Mount Palatine Cemetery
McNabb, Putnam County, Illinois

Lat: 41° 11' 43"N, Lon: 89° 10' 22"W

T32N R1W Sec 36

Contributed by Madena Whitesell and Barb

In McNabb take SR 89 north about one mile, turn east/right onto 600N and continue 1.5 miles and turn left. Cemetery will be at end of road.

This cemetery is in the northwest part of the onetime town of Mount Palatine. At best it is just a community now.

The cemetery is not accessable to the public, and has been let go, returned to natural habitat. A plaque has been placed next to the cemetery with names of all those buried here. There was an area marker in four metal fence posts and four corner posts with an "H" on one post. No other marker present.

I thank the Putnam County Historical Society for their help. If anyone needs more information you might try contacting them.

I finished transcribing this cemetery on Apr 01, 2006.

- Madena Whitesell

Allyn, Arville, d. Dec 14, 1867, Arvilla and her Infant Child, Wife of M. H. Allyn, Urn style marker

Anderson, Louis, no dates, no marker found, According to cemetery records, he is not buried here but name is on plaque

Anderson, Mary Ida, d. 1873, no marker found

Babbet, Cory S, d. 1856, no marker found

Barr, Abigail, d. 1865, limestone marker in several pieces

Barr, Minnie A, d. 1861, dau of ? C ? Barr, marker in poor shape, difficult to read

Benson, Amelia, d. 1856, marker difficult to read, partially buried

Benson, Bengta, b. 1835, d. 1915, Mother, grey granite marker

Benson, infant, b. Dec 14, 1888, d. Oct 4, 1889, foil rubbed to get info

Benson, Lars, d. Sep 3, 1881, age: 44yr, marker broken

Bishop, Adaline 38838, d. 1911, no marker found

Bishop, Glendon M, b. Apr 17, 1896, d. Nov 10, 1980, PVT US Army, World War I, veteran marker

Bishop, Irvine, b. Sep 22, 1899, d. Aug 11, 1966, Illinois, PVT US Army, World War I, PH, veteran marker

Bishop, John A, d. 1947, no marker found

Bishop, John H, b. 1832, d. 1903, no marker found

Bishop, John W, d. 1905, no marker found

Bishop, Josephine, b. Jul 9, 1842, d. Feb 5, 1907, Mother, marker is good shape, Leaves engraved along the left side

Bishop, Marjorie J, b. Dec 6, 1925, d. no date, legion marker next to permanant marker, Grey granite marker

Bishop, Vernon Burley, no dates, no marker found

Booth, Charlie L, d. 1863, no marker found

Booth, Winnie, d. Jan 11, 1862, age: 1yr 21mo, dau of S. S. & C. M. Booth, Gone Home, marker very worn, foil rubbed to get info, Upside down heart carved at top of marker

Bumgarner, Elmer, d. Sep 25, 1861, age: 1yr 8mo 25da, Son of B. R. & M. A. Bumgarner, foil rubbed to get info

Bumgarner, Rebecca F, d. Jan 26, 1872, age: 71yr 3mo 1da, Wife of Abraham

Burky?, child, d. Mar 03, 1851, age: 5yr, broken marker at foot of John Burkey stone

Burky, Jacob, d. Mar 3, 1856, age: 51yr 10mo 25da, h/o Magdalene. Shared marker with Magdalene & John

Burky, John, d. Feb 1, 1887, age: 42yr 11mo 9da, shared marker with Jacob & Magdalene

Burky, Magdalene, d. Apr 11, 1886, age: 81yr, His Wife, w/o Jacob. Shared marker with Jacob & John

Bush, Isabelle Gertrude, d. Mar 21, 1876, small marker with clover shaped degisn with flowers

Bush, Nancy Mae, d. May 6, 1880, no marker found

Butterfield, J H, d. Apr 29, 1868, age: 2yr 4mo ?da, Son of Bradley & Priscilla Butterfield

Colvin, Amelia E, b. Oct 14, 1819, d. Jan 1, 1908, His Wife, w/o John. Shared marker with John

Colvin, Frances, b. 1860, d. 1919, grey granite marker

Colvin, John, b. May 30, 1806, d. Oct 31, 1878, h/o Amelia E

Curtis, Emma Jerusha, d. May 8, 1856, age: 1yr 2mo 10da, dau of J. & M. J. Curtis, foil rub done to obtain info

Curtis, James Deacon, d. Feb 1, 1865, age: 72yr 2mo 1da, symbol of hand with fingers pointing up

Curtis, Mary Jane, d. Sep 25, 1860, Wife of James Curtis

Curtis, Mary, d. ?,16, 1857, dau. of James & Mary J. Curtis, foil rub done to obtain info, Death month could be Jan or Jun.

