Cassell and Daily Family News Items From 1910 to 1915



February 2, 1910

Charles Meyer of Keokuk, Iowa died at his home in that city last Wednesday night and the remains were brought to Florid last Saturday and laid to rest in the cemetery at that place. Mr. Meyer was a father-in-law of Henry Bastion and (?) who formerly resided (?). The remains were accompanied by William Meyer, a son of the deceased, and three son-in-laws, Henry Bastion, Silas Washburn and a Mr. Cassell (Russell?). Mr. Meyer was about 64 years of age at the time of his death.


Charles Meyer Passes Away At His West Keokuk Home

Deceased is survived by five daughter and two sons - Old age Caused Death

Last night at 10:40 o'clock occurred the death of Mr. Charles Meyer at his home, No. 1328 William Street. He was born in Germany in 1845. He had been ailing all winter but a fatal termination was not expected by the members of the family and his death was unexpected. He was a member of the Woodmen of the World. The cause of death was old age. He is survived by five daughters and two sons, the following: Mrs. Maggie Bastion, Mrs. Viola Washburn, and Mrs. Jessie Russell of Keokuk; Mrs. Augusta Wagner of St. Louis, Mrs. Elizabeth Reeser of Lost Springs, Kan.; and two sons, William Meyer of Keokuk and Chas. Meyer of Peoria, IL. The funeral announcement has not been made owing to the inability to immediately locate relatives.


Florid, February 23, 1910

O. W. Allen from Henry was a caller in town Monday.

Front Page, March 23, 1910


Mary J., daughter of William and Mary Edwards was born in Magnolia Township, Putnam County, Illinois, July 17, 1853. She was the youngest of a family of seven children, two of which Mrs. William Cassell and H.H. Edwards of Putnam County now survive. She was married to O.W. Allen, February 27, 1873 at the old homestead near which they resided many years, removing from their farm to Henry, Illinois about nine years ago. Their married life has been a continued blessing. And theirs has been the contentment that comes to those that have been divinely plighted. While, their home was never blessed with children, she's accepted into her home, such as needed her care and council and these mourn her departure. She was of a gentle home-loving spirit patient in suffering, thoughtful of others, possessing the traits that make a most desirable companion for her husband and friends. Having been at times a shut-in, she never failed to remember such as were sick or lonely.......Her's was a life of belief in an all wise Father and by reading from her bible, she had marked many passages, precious to her, from which she received daily comfort..............On the evening of March 22, 1910, while cheerfully conversing with her husband and physician, she was stricken with apoplexy, and in two brief hours, her spirit had taken its flight. The funeral of Mrs. O.W. Allen was held at the residence, Friday afternoon, at 2:00, Reverend Bliss of Monica, Illinois assisted by Reverend Vivian of Henry. Relatives present were William Cassell and wife, H.H. Edwards, wife and daughters, Jenny and Helen and son Joseph, Harry Cassell and wife, Miss Ida Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Russ Foster, H.H. Morris of McNabb, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alleman, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Alleman, George Hetrick and wife of Florid, Mr. and Mrs. William Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bishop, William Foster and wife, Joe Allen, wife and daughter of Magnolia, Mr. and Mrs. A. Foster of Depue, Illinois, Mrs. Jane Umbarger, G.F. Forney, Mrs. Melvin Forney, Mrs. Mable Worthington, George Arndt of Melvin, Illinois, Ervin Eberly and wife, Mrs. Oscar Frashier and son of Lostant, Illinois, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Morgan of Putnam, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wiemer of Moline, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Detrick and Mrs. Mary Allen of Canton, Illinois


May 25, 1910

Mrs. Katie Deininger and Ella Cramer were Hennepin callers last Friday.

Florid, June 30, 1910

Mrs. Anna Daily, who has been in Peoria the past two weeks visiting her children, returned home Thursday evening, bringing one of her grandchildren home with her for a few weeks visit.

Mrs. Grace Chritton and Mrs. Umbarger spent Friday with Mrs. Sarah Cassell.

Mrs. Sarah Chance and Mrs. H. E. Allen were trading in Granville Tuesday.

Cleo Chance has been sick with a bad cold and sore throat the past week.


Cottage Hill, August 17, 1910

O.W. Allen will visit his nieces, Mrs. Robert Deitz, and Mame Allen at Canton, Illinois this week.

