Cottage Hill News Items from the Past


Cottage Hill, Wednesday, June 11, 1880

W. B. Cassell is shining the house of Josh Allen and son with paint brush

Putnam Record

Cottage Hill, September 3, 1880

Friend Lippard had a horse killed by lightening in the pasteur, the bolt striking it about the head and running down a front leg and taking off a foot. Last Saturday it struck the fence near the home of Jas. Allen, felling Mrs. Owen Allen to the ground and shocking other members of the family.



Mrs. O.W. Allen is improving.

During the storm last Saturday, a whirlwind twisted off quite a number of trees in Judge Cassell's orchard and carried twenty or thirty rods into the timber. J. H. Cassell and family took refuge in the cellar while the house shook like a leaf. The strangest feat was the carrying of a tub of water, 15 paces and setting it down without spilling the water.

The Putnam Record, Hennepin, IL, April 20, 1882

Cottage, April 18

C. A. Chance is a lucky man for 3 years term as school director.

Frank Griffith of Clear Creek it seems has got tired of old Putnam and has started with his herd of 30 head of cattle for Montana.


October 19, 1882

A new nightwatch at J. H. Cassell's at Cottage Hill. It's a girl.

The Putnam Record, April 19, 1883

Cottage Hill, April 16

J. B.Kays gave Jake Maulfair and Anthony Chance the jackass fever and they have been in Kentucky and brought a blooded jack horse home with them.

Since the recent sale and purchase of the land of the Allen estate, there are more farms for sale here about than there are buyers.

The M. E. folks at Strawn's have reorganized their S. S., with Mrs. Mollie Allen as superintendent. School at 2:30 each Sabbath.

Mrs. Rosa Dinkey, widow of the late John Dinkey will sell her personal effects at auction on next Saturday, April 21st. The property consists of horses, cattle, hogs, all kinds of farm implements, wagons, harness and household goods. Terms of the sale, 9 months on sums over $5, purchaser giving approved security. A. P. Child, auctioneer.

Cottage Hill, June 7, 1883

W. B. Cassell is building a hay and cow shed for Anthony Reevy, which will require near 30,000 shingles to cover it.

Cottage Hill, November 20, 1884

W. B. Cassell has purchased the residence of Ellen Baar in Castleton - consideration $250.

Cottage Hill, August 11, 1887

Owen Allen, while moving his stock last evening was thrown from his horse and was unconscious for awhile, but at this writing nothing serious is anticipated.

Cottage Hill, September 13, 1888

Anthony Chance purchased the premium pig and the Wenona fair for $25.

Cottage Hill, July 19, 1888

Judge Cassell has gone to Nebraska

Mattie Dunbar has engaged the school at Paynes Point for the ensuing term.

Cottage Hill, September 13, 1888

Wm. Cassell has begun the manufacture of cider with his hydraulic press.

April 11, 1889

Cottage Hill, April 6

Mr. Lippert was traded two of his horses for western land, delivered them in Hennepin, and C. A. Chance followed suite, bought and brought them home with him so that the Hill country still will be stocked with fine horses.


Cottage Hill, February 13, 1890

Aunt Rose Allen is still in delicate health. Also Mrs. Gus Deininger is dangerously ill with doubtful prospects of regaining health.


April 10, 1890

Cottage Hill, April 7

Aunt Rose Allen is in delicate health.

John Deininger dropped in on his parents from the west last Saturday and had a good opportunity to shake with the old acquaintances in Strawn yesterday.

Jim Cassell of 15 summers also caught an old mother fox, 10 days ago.


Cottage Hill, July 17, 1890

Aunt Rose Allen has crossed the river and her remains were followed by a large concourse of people to her last resting place at Florid yesterday, Reverend Bliss officiating.


Cottage Hill, October 2, 1890

The effects of Aunt Rose Allen, deceased, were sold last Saturday. Among the other relics of the past was old Charlie, a horse of 31 years past.


Cottage Hill, December 3, 1891

Mrs. O.W. Allen was at Melvin Ford County, to attend the nuptial of a niece, Miss Mabel Forney.


Cottage Hill, December 3, 1891

Mrs. O.W. Allen was at Melvin Ford County, to attend the nuptial of a niece, Miss Mabel Forney.