Davis, E P, b. Dec 9, 1841, d. 1875, age: 33yr 6mo 19da, limestone marker broken in half, foil rub to get dates

Davis, K J, b. Aug 21, 1815, d. Oct 25, 1897

Davis, Larned, d. Dec 14, 1897, age: 76yr 9mo 14da, h/o Mary Ann. Red granite marker

Davis, Mary Ann, d. Jul 29, 1848, age: 23yr 8mo 6da, Wife of Larned Davis

Davis, Neomi J, d. Aug 5, 1845, age: 1yr 2mo 22da, daughter of L. ? & ? Davis

Deems, George E, d. May 22, 1865, age: 1yr 8mo 10da, Son of J. ? & E. Deems

Dent, Willie, d. 1888, no marker found

Devereux, Bulah E, d. Dec 22, 1895, age: 4yr 6mo, dau of W. E. & C Devereux, marker is worn, difficult to read

Devereux, Carrie Benson, b. 1863, d. 1947, w/o William E. Shares marker with William

Devereux, Mildred L, b. Nov 19, 1885, d. Mar 17, 1904, "At Rest" on top of marker

Devereux, William E, b. 1862, d. 1954, h/o Carrie. Middle name is Edward. Shares marker with Carrrie

Deweese, Baxter N, d. Feb 12, 1850, no marker found

Deweese, Mary Jane, b. Sep 27, 1852, d. Feb 15, 1853, dau of Wm & Jerusha Deweese, marker flat, was buried, did foil rub to get info

Fisher, Lydia Osgood, d. Mar 16, 1844, no marker found

Fisher, Theodore O, d. 1861, no marker found

Folsom, Nathan B, d. 1863, marker partially buried

Fredrick, John, d. Mar 6, 1908, age: 79yr, no marker found, date taken from obituary

Gallagher, Robert, b. Apr 4, 1814, d. Aug 17, 1894, age: 80yr 4mo 13da, h/o Susan. White limestone marker is broken at the top

Gallagher, Susan, d. Jan 28, 1880, age: 72yr, Wife of R. Gallagher, shares marker with Robert

Gallaher, Charles J, b. 1874, d. 1950, name written on back of Teron Gallaher marker. To left of large marker, there is a small marker with "Charles J" & small round veteran marker

Gallaher, George P, b. 1880, d. 1919, name written on back of Teron Gallaher marker

Gallaher, Ida P, b. 1841, d. 1920, shares marker with Teron E and Lewis. Also known as Idelia Puffer. Small marker with "Mamma" to right of this large marker

Gallaher, Lewis T, b. Feb 21, 1872, d. Dec 10, 1904, shares marker with Teron and Ida. Small marker to right of "Mamma" with "Lewis" on it

Gallaher, Theron E, b. 1841, d. 1916, shares marker with Ida P and Lewis T. Small marker with "Papa" to the left of this large marker with small round veteran marker

Glazier, Mary A, d. 1860, no marker found

Goldsmith, Carrie E, d. 1860, no marker found

Goldsmith, Elizabeth, d. Dec 7, 1860, age: 50yr 6mo 11da, Mother, Wife of Joseph Goldsmith, We hope to meet again

Goldsmith, Otis, d. 1863, no marker found

Gritz, Heinrich Solmuon, d. 1875

Gunn, Abigail, b. Jun 23, 1802, d. May 17, 1876, His Wife, w/o Windsor. Shares marker with John, Maria, Clara M. & Windsor

Gunn, Clara M, b. Oct 9, 1862, d. Oct 18, 1901, shares marker with John & Maria W

Gunn, Cyrus, b. 1837, d. 1903, grey granite marker

Gunn, Edwin O, b. 1875, d. 1951

Gunn, Eunice F, b. Aug 11, 1880, d. Apr 17, 1935, no marker found

Gunn, Grace, no dates, no marker found, no records available

Gunn, John, b. Apr 3, 1827, d. Feb 11, 1901, h/o Maria W. Shares marker with Maria. Large tree canopy over marker

