The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

R. A. Radle (Reuben Ashley Radle)

Page 640 Hennepin Township

Mr. Radle is a farmer living on section 26, born in Crawford county, Pa, in 1837, and emigrated to Illinois in 1856. Settled in Putnam county, where he began farming in 1862. He married Miss M. A. Patton in 1861. She was born and reared in Hennepin township. They have six children, Nettlie L., Nina J., Carl A., Don A., Melissa A., and Reuben A. Are members of the Presbyterian church. He is a breeder of short-horn cattle, in which he takes much interest, and finds it very profitable. He is extensively engaged in the rubber bucket pump business, and is a dealer in pump supplies of all kinds.

Eli V. Raley

Page 665-666 Granville Township

Mr. Raley is a farmer and stock dealer, living on section 9 of Granville township. He was born in Washington county, Pa., in 1823, and came to Illinois in 1840. When the discovery of gold in California was heralded over the land, he joined a party of explorers, and with suitable outfit journeyed across the plains. They endured severe hardships, lost much of their stock, but finally made Southern California, and remained several years in the country, meeting with varied success. His love of adventure satisfied, he returned to the States, content to become a tiller of the soil, and settled in Putnam county. In 1855 he married Miss Frances A. Murphy, born in Jefferson county, Ohio, who became the mother of five children - Charles R., Arvilla K., Harry E., Howard B. and Franklin Hyatt. Mr. Raley is a Democrat in sentiment, and has represented his district in the General Assembly, where he proved himself a clear-headed, intelligent Representative, opposed to class legislation and monopolies, and ready to lend his influence and vote for whatever was promotive of the public good. He has served his township as supervisor and in other capacities is a promoter of peace, and stands high in the community. His farm and surroundings are among the pleasantest in the county and indicates both wealth and culture. He owns 220 acres in Granville and considerable land in Kansas, attends personally to the details of business, and buys and sells large quantities of cattle, hogs, etc.

John H. Rauch

Page 645 Hennepin Township

Mr. Rauch is a farmer, living on section 35. He was born in South Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, in 1847. Came west in 1866 and located in Putnam county. He married Miss Marian J. Stouffer in 1871. She was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. They have two children living, Annie L. and Jennie M., and two deceased twins. He is school trustee and a member of the local protection society, of which he has been treasurer. He owns ninety-seven acres of land, with good improvements and in a high state of cultivation.

Chas. W. Read

Page 677 Senachwine Township

Mr. Read was born in New Bedford, Mass., in 1827, and was a son of Philip and Tryphena Davis Read. Mr. Read, senior, was a native of Dartmouth, Mass., and Mrs. Read of Fall River. Half a century ago Mr. and Mrs. Read left their old homes in Massachusetts and went west as far as Herkimer county, New York. Leaving that State they came to Illinois and located in Putnam county, and followed farming until Mr. R's death in 1843. Mrs. Read still survives in excellent health to enjoy the prosperity that has come to her and her children. Four are now living, namely: Mrs. Winship, Mrs. Wheeler, Roselia and the subject of this biography. In 1852 in company with Mr. Winship and other acquaintances left Princeton with an ox team, crossed the plains and the Rocky Mountains for California, and returned home in the autumn of 1855, having spent nearly three years; was engaged in mining, and had fair success in his operations. Has held the offices of collector several times, assessor, constable, and is a member of the Christian church, Senachwine.

Geo. C. Read

Page 651 Hennepin Township

Mr. Read was born in the town of Strong, in the State of Maine, in 1838, and came to Putnam county in 1845. By trade he is a painter,which business he followed up to 1861, when he threw down the brush and took up the saber, enlisting in Company E, Fourth Illinois Cavalry, and was detailed as musician, in which capacity he served until mustered out. Returning to Putnam county, he married Lizzie Bowman in 1870, who was born in Virginia, and has two children, Bessie and Willie. Mr. Read was elected Sheriff in 1876, and still holds the position, making an energetic and reliable public officer.