Cottage Hill, October 13, 1892

I wrote a few years ago about a present of a cow by Ida Foster, a one armed girl to her father. A year or two later, the children chipped in and sent their father to his old home in New York. Now again they have thrown together their mights and have the lumber on hand for a new house and carpenters are now at work. The old log cabin will soon be dumped into the wood pile.


Cottage Hill, August 31, 1893

O.W. Allen has decided to leave the farm and try Henry for awhile.

Cottage Hill - July 26, 1898

Michael Cassell of Decatur is visiting his brother, Judge Cassell. Also Davie Albert of the same city is visiting and looking for work. Work in town seems hard to find for some at least.


Mrs. Mollie Allen and girl had a runaway last Wednesday evening while out calling On their way home from the hill, their horse became frightened by a hog by the waysideand becoming unmanagable, upset the wagon and landed the girl underneath it, giving Mrs. A. marks of a rough ride. Then the horse broke loose from the buggy, went home, and gave news to what had happened. However neither were seriously hurt and are now at the home duties as before.

Walter Chance, who has been in Ford County for several years is home again and will run the home farm next year.

AUGUST 18, 1898


Walter Chance brought a bride home from Walnut yesterday but never asked the postmaster anything about it so can give nothing further.

Cottage Hill, August 16, 1898

Our school building is being overhauled by carpenters, W. B. Cassell and Henry Alleman. Mr. Lowl of Magnolia is to teach this fall commencing the first Monday in September.


Cottage Hill, September 15, 1898

A. K. Cassell and wife of Chicago were callers at the Hill yesterday and tested our pumpkin pie, fried chicken, etc.


Taken From the Putnam Record, January 19, 1899
Cottage Hill - Jan. 17

We have had mud and slop for nearly a week, but the beautiful snow is upon us this morning.

We had a very enjoyable time last week at the Farmers' Institute. Thee were many fine essays and declamations, and Magnolia so appreciated them that she fed the multitude bountifully. It was said to be the largest attendance of the kind that Putnam conty ever had.

William Peterson had quite a large crowd at his sale last Saturday, and his effects sold well, aggregating $4,104.04. The Ladies Aid society of Florid, took in $35, and Sem Clemens $55 for feeding the crowd.

George F. Forney of Ford county is visiting friends in this locality.

W. G. Morris expects to have a public sale February 2, and will retire from farm life for a season at least.

O. W. Allen and William Gall attended the Three-I extension meeting at Grange ball yesterday afternoon. I have not learned the results, but there is no use talking, the people will nto be satisfied until we get a railroad - if talk will bring it.


Taken From the Putnam Record, February 23, 1899
Cottage Hill - Feb. 21

The change the weather has made in the roads caused the farmers to quit hauling corn and such, for a while.

The school entertainment last week was well rendered and quite attended.

The sick seem to be improving, except Mrs. O. W. Allen, whom Dr. Swem was called to treat yesterday.

Frank Kays and wife had their little boy's extra toes amputated last week. The child was born with seven toes on its right foot - three where the big toe should have been.  It was rapidly growing into a deformity.  Drs. Taylor of Florid, and Swem and Jones of Henry, were in attendance.

Taken From the Putnam Record, April 13, 1899
Cottage Hill - April 11

Our streets are drying up fast now and some of the farmers have started the plow with lots of work in view.

Walter Chance, of Walnut, is at the old home now, looking after his father's affairs on the farm.

A young man came to make his home with O. Forrestall and wife, last week.

The assessors are around looking after real estate, and all such.

I am anxiously looking for a railroad to Hennepin, but how can she expect to have a railroad when she can't elect even one republican?

-- Q


Cottage Hill, March 6, 1899

Mrs. Dora Pool left here last week for her home at Lodge Pole, Nebraska, going via Chicago.


April 6, 1899, Cottage Hill

O.W. Allen did not get his cattle off last week as reported, but expects to this week.

C.A.Chance is in poor health and is anxiously looking forward to more settled weather. We all hope he may get better.

Taken From the Putnam Record, Hennepin, IL
May 4 1899

The phones connecting Messers. Lippert, Kays and the Hill with Ford Central, are now ready for the "hello".