Gunn, Maria W, b. Sep 16, 1821, d. Mar 22, 1890, His Wife, w/o John

Gunn, Mary M, b. 1851, d. 1929

Gunn, Windsor, b. Jun 1, 1801, d. Feb 14, 1871, on back of John, Maria & Clara M. marker

Gurnea, Catherine E, d. Oct 20, 1868, age: 24yr 6mo 18da, dau. of E.. & H. Gurnea

Gurnea, Elizabeth, d. Jun 12, 1868, age: 71yr 4mo 28da, His Wife, newer marker, shared with Samuel, Mary B

Gurnea, Elizabeth, d. Jun 12, 1868, age: 71yr 4mo 28da, Wife of Samuel Gurnea, old, original marker

Gurnea, George G, b. Feb 24, 1819, d. May 17, 1894, age: 75yr, birth date taken from obituary

Gurnea, George, d. May 17, 1894, age: 75yr, new marker

Gurnea, Mary Barbara, d. Oct 10, 1867, age: 18yr, dau of George & Mary Gurnea

Gurnea, Mary Morrison, b. Sep 2, 1821, d. Jul 6, 1905, Wife of George, Born in Argyle, Scotland

Gurnea, Samuel G, d. Oct 19, 1858, age: 73yr, weeping willow tree engraved at top of marker, Old original marker

Gurnea, Samuel, d. Oct 19, 1858, age: 73yr, new marker

Harford, Martha J Porter, d. Jul 27, 1861, age: 42yr 9mo 7da, Wife of John M. Harford

Hartson, Tamma, d. Oct 16, 1852, age: 65,yr mo "da

Hartwig, Bertha 38838, b. Aug 14, 1882, d. Nov 14, 1906, no marker found

Hegner, William Henry, d. 1893, no marker found

Henning, Baby, no dates, no marker found

Hill, Eliza, d. 1869, Wife of W. D. Hill, partially buried, dates below ground

Hough, Anna M, d. Jul 22, 1859, dau of W. & M. Hough, limestone marker

Johnson, Hepsibah, d. 1857, age: 73yr 6mo 26da, Wife of Wm Johnson, limestone marker broken in three pieces

Johnson, William, d. Mar 8, 1857, age: 62yr 11mo 23da, h/o Hepsibah. Marker broken in four pieces

Kenney, James Wesley, d. 1864, age: 4yr 20mo 29da, Son of J. & M. Kenney

Kenney, Lydia A, d. Oct 6, 1864, age: 5mo 11da, dau of J. & M. Kenney

Kingsbury, Abner, d. Aug 18, 1850, age: 68yr, Died Aug 18, 1850 in the 68 year of his age

Kingsbury, Frank, b. 1855, d. 1924, s/o George & Mary Ann

Kingsbury, George A, b. 1852, d. 1950, s/o George & Mary Ann

Kingsbury, George, b. 1815, d. 1867, h/o Mary Ann. Name on front of marker, along with wife. On back of marker, the children are listed (George, Mary & Frank)

Kingsbury, Hannah, b. Dec 14, 1818, d. Aug 15, 1854, foil rubbed to get into

Kingsbury, Mary Ann, b. Jan 28, 1818, d. Feb 3, 1903, His Wife, w/o George Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Mary, b. 1857, d. Jan 4, 1858, age: 2mo 4da, dau. of Geo. & M. A, Kingsbury, foil rubbed to get info

Kingsbury, Nathan G, d. Jan 16, 1866, age: 45yr 8mo 26da

Kingsbury, Nathan Lafleur, d. Nov 10, 1819, age: 6yr 8mo, Son of N. G. & S. B. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Syrena B, d. Dec 10, 1864, age: 14yr 3mo 13da, foil rubbed to get all info

Knapp, Byron, d. 1863, no marker found

Knapp, Frank L, d. Mar 18, 1863, age: 2yr 7mo 21da, Son of C. B. S. & J. Knapp

Koehler, G C Dr, b. Aug 26, 1811, d. Jan 22, 1881, shared marker with Louisa

Koehler, Lousia W, b. May 3, 1818, d. Nov 17, 1880, Wife of Dr. G. Koehler, w/o Doctor G. C.