The Cassell brothers and two sisters, Mrs. Pool and Mrs. Murphy, also L.D. Cassell and family of Toluca, Sundayed at A.K. Cassell's - a family reunion.


Florid, August 25, 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daily are entertaining company from Peoria for a few days.

Florid, September 15, 1910

Mrs. Joseph Beck is in Peoria caring for her daughter, Mrs. Albert Daily, who gave birth to a baby boy a week ago.



John H. Cassell, who had been home on a furlough visiting friends and relatives, left Tuesday for the Soldiers Home at Quincy, Illinois.

Cottage Hill, October 5, 1910

J.B. Foster and family, and Will Foster and family spent Sunday with Ida Foster. Will expects to move to

Eastern Iowa next spring, while J.B. will go back to Colorado after corn husking.

Cottage Hill, October 12, 1910

O.W. Allen is contemplating a visit to relatives in Ford County.


Florid, November 17, 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cassell are the proud parents of an eight-pound baby girl, born Nov. 10. Mother and babe are getting along fine and Ben will recover with proper care.

Mrs. Sarah Chance and Mrs. Lota Cassell attended the Strawn Aid last Thursday.



Florid, January 26, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily went to Peoria last Friday to stay until spring.

Mrs. Sara Chance visited at Mrs. Harvey Allen's last Saturday.

Florid, February 15, 1911

Mrs. Moses Daily was visiting her son and family at Sprinkleburg last week.

Ferdinand Kraft spent a few days with Benjamin Cassell and family last week.

Ben Cassell and family visited her people Sunday.

Florid, March 9, 1911

Moses Daily returned home from Peoria last Tuesday. Mrs. Daily expects to come soon.


Florid, April 5, 1911

Mrs. M. Daily had the misfortune to sprain her ankle one day last week.

Florid, April 12, 1911

William Lucas and family of Hennepin were here visiting friends Sunday.

Florid, April 19, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cassell of Florid, also Mr. and Mrs. Nick Krafft and children were visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. Biever, Sunday.


Earl Daily of Peoria was visiting Sunday with his parents.


Mrs. Ealey and her two children of Peoria are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. M. Daily

Sarah Cassell and Mrs. Ella Danley were shopping in Henry last Friday. O. W. Allen took them down in his auto.

Florid, June 7, 1911

Mrs. Ealey and two children of Peoria, are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Daily.

Mrs. Danley who was staying with her aunt expects to return to her home in Decatur this week.


Florid, June 8, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Ealey of Peoria, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daily, returned to her home last week.

Florid, July 5, 1911

Mrs. Adam Deininger is on the sick list. Also Mr. Wm. Hartman is quite feeble, scarcely able to walk about.


Florid, July 12, 1911

William Lucas and family of Hennepin were visiting relatives in our little village last Sabbath.

Florid July 19,1911

Mr. and Mrs. L. Cassell of Toluca, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glass and a gentlemen friend of Granville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Cassell last Sunday.

FLORID, July 26, 1911

Mrs. Daily and Mrs. Joseph Beck went to Peoria last Monday to visit friends and relatives.

Florid, August 2, 1911

Miss Anna Foster of Depue paid her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Cassell a short visit Saturday.

Florid, August 23, 1911

Rufus Cassell of Missouri is visiting his brother A.K. Cassell of this place, also brother William of Strawn and John Henry, who has been at the Soldiers Home in Quincy but at the present is with his daughter in Granville.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen were guests of Mrs. Sarah Cassell last Sunday.


Hennepin, August 24, 1911

Miss Mary Stoens, from near Florid was visiting at the Etschedlt home in Henry last week and returned on the boat Sunday.

September 21, 1911

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Levonne Clemens of Granville died last Thursday and was buried Saturday in the Florid cemetery. Much sympathy is extended to the sad young parents.


Florid, November 1, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daily, who came up a few weeks ago to visit Mr. Daily's parents, have decided to move their household goods. Mrs. Daily has accepted the position of switchboard tender at Ford Central and will move there in a few days.

Miss Ida Foster of Strawn was in our village last Thursday calling on friends and relatives.

Mrs. Hartman was considerably under the weather the past week but is much improved at this writing.


