Putnam County, Illinois History and Genealogy
Township Elections


 1872 Township Elections For Marshall and Putnam Counties

Taken From the Henry Republican, April 4, 1872

Magnolia township

Supervisor Calvin Shields
Clerk John Nesmith
Assessor Campbell Shields
Collector A. H. Evans
Commissioner of highways W. Bobbitt, L. I. Beck
School trustee A. Wright

Vote polled 277.

Hennepin township

Supervisor William Allen
Assessor Wm. Read
Collector Jeff. Durley
Commissioner of highways Joel Whittaker
Justices C. Cassell, *Peter Feltis
Constables T. Sprague, *Jack Cassell

Snachwine township

Supervisor John G. Freeman
Clerk E. L. Cook
Assessor Henry Hunter
Collector John Barnhart
Commissioner of highway J. R. Taliaferro
Justices Henry Hunter, E. L. Cook
Constables John Barnhart, Samuel Haines

1874 Township Elections For Marshall , Bureau and Putnam Counties

Taken From the Henry Republican, April 16,1874

Granville Township

Supervisor - S. W. Stewart
Clerk - T. C. Thom
Assessor - John S. Ross
Collector - B. F. Surby
Road commissioners - Ish and Fisher
Justices - Ish and Whiting

1877 Township Elections for Putnam County

Taken From the Henry News Republican
April 12, 1877

Township Elections - Putnam County


Supervisor, Daniel McNabb; clerk, A. B. Gurnea; assessor, Campbell Shields; collector, A. H. Evans; justices, Thomas Philson, John Laughlin; constables, Daniel McNabb, henry Atherton; commissioner of highways, H. J. Swindler.


Supervisor, Hiram Colby; clerk, Thomas C. Thom; assessor, Frank Whiting; collector, C. A. Shepherd; justices, Andrew Wardlaw, Frank Whiting; constables, C. C. Penniman, E. C. Smith; commissioner of highways, John J. Peterson.


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