James Nessmith of Davenport, Ia., a nephew of the Hill, and who is working a company in the gravel pits between Putnam and Bureau, dropped in and spent last Sabbath with us.

The ground is getting quite dry on top and everything seems to be longing for rain again. Vegetation is coming on nicely and fine bloom for apples and most other fruit, except peaches and blackberries.

Mr. Hecht, who has been ou Sunday school superintendent for the past two years, has secured a position with a Toluca firm up on Sandy and resigned his superintendency last Sunday.  H. P. Alleman, was elected in his stead, and Frank Chance, just returned from school at Valparaiso, was elected assistant superintendent.

Putnam Record, Hennepin, Illinois
May 18, 1899

Cottage Hill - May 16

Rev. Rogers and wife, nee Julia Kimber of Grand Ridge, were visiting relatives and friends here last week. A. K. Cassell is also a visitor hereabouts, and looking after the old homestead which he has recently purchased.

Ed Morris of Payne's Point is the champion hog raiser, he having a sow of the Red Duroe breed that farrowed nineteen pigs, and there are yet sixteen of them living.

Mr. and Mrs. Bird Kays of Tonica were visiting relatives hereabouts over the Sabbath.

Putnam Record, Hennepin, Illinois
June 15 1899

Cottage Hill

Peter Holenback and wife, on the old Wilson farm, are rejoicing over the arrival of a new girl at their home. The mother, however has been in poor health but is reported better.

The news comes to us over the phone that Mrs. Reichwine, of Florid, is in a critical condition and is near death's door.

The farmers are all in a hustle after the weed and haven't much time to write or tell stories.

Augustus Pool and Mr. Houskins, of Chicago, are visiting friends hereabouts and they ride their wheels nearly forty knots an hour.

Cottage Hill, October 12, 1899

H. P. Alleman is out in Nebraska looking after a pre-emption claim and expects to "prove up".

Jabaz Foster will give a gramaphone entertainment at Strawn next Friday evening, the 13th - admission 10 and 15 cents.

October 21, 1899

Henry Alleman was called to the west again and expected to start today, but a lucky dispatch came last night stating that the matter was settled and he need not come.

November 23, 1899

Mrs. W. B. Cassell and daughter Bessie of Cottage Hill visited relatives in Hennepin the first of this week.

December 7, 1899, Cottage Hill

William Foster has been on the sick list the past week but was reported better yesterday.

Wednesday, January 17, 1900

Cottage Hill - January 16

C.A. Chance shipped a car of hogs yesterday and O.W. Allen a load of cattle today to Chicago.

Cottage Hill, February 20, 1900

O. Allen and Curtis Chance were on the Chicago market last Friday - each with a load of cattle.

Mrs. Dora Pool of Nebraska, who has been to Chicago to visit her son Augustus, who has been sick but is better, is now calling on her father, ex-judge Cassell and other friends here about.

Ella Murphy and Anna Eisenhouer of Tampiko, Whiteside County are visiting their old homes.


Wednesday, April 18, 1900

Cottage Hill, April 10

C.A Chance seems to grow weaker all the while and seems to think the end is near.

Judge Cassell is troubled to get his breath in bed and has to sit up most of the time.

W. B. Cassell was called to Henry the first of the week to go carpentry work for the firm he has worked for, for several years.

Cottage Hill, April 17, 1900

C.A. Chance just seems to be waiting for the summons and has not eaten anything for 4 or 5 days.

Judge Cassell remains about the same.

Cottage Hill, April 24, 1900

Curtis Anthony Chance passed to the othe shore on last Friday about 5 PM and was laid to rest in Florid yesterday. Reverend Bliss officiating. The remains were followed to their last resting place by a large circle of friends. Rest in peace.

Judge Cassell is much better and looks as though he will be able to go fishing in the near future.



Last week, the record gave a mere announcement of the death of Anthony Chance of Cottage Hill, haveing no data at that time from which to form an obituary. Mr. Chance as many of our readers know, had been in declinging health for the past three years and neither medicine or change of climite it seems had the power to stay the disease which had taken a hold upon him. He had tried many physicians, visited the famous mineral springs of Colorado and other parts, but all to no purpose and on April 20, his spirit took its flight to the world beyond.