Krafft, Edith, b. 1905, d. 1937

Krafft, Nicholas, b. 1879, d. 1949

Krafft, Sarah Sipe, b. 1880, d. 1937, shared marker with Nicholas & Edith

Ladow, Emma A, d. Nov 27, 1864, age: 7yr 24mo, dau. of W. H. & M. J. Ladow, marker laying flat, foil rubbed to get info

Larned, Asa, d. Dec 20, 1853, age: 31yr, limestone marker broken. Wheeping willow tree at top of marker

Larned, Harvey, d. Aug 28, 1846, age: 28yr 6mo, limestone marker

Larned, Hiram, d. Oct 11, 1846, age: 34yr, limestone marker in good shape

Laughlan, Clarence L, b. Jun 12, 1896, d. Oct 14, 1898

Laughlan, Eva E, b. Aug 19, 1901, d. Sep 8, 1903

Maclay, Antonette Walton, d. Jun 6, 1849, age: 80yr 11mo 6da, In Memory, Wife of W. B. Maclay

Maclay, Marmaduke Dent, d. Sep 18, 1851, age: 1yr 7da, Son of O. C, & M. Maclay, mothers maiden name was 'Dent'

Matern, Emily D, d. 1906, no marker found

Matern, Mary L, d. 1918, no marker found

McGee, A D Doctor, d. 1936, no marker found

McGee, Minnie G, no dates, no marker found

McNabb, Frank M, b. Apr 2, 1875, d. Dec 2, 1886, Son of D. & M. F. McNabb

Miller, Elizabeth, b. 1860, d. 1949, Mother

Miller, George, b. 1902, d. 19--, first two digits of death year only, h/o Gynethia. Shared marker with Gynethia. George is probably buried elsewhere since cemetery is inactive

Miller, Gynethia, b. 1901, d. 1943, w/o George

Miller, Henry Carl, b. Jul 4, 1886, d. Oct 10, 1908, Son of P. & E. Miller

Miller, Katie, d. Jan 17, 1887, age: 9mo 7da, Our Katie, Dau. of J. & C. Miller, marker is in a row by it self. Foil rubbed to get info

Miller, Lena K, b. 1882, d. 1944, dau.

Miller, Peter, b. 1853, d. 1938, Father, large family marker with "Miller" on it & Henry Carl, Elizabeth, Peter & Lena's marker in front of it

Mitchell, Pricilla, b. 1858, d. 1941, His Wife, w/o Robert H

Mitchell, Robert H, b. 1878, d. 1931, h/o Pricilla. Shared marker with Pricilla

Naumann, Baby, d. 1875, no marker found

Naumann, Baby, d. 1876, no marker found

Nuss, Delilah, b. Oct 17, 1836, d. Apr 20, 1895, Our Mother, w/o Walter L. Marker is in shape of an open book

Nuss, Lee, no dates, no marker, no records

Nuss, Walter L, b. Feb 7, 1832, d. Jan 9, 1890, age: 57yr 11mo, Our Father, h/o Delilah

Parmenter, Susan, d. Aug 23, 1873, age: 74yr 10mo 14da, cemetery records give death date as 1878 *

Puffer, Alice, d. Jan 19, 1856, age: 6mo, dau of Dea. George & Lucy A. Puffer, marker laying flat, was buried

Puffer, Eliza A, d. Sep 29, 1855, age: 2yr 9mo, dau of Dea. George & Lucy A. Puffer, foil rubbed to get info

Puffer, Ella R, d. 1856, no marker found

Puffer, Emily G, d. Jan 29, 1885, age: 80yr 10mo 1da, Our Mother: Wife of Lewis Puffer, symbol of 8 pedaled flower below dates. Foil rubbed to get info

Puffer, Frances, d. Aug 29, 1850, age: ?yr 10mo 4da, dau. of George & Lucy A. Puffer, foil rubbed to get info

Puffer, Franklin, d. Dec 27, 1849, age: 2yr 8mo 5da, Son of George & Lucy

Puffer, George Deacon, d. Aug 8, 1857, age: 40yr, In Memory of Dea. George Puffer Who Rest, In memory of just reward, marker in one piece, laying flat on ground, foil rubbed to get all info

