York City in 1840, and came west when thirteen years old, making his home in Hennepin. By profession he is a civil engineer, and his services as a surveyor are often in demand. He embarked in the drug trade in 1867, and has built up a fine paying business. In 1875 he was elected surveyor, and has since filled the position. He is thoroughly competent, and well up in the theory and practice of civil engineering.

L.M.G. Noyes

Page 648 Hennepin Township

Mr. Noyes is a painter residing in the city of Hennepin. He was born in Minott, Maine, in 1820, but in the same year his parents moved to Baltimore, Md., where he resided until 1833, when he went to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend school. In 1838 he went to St. Lois, remained there until 1843, and then located in Hennepin, which has since been his home. In 1845 he married Mary E. Brumfield, a native of Wayne county, Ind. They have one child, Augustus T. For seventeen years Mr. Noyes was engaged in steamboating on the western and southwestern rivers. Mrs. Noyes with her parents, resided in Putnam county during the Indian wars, and found refuge in the block house at Ottawa during those troublesome times. Her father moved to Putnam county and located his farm in 1833. Her mother is still living.

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