Deceased was born in Putnam County May 18, 1849 and died April 20, 1900, age 50 years, 11 months and two days. He grew to manhood in the vicinity of his birth, and on December 31, 1872, he was united in marriage with Miss Esther Allen, who died July 22, 1886, leaving him with six children, 5 sons and one daughter. October 4, 1887, he was again married to Sara A. Springer, by whom he had 4 children. Of the ten children, 2 daughters, one by the first wife and one by the second, are deceased. The widow and eight children survive to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and kind father. He spent all of his life in Putnam County and his body now rests in the Florid cemetery, where the funeral services were held, conducted by Reverend Bliss.

Cottage Hill, May 30, 1900

O.W. Allen and the C.A. Chance estate, each shipped a load of cattle to Chicago last week. Frank Chance and Walker Johnson, Owen's adoped boy, went along to see the little village and got back all right.

Mrs. O.W. Allen has been in Henry the past week in poor health, but has returned to the farm again.

Miss Ida Foster is at the hill now sewing. There are few one handed persons that can do the work she does.


Cottage Hill, September 4, 1900

W. B. Cassell and O. W. Allen went to Decatur to pay the last tribute to their uncle, Thomas Albert, last Saturday.

Cottage Hill, September 11, 1900

Eph Cassell and wife of Nebraska, came down from Chicago after spending a week or more during the encampment and sister Eliz. Cassell comes today and still there are more to follow

Uncle Ed Foster and Ida went to Tampika to visit John Eisenhour as he expects err long to make his home in Iowa. Will and Jabez Foster have also rented land out there and expect to farm for a business.

Cottage Hill, September 25, 1900

O.W. Allen has rented his place to A.J. Gall and will move to McNabb and I expect will manage the new railroad addition to Toluca from McNabb Junction.

Judge Cassell is in poor health and has a hard time getting his breath. He is nearing 88 years and can't expect to stay here many years more.


Cottage Hill, October 2, 1900

Eph Cassell and wife left for home via Chicago last week. Also Jacob Mosely and Mrs. E. Cassell left yesterday for her home in Steele City, Nebraska.

Judge Cassell's health is still poor but he enjoys a good talk with old friends.

Cottage Hill, October 9, 1900

Mrs. Owen Allen, who under went a very critical operation on Tuesday, is now doing well. The noted surgeon, Dr. Russell of Cincinnati, assisted by Dr. Swan of Henry, and Dr. Barber of Magnolia, performed the operation. Under the efficient skill of the attending physician, Dr. Swan and the care of Miss Thomas, a fully qualified nurse of Chicago, Mrs. Allen will doubtless make a speedy recovery.

Cottage Hill, November 6, 1900

Mrs. Mollie Allen is said to be getting along all right, but is still held in close quarters upstairs. It seems that there was an error that Owen had bought property in McNabb. He has since bought in Henry and will retire from farm life.

C.D. Moulfair is home from Chicago to vote for McCinley, also Jabez Foster from near Ogelsby.


Cottage Hill, December 18, 1900

Mrs. Ella Werling (nee Foster) her husband and 3 children, also of Iowa were at home this week. The entire family of Fosters, nine in all, had a reunion and had their pictures taken in Hennepin.

Cottage Hill, January 1, 1901

O. W. Allen is now a resident of Henry, and Jake Albert is running the ranch. Jus Gall will take charge about the 1st of March.

Cottage Hill, Janaury 22, 1901

Judge Cassell is now in very poor health and talks as though the end is near.

Cottage Hill, January 29, 1901

Judge Cassell is quite low and the death messenger may come at any time. His son A. K. of Chicago, and Mrs. Murphy, a daughter of Tampiko are here waiting on him with other relatives. His mind seems to be bright as ever but he seems anxious to go up yonder.

Cottage Hill, February 12, 1901

Judge Cassell passed to the other shore, last Friday at 8:00 a.m. and was buried in Florid yesterday. Rev. Bliss officiating and the church was filled with sympathizing friends. He had passed his 88th year and several days before he died I heard him exclaim "Jesus, Jesus, let me to thy bosom, fly!" in the Christian life that he has manifested in life work, we feel that he is safe on the other shore. Undertaker Keller was in attendance and had to have four horses to get through the snow drifts, while others used their sleighs and sleds.

