Putnam County Anniversaries

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Clemens

Taken From the Henry News Republican
February 18, 1937

Observe Golden Wedding

Mr. And Mrs. S. P. Clemens were guests of honor Sunday at a surprise dinner party which was planned by their daughter, Miss Vera Clemens, in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary, which occurred on Monday, Feb. 15.

Mr. Clemens was born on July 20, 1857, in Hennepin Township, and Mrs. Clemens, who was Miss Ora Reginold, before her marriage, was born in Hennepin Township on June 27, 1863. They have always resided in Putnam County.

Mr. And Mrs. Clemens were married in Hennepin on Feb. 15, 1887, Rev. M. M. McCreight performing the ceremony. They are the parents of three children: Ivan M. Clemens of Ladd; Clarence E. Clemens, who was called by death on June 4, 1936, and Vera B. Clemens, who resided at home with her parents. There are also five grandchildren: Myron, Gerald, Donald, Robert and Grace Clemens, all of Ladd.

Mr. And Mrs. George Regenold of Chenoa, were unable to attend the event. Mrs. Clemens is a sister of the former.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison

October 19, 1899

Granville - Oct. 16

Friday, Oct. 15, was the 25th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison of Princeton. A gathering of thirty relatives and near friends met there on that day, where a royal feast of everything good was spread for them at 5 p.m., and the evening was very pleasantly.

Mr. and Mrs. William Laughlin

Putnam Record
June 15 1899

A Gold Anniversary

June 7, 1849, at 3 'clock P.m. Mr. William Laughlin and Miss Betsey Thatcher were married. On the same day of the month, 1899, the fiftieth anniversary was celebrated at their home in Granville. The invitations were given from two to 6 p.m., and at the stated hour about 30 guests arrived. Although a hard shower came up in the afternoon, it did not mar the occasion. The five daughters of the bride and groom were all fortunately able to be present; also the 8 grandchildren. The daughters are Mesdames Ella Pritchard, Helen Watts, and Maggie Lake, of Dana; Hattie Ramsey of Chicago and Bessie Raley, Granville. Other guests present were: Messrs. and Mesdames James Laughlin, Princeton, James McNabb, Ed Laughlin, L. D. Gunn, C. Bruder, Mrs. Ella Martin, Misses Stella Gun, Alice Parmalee, Julia Shepherd, Olive Harrison and Mary Harrison, and Messrs., Harry Raley and Lake. After refreshments of coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, cake and pickles a letter of regret was read from Albert Haynes and reminiscences of the marriage day and times were talked over. Regrets were received from Messrs. And Mesdames E. V. Raley, Crete, Neb.; Thompson, Douglas, Kan., H. B. Leeper, Princeton; Henry Laughlin, Middleton, Kan; Albert Haynes Melvane, Kan; W. R. McCord and family, Chicago and Edward Bullock, Streator, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin were kindly remembered with a few nice presents by their friends.

Mr. and Mrs. John Swaney

Taken from the Henry Republican, May 20 1915

Sixty-Six Years of Wedded Life

Very few married couples are permitted to enjoy a half century of married life together. Occasionally we know of those to whom a decade longer of companionship is granted, but to live on and one until the sixty-sixth anniversary is reached is almost miraculous. Such, however, has been the good lot and fortune of our aged friends, Uncle John Swaney and wife, for amid the presence and with the well wishes and congratulations of many friends they reached and passed their 66th wedding anniversary on Monday of this week.

Think of the days and years of their intimate pilgrimage, of what they together have seen and accomplished in the world's life and work. Think of the inventions, the means of business and pleasure found and put into operation since they first plighted through and pleasures. And in this advance, in this march of progress this grand old man and his equally able life's companion have not been laggards, but cheerfully assumed their part and station and helped to make the burdens of others more easily borne.

Quite a number from this city went over to the home of their aged friends on Monday to assure them of continued good wishes and a hope of pleasant, useful years yet to follow. They found both in usual good health with hosts of friends coming and going. An enjoyable lunch, of which all were invited to partake, was spread in the dining room, while the friends came and went. May our aged friends be spared for years yet to come to each other and to their neighbors and friends. Both Uncle John Swaney and his brother Barney of Tonica, who was present, are veterans of the Civil war.

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hitchcock

Henry Republican, Henry, IL, December 21, 1882

A surprise wedding anniversary of our former Senachwine friends, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hitchcock, but now residents of Macomb, was enjoyed by them recently. We copy a description of the affair from the Macomb Journal of the 14th inst. "December 10th (Sunday last.) M. A. Hitchcock and wife of this city had been married 10 years. Wholly unknown to them, their relatives and friends formed into a "surprising" brigade, and in the evening rushed in upon them; not of Sunday, but Saturday night, as the nearest time to the date that it would be nice and regular to "have a time," such as is necessary and proper at all well regulated wedding anniversaries, whether the wooden or the golden. The friends took with them some valuable and useful presents which next to the hearty congratulations and friendship were the highly prized mementoes of the occasion. Elder C. H. Caton made the presentation speech on behalf of the army of invaders. To make the matter more surprising, Elder Geo. W. Mapes of Bureau county, father of Mrs. Hitchcock, in the midst of the fun of the occasion - when everybody thought, if they thought anything about him, that he was a hundred miles away almost - slipped in on the company, greatly to the surprise of the "surprisers" and the "surprised". It was a happy evening to all who participated. May the worthy couple on whose behalf the affair was gotten up, see many future and as joyous anniversaries of their married life.

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