Florid, November 2, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daily and little Dewaine of Peoria are here visiting Roy's people.


Cottage Hill, November 3, 1911

Charlie Bishop and family, Mrs. W. Rowe and Viola, also Harry Cassell, all of Oxbow, were at H P Alleman's Friday.


Mrs. W.H. Lucas received the sad news last Monday of the death of her father, John Henry Cassell at to which occurred sometime that day at the Soldier's Home in Quincy. His son-in-law, Elisha Henning of Granville, went to Quincy and will return with the remains which will be interned at Florid.


John Henry Cassell passed away on Monday, November 6, 1911. Mr. Cassell was born at Millersburg, Pennsylvania 1834 and was 77 years old at the time of his death. He leaves to morn their loss, a wife, 6 children, 3 brothers, and two sisters. Funeral services were held at the church in Florid, conducted by Reverend Waters of Hennepin. The remains were laid to rest at the Florid Cemetery with the G.A.R. having charge of the services at the grave. Frank Peterson of Granville, acting as funeral director.



John Henry Cassell was born in Millersburg, Pennsylvania October 31, 1834 and died at the Quincy Soldiers Home on November 6, 1911 being past his 77th year. He died of that dread disease asthma. He suffered for 10 years patiently most of the time to the last when he was called home. He leaves a wife and 6 children to mourn the loss of their dear husband and father. One child, Minnie, preceded him in infancy. He enlisted in C.O.H. 20th IL. Inf.. June 13, 1861 and participated in many hard fought battles, was wounded in the arm by a piece of shell. When General Grant got ready to run the block at Vicksburg, he called for volunteers to go on the boats and he stepped forward. The boat he was on was disabled by the first battery and they had to float by the fort. There were 20 killed. The Rebs tried to board the boat and they kept them off with hose attached to the boiler using hot water on them. (the rest in unreadable). The funeral services were held at Florid at noon, on Friday last, conducted by Reverend A. H. Waters of Hennepin and he was laid to rest at the beautiful little cemetery there, surrounded by the graves of friends and relatives of his early manhood. The funeral was in charge of Hennepin Post G.A.R. of which the deceased was an honored member.


Earl Daily, who has been in Peoria most of the past summer, is now at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily.


Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily and son Earl, also Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daily and little son of Sprinkleburg spent Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cassell.

Cottage Hill, December 13, 1911

O.W. Allen is visiting his relatives at Canton, Illinois.

Mr's. Leonard and Ralph Danley are visiting their mother at Mrs. Sarah Cassell's.

Florid, December 20, 1911

Mrs. Kate Deininger and family ate Christmas dinner with Wm. Hartman and wife - it being Mrs. Hartman's birthday.


Florid, Jan. 11, 1912

Mary Stoens and Blanche Allen visited Mrs. Willis Deininger on Monday.

Florid, January 18, 1912

Roy Daily and family of Ford Central, spent Sunday with Ben Cassell's.


February 7, 1912 - Florid

Mrs. Sarah Cassell and Mrs. Ella Danley were shopping in Hennepin last Monday.


March 14, 1912

Mrs. Moses Daily has returned home again after spending a week with her brother Ben Cassell and family.

Florid, April 3, 1912

Mr. Wm. Hartman is numbered among the sick of our village. He has been a pretty sick man the past few days.


May 1, 1912 - Florid

We are very sad to hear the sad accident which befell Mrs. Sarah Cassell. Last Thursday afternoon, while she was cleaning house, she fell from the top of a stepladder and was badly bruised. At her age it will surely be a serious accident and she has the sympathy of her many friends here.

May 8, 1912 - Florid

Mrs. Sarah Cassell is slowly improving from the injuries she received from the fall she had some weeks ago.


Florid, May 9, 1912

The young daughter of David and Nancy Clemens was buried here last week. Mabel Clemens was born on June 1, 1892 in Florid and died on May 4, 1912. She was laid to rest in the cemetery at Florid. The grieving parents have our deepest sympathy.

Bert Ealey of Peoria, came to spend the summer with his grandmother, Mrs. Anna Daily

Florid, June 12, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily and their daughter Mrs. Ealey and children of Peoria, spent last Sunday with Roy Daily and his wife of Sprinkleburg.