Cottage Hill, February 26, 1901

It was quite a crowd at the O. W. Allen sale yesterday and his receipts netted near $3000. And he will from this on reside in Henry and learn to put on style. J. A. Gall will take possession of the farm in a few days and Jacob Albert who has been caring for the stock and getting it ready for the sale, will remove to the Sunnyland Farm near Palatine.


Cottage Hill, March 12, 1901

William and Allson Foster started yesterday for Thorton, Iowa, where they have been employed to work on the farm and Jabez went to Palatine to work for Mr. Zimmerman his second year.

Cottage Hill, May 13, 1901

W. B. Cassell has packed up his tools and joined his old employer on the other side of Henry.

Cottage Hill, July 9, 1901

Miss Etta Cassell and Harley Ash, both of Chicago are here visiting friends here about.

Cottage Hill, July 30, 1901

Miss Etta Cassell left here last week for her home in Chicago going via Henry.

Cottage Hill, September 20, 1901

Mrs. A. K. Cassell left last Friday for Henry and then for her home in Chicago.

Cottage Hill, October 16, 1901

A. K. Cassell of Chicago was visiting about Cottage Hill and Hennepin last week.

Cottage Hill, November 6, 1901

The wedding bells have been ringing for two weeks past and Miss Peoria Cassell is to capture a Mr. Rowe from west of Henry tomorrow. May it be a happy row.

Cottage Hill March 3, 1902

Mrs. W.B. Cassell visited her daughter Mrs. W.W. Rowe, who lives west of Henry and also her sister Mrs. O. W. Allen, who has been in very poor health since Thanksgiving. Her son Harry, accompanied her.

Joe Umbarger and Miss Allie Umbarger and Mrs. Spell Meyer, all of Ford County, Illinois and visiting John Deneigers. Mr. Umbarger is Mrs. Deneiger's father.

Willie Foster, who has been visiting his relatives here, has returned to Iowa to farm this year.

A. K. Cassell and wife of Chicago will move into the home place with A. K. bought of his father. We welcome them and wish them success in this their new undertaking.


Walter Chance who has been living near Walnut, Illinois, has had his goods shipped to McNabb and is here ready to work for Mrs. C.A. Chance. He and his family will occupy the house on the O.W. Allen's east 80.

Jabez Foster, who has been working in Palatine and Tonica the past year, is spending a few days at home, before beginning spring work. His brother Allson will stay at home this year and farm part of Mark Kay's land.

Mrs. H. P. Alleman and Bessie Cassell spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Allen of Henry. They reported of Mrs. Allen being able to be about the house.


Mrs. W.B. Cassell is in Henry with her sister Mrs. O.W. Allen, who is to be taken to Chicago this evening to undergo another surgical operation. Mrs. Allen has been sadly afflicted and we hope the operation may be successful and prove beneficial.

Mrs. Walter Chance has arrived from Walnut, Illinois and they will soon go to housekeeping the O.W. Allen house.

Mrs. Jane Umbarger of Ford County is spending a few days with Mrs. John Deneiger and other relatives. She was called here by the sudden death of her grandchild.

J.B. Foster is to begin work for Dan Williams of Mr. Palatine this morning.

The younger child of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Foster, has been quite sick with bronchitis. Another older child has been sick also.

Cottage Hill, March 25, 1902

Mrs. O.W. Allen who was taken to Chicago last week, was operated on last Thursday and when last heard from was doing as well as could be expected.

Mrs. W.W. Rowe of Henry spent pan of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Cassell.

A. K. Cassell arrived from Chicago March 17 and is getting his home in readiness for his wife, who will be here in a week or so.

Cottage Hill, April 1, 1902

Work comes from O.W. Allen that Mrs. Allen was pronounced as being out of danger last Thursday. She is getting strength eadh day. She stood the operation well and has had the very best of care. Everything possible is being done for her comfort.

Cottage Hill, April 8, 1902

Frank Chance and John Springer, who have spent the winter in Texas, have returned. Frank is very much improved in health and looks as if the southern climate agreed with him.

Mrs. H. P. Alleman has been appointed postmistress at Cottage Hill to succeed W. S. Bosley, deceased.

