The Record of Olden Times Biographical Department - Putnam County

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

James S. Zena

Page 646 Hennepin Township

Mr. Zena is a farmer, living on section 33, in Hennepin township. He was born in Jefferson county, Kentucky in 1829, and came to Putnam county with his parents in 1839. He has followed farming all his life, except two years spent in California (1850 and 52) on the Central Railroad two years, and in the blacksmithing business three years. In 1857 he married Miss Maria Leech (born in Ohio and raised in Putnam county). They have five children, Francis M., Robert E., Arthur, Charles J., and Katie. Mr. Zena and wife have been members of the Methodist church for the past twelve years, and Mr. Z. has faithfully discharged the duties of school trustee for about twelve years.

Mrs. Flora Zenor

Page 643 Hennepin Township

Mrs. Zenor is widow of the late H. K. Zenor, deceased, who came to Hennepin in 1831, nearly fifty years ago and embarked in farming, at which he was very successful. Their children are Mary, who became Mrs. Thorn; Dillie, Mrs. Seaton; Milista, Mrs. Shepard; George, Richard, Henry, John and Harley B. The latter is the only one now at home. He was born where he now resides in 1855 and is a member, as also was his father before him, of the I.O.O.F. The homestead embraces 340 acres, under a high state of cultivation, and the parties own two other farms up the river.

Jacob Zenor

Page 644 Hennepin Township

Mr. Zenor (deceased) was a native of Louisville, Ky., and was born in 1812. He came to this county in 1831 and up to his death was engaged in farming. May 1st, 1838 he wedded Alvina Skeels, a native of Ohio, and their was blessed with nine children, Lucy C., Emeline, Charles N., Francis, William E., James H., Nancy A., Annie May and Lewis A. Mr. Zenor died August 16, 1879. The father of Mrs. Zenor (Skeels) was one of the earliest settlers of Hennepin, coming here in 1830. He died in 1841. Her mother lived until Sept. 1879, dying at the good old age of 90.

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