Thomas Real

Page 677 Senachwine Township

Mr. Real was born in Limerick county, Ireland, oc. 23, 1833. Son of Thomas and Winifred McGrath Real, who came to this country January 1, 1850; landed at New Orleans and came directly to this county and township, where they still reside. To them were born eight children, five of whom are now living, as follows: John, Michael, Thomas, Patrick and Philip. John resides in Livingston county, Michael in Bureau county, Patrick in Fillmore county, Neb., and Philip in San Francisco, Cal. James Joseph was killed in the battle of Shiloh under the Confederate flag, while his brother Michael, under the stars and stripes commanded a company of Union soldiers in the Irish Legion, 90th I.R. and led them in the same battle. Martin, another brother, died at Philo, Champaign Co., this state. In 1857 Thomas married Bridget Griffin, daughter of John and Elizabeth Prout Griffin, who came from Tipperary, Ireland, in 1852, and located in Marshall county, this state. His homestead consists of 80 acres in sec. 25 in the township and he owns 80 acres in sec 34. Has been living upon his farm since 1860. Has served as collector of taxes. Has an adopted daughter, Lizzie Griffin Real, seven years of age.

Anthony Reavy

Page 636

This gentleman, who is a thrifty farmer living on section 2, was born in this county in 1847. In 1869 he married Miss Catherine Mateer, also a native of the county. They have five children, Frank, George, Edward, Caroline and Mary. Both Mr. Reavy and his wife are members of the Catholic church. Mr. R. is treasurer of the school board. He owns 605 acres of land, 240 of which is under cultivation, and his residence is one of the most comfortable and home-like in the county.

Joseph Reinhardt

Page 663 Granville Township

Mr. Reinhardt is an adopted American citizen, born in Hesse Cassell, Germany, in 1828, and coming to this country in 1852 and locating on the place where he has since resided. He visited his native country in 1859, returning the following year, more than ever satisfied with his choice of a home. In 1852 he married Bertha Brenneman, a countrywoman of his, and to them have been born five children, viz. Adolph in 1853, Emma in 1855, Mary in 1857, Helen in 1859, and Lena in 1861. Mr. Rheinhardt represented his district in the 27th General Assembly, and proved himself a safe, sagacious and popular legislator. Mr. Rheinhardt is a large farmer, owning 770 acres of land under excellent cultivation, and is a man of unusual intelligence and refinement. He is a representative man of a large class of German citizens in this county.

R. S. Robinson (Robertus S. Robinson)

Page 670 Granville Township

Mr. Robinson was born in Bond county, Illinois, in 1830 and came here with his parents in 1831. The county was a desert then and roaming bands of Indians peopled the river bottoms. In 1852 Mr. Robinson having arrived at man's estate, married Sarah Weeks, born in Caldwell county, Ky. They have ten children, Henry, Lee, Frances W., Robertus S., Mary A., Helen M., John W., Charles M., Joseph E., Silas M. and William L. Mr. Robinson is a large farmer, owning 280 acres of land under cultivation.

John Clayton Rolley

Page 673 Senachwine Township

Mr. Rolley was born in Manchester, England in 1819, and was a son of Charles Hanson and Margaret Clayton of the same place. In the spring of 1843 he came to America, and to Hopewell township, Marshall county, Ill. In 1851 he became a grain buyer, shipping the first full cargo of wheat from the town of Henry to Chicago, and previous to that time, in 1848, loaded the first boat that came south from LaSalle at Hall's Landing. From timt to time he has been engaged in the grain trade and occupying various places of trust. In 1849 married Belinda Jane, daughter of William and Effie Bowman, of Magnolia, this county. They have four children, three sons and one daughter - Charles William, who resides in Missouri; Clayton Eugene, Wichita, Kansas; Mary Jane, Henry, this State; Tulasco Harrison, also of Henry. Mrs. Rolley died in the year 1863.

Mrs. Sarah J. Ross

Page 638

This lady, widow of James Ross, was born in Ohio in 1827, and came to Putnam county in 1849. Her husband was also born in Ohio. He came to Putnam county in 1830, and in 1859 they were married. One son was born to them, Frank S. Mr. Ross left four children by a former marriage, one of whom is deceased, and the others are named William, John and Grant. Mrs. Ross owns 160 acres of land and her son owns 60, left by his father. Mrs. Ross is a member of the Presbyterian church and an estimable member of society.

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