1890 to 1895


September 25, 1890
Married at Cottage Hill, September 12 by Rev. Bliss, John Calvin Lambert and Elizabeth Bosley, both of Putnam County.

Hennepin, October 2, 1890
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Wednesday, September 24 by Rev. A.M. Case, Charles Nash and Annie G. Sutcliffe, both of Putnam County. They go to housekeeping at once on their farm in Hennepin Prairie. We wish them unbounded success.

Hennepin, January 8, 1891
Married, at the residence of Owen W. Allen, Cottage Hill, Putnam County at 7 o’clock Thursday evening,  Jan. 1, Henry P. Alleman to Mattie M. Dunbar, Rev. Bliss of magnolia, officiating. About 60 gruests were present. A grand supper was given by Mr. and Mrs. Allen. Numerous presents were received, both useful and ornamental. We were remembered by the worthy couple by a sample of several kinds of cake, which to use a mild term was delicious. We extend to Mr. and Mrs. Alleman a hearty-greeting and wish them long life, peace and prosperity.

The Putnam Record
April 2, 1891

Samuel Baxendale, who now resides in Peoria, was married to Miss Frankie Baker, March 10, 1891.


January 21, 1892
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Wednesday, January 6, Peter M. Morine to Nellie Sutcliffe. They are at home to their friends at the Sheering farm at Florid and still there is more to follow.

February 4, 1892
Married at Hennepin, January 31, at Congregational parsonage, by Rev. A.M. Case, Charles B. Towle to Mrs. Francis C. Boyle.

February 11, 1892
Married at Magnolia, February 3, by A.B. Gurnea, Esq., Norris J. Allen to Miss Lena Bishop.

Quaker Lane, December 22, 1892
Con Holocker was married last Thursday to Rena Foster of Cottage Hill.

June 1, 1893
At Florid, June 1, at the family residence, Walter A. McCool and Augusta, daughter of C.E. Reginold

January 3, 1895
Married at Florid, December 19, by J.B. Albert, JP, Samuel Clemens and Sarah R. Fulner, both of Florid.

January 31, 1895
Married at Florid, January 16, at the home of the officiating magistrate, by Joseph B. Albert, Esq., William Seibert of this city and Rose Kast of Florid.

Florid, January 31, 1895
William Seibert and Rosa Kast were married last Wednesday evening at the home of Joseph Albert. This was a very quiet wedding and a surprise to all.  Also John Deininger was married this same evening to Hattie Umbarger of Melvin.

1896 to 1900


January 7, 1897
Married At Florid, January 4 and the residence of the bride’s parents, Reverend Daniel Breeze officiating, Isaac Reichwine and Jessie E., daughter of J.B. and E.A. Albert.

February 11, 1897
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents near Florid, Illinois by the Reverend Emery Haskins of Chicago, Mr. C.C. Coulter of Fairfield, Iowa to Miss Lizzie Smith of Florid, Illinois. They will leave in a few days for Mr. Coulter’s home in Iowa. We congradulate Mr. and Mrs. Coulter and wish them a long life of prosperity and happiness.

Taken From the Putnam Record
April 28, 1898
Mt. Palatine - April 24
Mr. Joe Mattern and Miss Anna Lamenz were united in marriage at the Catholic church last Tuesday morning.  Rev. Father Francis officiating.  They are residing in Tonica.

Taken From the Putnam Record
August 4, 1898
Married at the M. E. parsonage in Hennepin, Monday, August 1, 1898 by Rev. L. F. Zinser, Mr. Frank J. Howe, of Hoopeston, Ill., and Miss Mame Mitchell, of Magnolia.  The will make their future home at Grand Island, Neb., where the groom has accepted the position of principal of the commercial department of the Grand Island college.

Taken From the Putnam Record
August 11, 1898
Cottage Hill - Aug. 9
Invitations are out for the marriage, of Dr. C. C. Mills to a Miss Wilson of Decatur. About 30 of his Quaker friends are going down.

Taken From the Putnam Record
August 11, 1898
Cottage Hill - Aug. 9
Walter Chance brought a bride home with him from Walnut last Friday, but never asked the postmaster anything about it, so can give nothing further.

Taken From the Putnam Record
September 29, 1898
Married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Barr, near Lostant, Miss Cornelia Williamson to Mr. A. Burdell Child, Tuesday evening, September 10 at 6:30 o'clock. The folding doors opened revealing the happy pair standing beneath an arch of vines and flowers, Rev. Bliss performed a beautiful ceremony, immediately after which all were invited to partake of a delicious repast in the spacious dining room. Then follwed congratulations by about 100 invited guests.......... The following evening, September 21, they were tendered a reception at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Child near Granville, where about 80 invited guests responded.