Florid June 19.1912

Last Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Cassell on Quality Hill, were somewhat surprised when three automobiles and a buggy came driving up to their beautiful home. The guests were as follows, Mr. and Mrs. Loran Cassell and children of Toluca, Mr. and Mrs. William Rowe and daughter, Viola of Oxbow, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Cassell of Strawn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop and daughter Bernice, also Mrs. Hazel Peterson of Hennepin Prairie, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glass and Mr. John Anderson of Granville. All were royally entertained as Mr. and Mrs. Cassell are fine entertainers.


Florid, June 20, 1912

Mrs. Mae Ealey and family, also Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily, visited at Ford Central last Sunday.

Florid, July 11, 1912

Mrs. Mae Ealey and children, who have been visiting here with her parents, M. Daily for the past month, returned to her home in Peoria Monday morning.

Mrs. M. Daily expects to go to Peoria this week.

Florid, July 18, 1912

H. E. Allen and family, W.K. Herron and family, Mrs. Willis Deininger and Bernice, and Mrs. Joseph Willis, were entertained at Mrs. Sarah Cassell's Sunday.

W.K. Herron and family and Miss Blanche Allen went to Granville Monday evening to visit until Wednesday.

Florid, July 25, 1912

Roy Daily and family visited at his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Daily, Sunday

Harvey Allen and family, Mr. Herron and family, Marguerite Reichwine, Benjamin Cassell and family were fishing Friday and had the good luck to catch about 25 or 30.

Mr. and Mrs. William Herron and children of Pomona, Cal., also Mrs. Harvey Allen were entertained at 6 o'clock tea at the home of Hermon Meyer and family Saturday evening.

Mrs. Will Herron and Mrs. Sarah Cassell visited Mrs. Mary Allen Saturday afternoon.


July 31, 1912 - Florid

On last Friday, there was quite a unique and unusual gathering at the home of Mrs. Sara Cassell. It being her 82nd birthday, she invited four ladies to eat with her. The four are cousins of Mrs. Cassell and are as follows, Mrs. Eliza Beck, Mrs. Elizabeth Dissinger, Mrs. Mary Willis and Mrs. Eliza Henderson. Mrs. Beck, the eldest of the five, will be 87 her next birthday and Mrs. Henderson, the youngest is 72 and all are widow ladies. It is unnecessary to say that these ladies enjoyed themselves to the fullest.


Florid, August 1, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Herron and children of Pomona, Cal., who were visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Allen, Mrs. Sarah Cassell and other friends, went to Missouri Friday, where they will visit for awhile before returning home.

Florid, August 22, 1912

Elmer Cassell and family of Nebraska came Thursday and are visiting friends and relatives.

Decatur Review

September 28, 1912 Page 8

Mrs. Otto Cassell died at 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon at her home on Cassell Hill. Her death was caused by typhoid fever after an illness of nine weeks. She was twenty-four years old. She was born in Logan conty, Jan. 11, 1888. She is survived by her husband and two small children, Harold, aged two years, and Everett, aged four months. She is also survived by her father, W.H. Leimbach, and two broghers, W.H. Leimbach, JR., and Hubert E. Leimbach, all of Latham. She was a member of the Lutheran church in Mt. Pulaski. A short service will be held at Cassell’s hill at 7:45 a.m. The funeral party will go to Mt. Pulaski at the 9:05 train and the funeral services will be held at Mt. Pulaski. Interment will be in the Mt. Pulaski cemetery.

Saturday Evening, October 5, 1912 Page 8

Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell
Ill Only Short Time

The death of Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell, wife of B. Hilton Cassell, which occurred at 3:15 Friday afternoon at the family residence on Cassell hill, was the second death in the family within a week. Her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Otto Cassell, having died in the same house just a week ago Friday, and her funeral was held last Sunday. Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell was taken ill the day before the death of her daughter-in-law. The latter’s death was caused by typhoid fever, while that of Mrs. Fannie W. Cassell was caused by heart trouble.
Mrs. Cassell was sixty-nine years old. She was born in Ross county, O., Oct. 17, 1843. She was married to B. Hilton Cassell in 1872. The family home has been in Decatur for many years. She was a member of the First Methodist Church and of the Order of the Eastern Star. Besides her husband, she is survived by three sons, Louis B. Cassell, Fred R. Cassell, and Otto D. Cassell, all of Decatur. She also leaves two brothers and three sisters, Joseph Harrison of Muskogee, Okla., Matthew M. Harrison of Decatur, Mrs. Sarah Wilt of Warrensburg,Mrs. Mary Lintner of Chitwood, Mo.l, and Mrs. Eliza Mount of Decatur. The funeral will be held at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the family residence on Cassell Hill. The interment will be in Greenwood.


