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Putnam County, Illinois
Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859

by George W. Hawes, Scripps, Bross & Spears, Printers, Daily Press Book and Job Office, Chicago IL


Florida (Florid): A post office of Putnam County. Christian Cassell, Postmaster.

Granville: A post village of Putnam County, in the northern part, about 5 miles east from the Illinois River. Wm. A. Pennell, Postmaster.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Colman, George, blacksmith and wheel-wright.
Pennel, W. A., insurance and land agent.
Reed, Geo. J. & Co., dry goods, groceries, etc.

Hennepin: A thriving post village, capital of Putnam County, on the left bank of the Illinois River, 115 miles north from Springfield. Steamboats navigate the river between its mouth and Hennepin, in all seasons except winter; it has an active business in shipping produce, the value of which is estimated at about one million dollars annually. Chester Eddy, Postmaster.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Barmore, Walter B., meat market.
Baxendale, W. & G., groceries, tobacco and cigars.
Clotz & Kirner, brewers.
Dore, P., groceries
Duncan, J. E., proprietor Hennepin Tribune
Eddy, C. & W., dry goods, clothing, etc.
Feltes, Peter & Co., groceries
Grable, J. F., Justice of Peace
Greiner & Go., bakery.
Guyselman, Joh, groceries
Kline, E., guns, pistols, etc.
Lewis, D., watch and clock maker
Margison, J. L., blacksmith
Minihan & Simpson, forwarding and commission.
Noxon, A. C., drugs and medicines.
Panchaud, J. C., physician and surgeon.
Pulsifer, E. F., dry goods, groceries, etc.
Schooler, Hugh N., insurance agent.
Shilz, Matthias, boot and shoe maker.
Speer, A. V., wagon shop.
Taber, B. C., physician, surgeon and druggist.
Towle, C. P., saddles and harness.
Treerwiler, Co., blacksmith and wagon maker.
Turner, Oakes, insurance agent.
Wardlaw, W. D., lumber

Magnolia: A post village in the south part of Putnam County, 100 miles north by east from Springfield. Luther C. Morrill, postmaster.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Dittman, G. W., auctioneer.
Foster, Henry, harness and saddlery.
Irwin, Robert, notary public.
Lundy, B. Clarks, physician and surgeon.
Ong, Jeremiah, proprietor of Magnolia Hotel.
Quaintance, Joel, saddlery and harness
Rankin, William, plasterer and finisher.
Thornton, J. T. & J. F., drugs, paints, oils, etc.
Van Vinkel & Quaintance, plow makers and blacksmiths.

Mount Palatine: A post village of Putnam County, is situated on the summit of a high rolling prairie, about 10 miles south of La Salle, and 4 from Tonica, on the Illinois Central railroad, in the midst of an intelligent agricultural population. Judson College, founded by the Baptists, is situated here. Efforts are being made to convert this into an industrial or agricultural school.

Oxbow: a post office of Putnam County. Edward W. Guild, postmaster.

Putnam County: is situated in the north central part of the state, and has an area of 200 square miles. It is intersected by the Illinois River, navigable by steam boats. The surface in undulating, the soil productive and easily cultivated. The county contains extensive prairies and is well supplied with timber. Corn, wheat, grass and pork are the staples. It contains about 15 churches, and has over 1,000 pupils attending public schools. Stone coal in found in the county. The county is intersected by the Illinois Central and Bureau Valley Railroad. Capital, Hennepin. Population, 6,800.

County Officers
County Judge, Joseph D. McCarthy
County Clerk, Amos T. Purviance.
Circuit Clerk, Geo. Dent.
Sheriff, Jeff. Durley.
School Commissioner, Chas. Cross.


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