Putnam County, Illinois History and Genealogy


Teachers for the Fall term
- 1874 (Henry Republican)

Our 1879 Teachers  
(List of teachers receiving certificates in Putnam county from January 1 to June 1, 1879 and statistics of the public schools of Putnam county for the 1878-1879 school year.)

Putnam County Teachers Institute
(At Florid)Taken From the Hennepin Tribune,  October 22, 1858

The 1879 Teachers Institute at Florid
(Taken From the Henry Republican, January 30, 1879)

1914-1915 Florid School
(Teacher, Students, President and Clerk)

1902-1903 Florid School
(Teacher, Students by Class, Directors)


Florid School Photo - early 1900's

1896 Sprinkleburg School Photo

 1907 Sprinkleburg School Photo (Contributed by Angela Noll)

The Class of 1929-1930, Hennepin High School, Hennepin, Illinois

Magnolia School Photos - Contributed by Rick Vest


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