Cottage Hill, April 22, 1902

Word comes from Chicago today that Mrs. O.W. Allen is able to sit up about 2 hours each day. They think she will be able to be taken to her home about May 1st.

The families of A.C. Foster and H.P. Alleman, also Mrs. W.W. Rowe spent Sunday at the home of W.B. Cassell.

Cottage Hill, April 29, 1902

O. W. Allen spent most of the last week in the country. He and Leiland Johnson returned to Henry, Friday afternoon to await the arrival of Mrs. Allen.

Con Holocker and family visited Mr. Foster and Ida last Sunday.

Mrs. A. K. Cassell of Chicago is expected Thursday of this week. She will accompany Mrs. O. W. Allen home, if the latter is able to make the trip.

Cottage Hill, May 13, 1902

Mrs. O.W. Allen returned to Henry last week after having been in the hospital in Chicago for six or seven weeks. She stood the trip well and seems to be in a fair way to recovery.

Mrs. A. K. Cassell arrived from Chicago last week and they have gone into housekeeping in Judge Cassell's home.

Cottage Hill May 20, 1902

Bess Cassell is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. W.W. Rowe of Henry.

Cottage Hill. June 3, 1902

Harry Cassell is spending a couple of weeks with his sister Peoria.


Cottage Hill, June 17, 1902

A.K. Cassell and Less Foster, visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Cassell at Granville on Sunday. The entire family are in poor health.

Miss Lulu Foster was the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. Dietch, Sunday.

Mrs. A.C. Foster is quite sick at this writing. Her tending physician is Dr. Taylor of Granville.

Mrs. A. K. and Mrs. W. B. Cassell spent several days in and about Henry last week.

Cottage Hill June 24, 1902

Bessie Cassell has returned from her stay at W.W. Rowes.

Frank Chance was brought from the hospital to Henry last week. He is in very poor health.

Mrs. A.C. Foster has been quite ill for the past week and is but very little better at this writing.


Cottage Hill, July 9, 1902

Miss Etta Cassell and Myrtle Lineham of Chicago, are spending a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Cassell.

Cottage Hill, July 29, 1902

O.W. Allen and David Albert returned to Henry last Saturday after spent two weeks at hay, ect.

Mrs. O.W. Allen has been visiting relatives in this vicinity for several days. She expects to return to her home in Henry today.

Mrs. H.B. Alleman and Mirtle Linehan called on the family of Harve Allen of Florid, also on Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cassell last Saturday afternoon. They found Mr. Cassell in poor health.

Bessie Cassell and Lena Johnson spent Monday afternoon with H. H. Edwards and family.

Cottage Hill, August 5, 1902

Mrs. A.C. Foster who has been quite sick for two or three months has been quite ill again.

John Henry Cassell of Granville, who has been visiting his brothers, W.B. and A.K. Cassell, for the past week was very ill last night. He has been a very great sufferer from asthma for nearly two years and there seems to be but little help for him.

W.H. Lucas and bride of Hennepin, were calling on the Cassell relatives one day last week.

A. K. Cassell and wife, also Bess Cassell were guests of O. Allen and wife last Saturday.

Miss Etta Cassell and Myrtle Lineham departed for Chicago yesterday morning after having spent several weeks in this vicinity.


Cottage Hill, September 1, 1902

Mrs. O.W. Allen was the guest of Mrs. H.R. Morris on Friday.

Rumor has it that Frank Chance and Effie Shepperd were joined in holy bonds of matrimony this week. We offer congradulations and bid them God speed, as they go south for the benefit of Frank's health.

Cottage Hill, September 9, 1902

Frank Chance and bride spent a few days last week with Mrs. C.A. Chance.

Mrs. C.A. Chance has rented her farm to Ed Chance of Henry and will retire from farm life.

Mrs. John Deininger departs this morning for Ford Co. IL, where she goes to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Umbarger.

Cottage Hill, September 16, 1902

James Chance, who has been in Louisianna the past year, is visiting relatives and friends in Putnam County.

Mrs. W.W. Rowe spent Monday and Monday night at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Cassell.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Foster are the proud parents of a nine pound baby boy which came to their home last Thursday night.

Mrs. A. K. Cassell and Bess Cassell spent three days last week with friends in Henry and attended the street fair.