Taken From the Putnam Record
November 17, 1898
Married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Devor, in Hennepin, Wednesday evening, November 9, 1898, Mr. Albert W. Forrester and Mrs. Maud E. Larmon, both of Hennepin.  Rev. J. P. Campbell was the officiating clergyman. This happy event was conducted very quietly, no invitations having been issued, and only the parents of the bride being present. In fact the boys didn't get wind of it until the following Friday evening, and the charivari was happily a rather tame afair.  The bride has been a resident of Hennepin for a number of years, having graduated from the Hennepin High School and is so well known in this community that an introduction in this item is useless. The groom is a sober, industrious young man, and will be a kind and frugal husband. The Record joins with the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Forrester in congratulations.  May their union extend through many years of happiness and prosperity.

Taken From the Putnam Record
November 17, 1898
Married, at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in Trinity (Church of England( church, on the evening of October 3, 1898, Willis Wilson Danley of Chicago, Ill., son of D. W. Danley of Hennepin, and Miss Matilda Elizabeth Cayzer of Sydney, n. S. W.  The newly married couple will probably visit the principal cities of Europe before returning to America.  Mr. Danley's many friends in Hennepin will send congratulations.

Taken From the Putnam Record
December 22, 1898

Married, at the M. E. parsonage in Hennepin, Friday, December 15, 1898, Rev. L. F. Zinser officiating, Mr. W. H. Morris and Miss Drula Springer, both of Florid, Ill.  It is but a short time ago that we had the pleasure of announcing that Mr. Morris had become the successor of T. A. Hetrick, in the leading business house of Florid, and it gives us even greater pleasure to make public tims his second venture.  They area a worthy young couple and we wish them unalloved happiness and deserved success in business.


Florid, December 22, 1898
W.H. Morris and Miss Drewy Springer were married last Wednesday evening. Mr. Morris is a successor to T.A. Hetrick in the grocery business and the bride is a granddaughter of John Deininger of Florid.  They are both fine young people and we join with their many friends in wishing them a long and happy life together.

December 29, 1898
Married at Hennepin, by Rev. Campbell, Mac Gallaher of Florid and Alice Cunningham of Chillicothe.

Florid, January 5, 1899
Wesley Kays of Florid and Miss Mace Henning of Hennepin were married last Friday evening. We wish them a long and happy life together.


February 23, 1899
Mr. Nels Anderson of Florid, and Miss Emma Larson, of Granville were married by Rev. P. M. France, at the Congrgational parsonage, Hennepin, Friday, February 18, 1899.  The will go to keeping house in Tonica soon.

Mr. William R. Childs and Miss Clara Belle Conner, both of Princeton, were married by Rev. L. F. Zinser at the M. E. church parsonage, Hennepin, Wednesday, February 15.

February 23, 1899
Wheeler - Downey Nuptials
Married at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Downey, in Senachwine Twp., Geo. W. Wheeler and Miss Amelia Downey, the Rev. Northup officiating, Thursday evening, Feb. 23, 1899.  Mr. Wheeler is one of the prosperous, upright, energetic young farmers of the county, of splendid character, a young man of great personal worth, born and reared in this county and very popular among his neighbors. The bride, also born and reared in this county, is a sister of County Treasurer Downey of this place, and is one of talented young ladies of Putnam county. ...... In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler left for a brief wedding trip in Chicago, and upon their return will immediately go to housekeeping at the home farm of the late V. H. Wheeler.

The Hennepin Herald, March 2, 1899

Marriage of John L. Downey and Miss Minna May Lucas

Marriage at the home of the bride's parents in this city, Thursday, March 2, 1899 at 8 p.m. by Rev. P. M. France, at the Congregational church, Mr. John Linnen Downey and Miss Minna May Lucas, the bride's home being beautifully decorated with potted planted and cut flowers. The marriage of this popular couple was not wholly unlooked for. Mr. Downey is a product of Putnam county. He is a self made man and very clever gentleman of more than ordinary ability. Five years ago he was elected sheriff of Putnam county on the Republican ticket, serving a four-year term and last fall was elected County treasurer by his party to a four-year term. His bride is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Lucas of Hennepin. Minna Lucas is well known and loved by the community in which she was born. A lady characterized by her charming qualities and lovable disposition.

April 13, 1899
Married, at the M. E. church parsonage in Oswego, Kansas, April 6, 1899, by Rev. S. A. Rose, Mr. C. L. Seabright, M. D. and Miss Ada E. Wilson.  Such reaaads the notice sent us, and, as the bride was for many years a resident of Hennepin, there are many in this community who will join with The RECORD in congratulations.  Mr. and Mrs. Seabright will take up their home in the Indian territory.

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