Puffer, George M Deacon, b. Aug 29, 1843, d. Apr 17, 1914, footstone

Puffer, Lewis Deacon, b. Nov 7, 1798, d. May 3, 1886, age: 87yr 7mo 26da, Loving Father

Puffer, Sarah J, d. May 22, 1852, age: 4yr 3mo 20da, dau of George & Lucy Puffer, very worn marker, south of Franklin Puffer. Foil rubbed to get info

Reniff, Marianne, d. 1852, age: 14yr 1mo 3da, daughter of ??, very worn marker

Sipe, Clayton, b. Apr 3, 1899, d. Feb 15, 1919, no marker found

Sipe, Ethel Ruth, b. Feb 12, 1897, d. Apr 19, 1898, no marker found

Sipe, Samuel, b. Jan 9, 1857, d. Oct 14, 1902

Sipe, Willie, b. Jan 4, 1889, d. Apr 12, 1889, no marker found

Smilie, Minnie, d. 1882, no marker found

Smith, Catherine M, d. 1856, age: 23yr 8mo 27da, Wife of George W. Smith, marker very worn

Stansel, Olive Arvilla, b. May 17, 1866, d. Sep 13, 1866, age: 4mo 8da, Dau of I. M. & E. H. Stansel, marker is here but according to cemetery records the remains were moved to Hope Cemetery, Lostant, Marshall Co., Illinois

Stewart, Elizabeth, d. ?,17, ?, marker broken, unable to get dates from marker *

Stewart, Nancy, d. Mar 18, 1882, age: 74yr 3mo, Wife of Z. D. Stewart

Stewart, Zora D, d. May 23, 1859, age: 45yr 1mo, weeping will tree on top - marker just north of Nancy Stewart. Foil rubbed to get info

Strawn, Ellis V, b. Aug 23, 1818, d. Apr 12, 1897, no marker found, dates taken from obituary

Strawn, Hannah, no dates, no marker found

Strawn, John M, b. Mar 11, 1878, d. Jun 18, 1905

Strawn, Lydia, d. Jan 18, 1880, age: 57yr 8mo 10da, Mother, Wife of Ellis V

Strawn, William H, d. 1949, no marker found

Swisher, Jonathan, d. Jan 20, 1893, age: 78yr 5mo 11da, h/o Susan

Swisher, Susan A, b. Mar 31, 1822, d. Apr 19, 1902, Mother, Wife of J. Swisher

Utech, Ernest J, d. 1863, no marker found

Waterman, John M, no dates, no marker found

Weingartner, Henry, d. 1934, no marker found

Weingartner, Marie S, d. 1927, no marker found

White, Lucy L, d. Oct 17, 1816, age: 26yr 8mo 11da, Wife of L. L. White

Williams, Eliza, d. 1884, no marker found

Williams, Roy V, d. Dec 15, 1890, age: 10yr, Son of D. W. & M. E. Williams

Winters, Elizabeth H, d. Mar 19, 1849, age: 69yr 1mo 29da, Wife of Obediah Winters

Winters, Obediah, d. Mar 25, 1849, age: 74yr 6mo 20da, h/o Elizabeth

Wise, Anna Mary, b. Sep 10, 1851, d. Jun 19, 1873, Infant dau. of Henry & ? Wise, foil rubbed to get info

Wise, George W, d. Aug 19, 1862, age: 5yr 3mo 6da, Son of W. & R. Wise

Wise, Henry G, d. 1855, no marker found

Wise, Henry, d. Feb 16, 1869, age: 84yr 4mo 1da

Wise, Jacob, d. Oct 24, 1863, age: 76yr 6mo 9da

Wise, Mary F, d. May 8, 1855, age: 2yr 5mo 29da, dau. Of A. & K. Wise, foil rubbed to get info

Wise, Rebecca, d. Jul 21, 1860, age: 25yr ?mo 7da, Wife of Henry Wise, marker broken just below death date

Wise, William, d. Feb 15, 1867, Husband of Sarah A. Wise

Woodbury, Eunice O, d. 1855, no marker found

Woodbury, Issac Deacon, d. 1845, no marker found

Woodbury, Sarah J, d. Jun 12, 1851, dau of ??good & Laur? Woodbury, marker broken in three pieces, laying flat, south of Gallagher markers, Foil rubbed to get info

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