Cottage Hill, October 13, 1902

J.H. Cassell is spending a few weeks with Less Foster and family.

Cottage Hill, November 3, 1902

Mrs. George Forney of Melvin, Illinois spent several days with friends and relatives in this vicinity last week. She and Joe Umbarger departed for their home on Friday.

Ida Foster and father spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Bosley and family in Tonica.

Mrs. A. K. Cassell was a guest of O. W. Allen and wife Saturday and Sunday.

Cottage Hill, November 17, 1902

James Chance has moved his family from Beardstown to Sadie Chance's tenent house.

Cottage Hill, December 8, 1902

Word came last Wednesday, announcing the death of Jennie Dunbar of Atkinson, Illinois. She had been a resident of Putnam County many years ago and no doubt is remembers by the older residents. She was the grandmother of Mrs. H.P. Alleman and Mrs. A.C. Foster. At the time of her death, she was about 96 years old.

Mrs. A. K. Cassell was suddenly called to Chicago last Friday by illness of her daughter, Mrs. Will Hoskins. She will make an extended visit and will be joined by her husband during the holidays.

Cottage Hill, January 12, 1903

Edward Foster who is nearing his 87th year, has been in poor health for several days.

Harry Cassell spent part of the holidays with his sister Peoria, who lives west of Henry.

Cottage Hill, January 27, 1903

Walter Chance will occupy the upper part of the building as a dwelling, while the first part will be used for groceries, ect.

W. B. Cassell is buildign an addition to the building recently bought by Will Ford of Mrs. Riese at McNabb.

A. K. Cassell goes to Toluca to work at his old trade for a few days.

Mrs. Cassell remains in Chicago with her daughters but is expected home in a couple of weeks.

Cottage Hill, February 23, 1903

The youngest daughter of Less Foster is very ill with pneumonia.

Bess Cassell and Allson Foster were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rowe on Saturday night and Sunday.

Cottage Hill, March 2, 1903

The young child of Less Foster, who was very sick with pneumonia at the home of Charles Deitch, is much improved, so much that the parents removed it to their home last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell who have spent the greater part of the winter in Chicago and Toluca, have returned to the old homestead.

Cottage Hill, April 13, 1903

Ida Foster visited at the hill, April 2.

Cottage Hill, September 28, 1903

Less Foster and family spent Sabbath with Mrs. Foster's mother, Mrs. Fred Thomilson near Henry.

Con Holocker of Meservey, Iowa, spent several days here looking for a farm on which to move next year. He thinks Illinois is the best place and will return if he is successful in renting a farm.

Elmer Clemens and Gus Foster are building a large corn crib for Simon Beck. We understand Mrs. Sheppard is to have one built also.

Cottage Hill, March 2, 1903

Mrs. Ella Werling (daughter of Edward Foster) of Iowa, is visiting her relatives in this vicinity. Her husband bought a farm in Colorado, where they are moving for the benefit of their health.


Cottage Hill, May 4, 1903

Simon Beck and S. P. Clemens attended the funeral of Amos Hartman at Wyanet last Saturday.

H. H. Edwards and family spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. W. B. Cassell

Cottage Hill, June 29, 1903

Miss Ollie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Eisenhourer, of Meservey, Iowa, is spending a few weeks with her aunt, Ida Foster and other relatives in this vicinity. She had recently had an attack of typhoid fever and is taking a much needed rest.

Bessie Cassell spent the Sabbath with O. W. Allen and wife of Henry.

Miss Etta Cassell of Chicago comes next Thursday to spend a month with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell.

We are sorry to learn of the illness of Henry Cassell of Florid.


Cottage Hill, September 28, 1903

Elmer Clemens and Gus Foster are building a large corn crib for Simon Beck. We understand Mrs. Sheppard is to have one built also.

We called on Henry Cassell of Florid, last Wednesday and found him in poor health, although feeling better than the week before. He had his niece, Miss Kate Shandlick of Decatur, Illinois visiting him.

Cottage Hill - August 29, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. George Danley of Decatur, Illinois, Mrs. Esther Albert of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Cassell of Florid, visited relatives in this vicinity last week.

Edward Foster is not well.

