Putnam County, Illinois History and Genealogy


Civil War

  • Civil War Veterans
    List of soldiers who fought in the civil war - Names ,Company andPlace of Residence (Incomplete)
  • General Affidavits for Soldier's Pensions ( Alice C. O'Neal)
  • Our Bold Soldier Boys:  (Taken From the Henry News Republican  - Lists the Name, Residence, Date of Enlistment, Wounds, Discharge, Death or Mustering Out of Officers and Soldiers who enlisted in the US Service  during the Civil War from Marshall and Putnam counties and its vicinity - Bureau (Lone Tree, Milo, Wheatland, Arispie), Peoria (Chillicothe) and Stark (Bradford, Osceola) Counties. Carefully complied from the Adjutant s General Report 1861 to 1866.)
  • The Hunt Family Civil War Letters - Contributed by Jim Cananaugh
  • Jim writes "I am sending you 4 Civil War era letters that seem to have interesting content. The Marshall County website already has one letter  written by Mahlon Hunt. I have another. Yes they are the same Mahlon Hunts and the father Richard Hunt and father Cornelius Hunt were brothers. These letters were handed down from Cornelius' daughter Jane Hunt Dixon to granddaughter Mary Adelaide Dixon. Adelaide included them in her "Hunt Family History" publication. I have put them into electronic format. The Cornelius Hunt's lived  in Hope Twp. La Salle Co. during the Civil War. They lived 2 1/2 miles east of Magnolia @ now State Route 18 and East 1st Rd. I believe Magnolia was always considered their home town.

  • 1883 Pensioners - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty

World War I

  • A Soldier's Letter - (Letters printed in the Putnam County Record and Henry News Republican from Marshall and Putnam County young men fighting during WWI)

World War II


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