Mrs. W. B. Cassell and Mrs. A. K. Cassell are visiting relatives in Toluca. They accompanied A. K. Cassell's daughter Mrs. Hoskins, who has spent her vacation here and who was on her way to her home in Chicago.

Harry Cassell visited his sister Mrs. W. W. Rowe of Henry last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell and daughter, Mrs. W. J. Hoskins, Mrs. W. B. Cassell and Bess, Mrs. W. W. Rowe and daughter, were visitors at the home of H. P. Alleman last Saturday.

Mrs. W. J. Hoskins of Chicago, who has been spending the last four weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell, returned to her home Tuesday. She was accompanied as far as Toluca by her mother, where they will visit the family of L. D. Cassell.

Cottage Hill, May 8, 1907

Bessie Cassell and Helen Edwards, two of Putnam Counties able instructors in the Public schools were in Hennepin last Saturday taking teacher exams.

Cottage Hill, May 15, 1907

Mrs. O. W. Allen of Henry spent several days on the farm last week.

Mrs. Jenny and Helen Edwards and brother Joe, Bessie Cassell and brother Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Will Munis and daughter, S. P. Clemens and Vera, also Charlie Bishop of Hennepin were guests of H. P. Alleman last Sunday.

Cottage Hill June 12, 1907

Bessie Cassell is spending a few days with her sister Mrs. W.W. Rowe of Henry.

0.W. Allen and wife, Mrs. W.W. Rowe and daughter of Henry, spent Saturday night and Sunday here and attended children's day exercises at Strawn on June 9.

Ida Foster and Mrs. H.R. Morris visited in Tonica last week and attending commencement exercises at that place.

Cottage Hill, August 21, 1907

Owen Allen and wife of Henry, started on a two weeks visit in Canton, Illinois and Ford County. Mr. Allen has two sisters and many other relatives in Ford County.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cassell and daughter, Mrs. W. J. Hoskins, Mrs. W. B. Cassell and Bess, Mrs. W.W. Rowe and daughter, were visitors at the home of H. P. Alleman last Saturday.

Mrs. W. J. Hoskins of Chicago, who has been spending the last four weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

A. K. Cassell, returned to her home Tuesday. She was accompanied as far as Toluca by her mother, where

they will visit the family of L. D. Cassell.

Bessie Cassell spent several days last week in Depue, the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Foster


Cottage Hill, September 18, 1907

Eph Cassell has returned to his home in Republican City, Nebraska after spending a very pleasant time with relatives in Putnam and LaSalle Counties.

Cottage Hill, October 23, 1907

Mrs. O. W. Allen of Henry, has been under the care of a physician for two weeks.

Mrs. Harrison Murphy, sister of A. K. Cassell, is visiting relatives in Putnam County.

W. B. Cassell and brother, A. K. Cassell, have been visiting their brother Rufus who lives in Carroll County, Missouri. The brothers have not met for years.

Cottage Hill November 6, 1907

Mrs. W.W. Rowe and daughter visited at W B Casse1l's from Saturday to Sunday

Mrs. A. C. Foster and children of Depue, visited several days recently with relatives here.

W. B. Cassell and A. K. Cassell who visited their brother Rufus in Missouri have returned. They were accompanied home by the brother who is visiting his many relatives in Putnam county. Their brother Henry Cassell of Granville, who is in very poor health, celebrated his birthday last Thursday by inviting the brothers to eat dinner with him. It has been 27 years since the brothers saw each other.

Cottage Hill, November 3, 1908

Mrs. O. W. Allen kept her husband company on the farm last week. O. W. Allen, Bert Kays and McGalliger are placing new corncribs on their farm. O. W. Allen has rented his farm to Mr. Webb, a brother-in-law to Mrs. Lande Boil.

A. C. Foster and a gentleman from Depue recently visited Mr. Foster's relatives here.

Mrs. Griesen, sister of Mrs. A. K. Cassell and Mrs. Hoskins, daughter of A. K. Cassell, have returned to their home in Chicago after having visited friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Cottage Hill, November 3, 1909

Bessie Bishop was quite ill last week, but has so far recovered as to be able to accompany her husband to Hennepin to spend Sabbath with his people. Mr. Bishop will farm the area owned by Mr. Eddingfield in the Oxbow next year.

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