Florid October 16,1912

Callers at A.K. Cassell's last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.

Lorin Cassell and son of Toluca, Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Allen of Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Henry

Simpson and mother of Hennepin, Mr. William Hoskins of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Alleman of

Cottage Hill.

Florid October 22,1912

Mrs. Sarah Cassell and Mrs. Shuck were on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Cassell of Toluca called at A.K. Cassell's Sunday evening.

Henry News Republican

Florid, October 24, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beck, also Mr. and Mrs. John Dinkey visited at Albert Daily's Sunday.



Mrs. Harrison Murphy came over from Walnut last week to visit her brothers W.B. of Strawn and A.K. Cassell of this place, both being very sick.

Florid, November 6, 1912

Mrs. Sara Cassell is still ailing with a very bad cough.

Florid November 27.1912

L. Cassell and wife of Toluca visited with Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Cassell Thursday afternoon.


Florid, November 28, 1912

Albert Daily and family spent Sunday at John Dinkey's.



Loran Cassell and wife of Toluca, visited with Mrs. A.K. Cassell Thursday afternoon.


Florid, January 30, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Dailey have returned home from Peoria, after visiting with their daughter the past two months. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dailey of Peoria, accompanied them home.

Mrs. Harry Cassell and Miss Bessie Cassell of Peoria, are here visiting their relatives.

Putnam Record

June 11, 1913

Mrs. Jane Umbarger of Melvin, Ford county, visited with Mrs. Sarah Cassell the past week.

October 21, 1913 - Cottage Hill

O. W. Allen has rented his farm to Mr.Vollenweider and will give up farming for awhile at least.

Putnam Record

Front Page, October 29, 1913

Young Cassell was taken from the Princeton jail and when taken before Judge Green entered a plea of not guilty. His father employed attorney Batrum to defend his son. When court convened, the Harry Cassell case was taken up and the jury was secured shortly afternoon. The examination of the witnesses for the prosecution defense was finished early Tuesday morning and the attorneys made their pleas. The case went to jury shortly after 11:00 and after being out about 20 minutes, the jury found the defendant guilty. This morning the defense withdrew its motion for a new trial and Judge Green sentenced the prisoner to Joliet at one day's solitary confinement until discharged by due process of law. Sheriff Cofoid and father took the prisoner to Joliet this afternoon. In connection with the case, Cassell's father, Elmer Cassell endeavored to prove his son was not of age but state's attorney Ward produced a marriage license in rebuttal which proved that the young man was of age. A warrant on the charge of perjury was issued for Cassell and he was arrested by Sheriff Cofoid at 2:00 yesterday afternoon and was immediately given a preliminary hearing before Justice Turner who bound him over for the April grand jury under $500 bond. This prisoner in charge of Constable Charles Griffen drove to the country to procure bondsman and while passing through the gate, the constable ordered Cassell to get out and open the gate. After driving through the gate, he looked for his prisoner but found he had made his getaway in the dusk of the evening and up to the present time he has not been apprehended.

February 25, 1914 - Cottage Hill

O. W. Allen and wife of Henry, who have spent most of the winter on their farm, have returned to their home in Henry. He has rented the farm to Mr. Vollenweider, who will take possession soon.

Henry Republican

Florid, March 4, 1914

Dr. C.D. Maulfair moved his belongings to the service building in Granville and Ben Cassell occupies the Daily house here.

Putnam Record

Hennepin, April 16, 1914

Grandma Beck, 80 years old, and Mrs. Cassell, 86, both of Florid, were at the polls to cast their first vote and to show their interest in the welfare of the rising generation by voting dry.

June 3, 1914

H. E. Allen and family received a box of fine fruit from Mrs. William Herron of California recently which they certainly enjoyed.

Henry Republican

August 19, 1914

The house occupied by Ben Cassell and family is having a new roof put on it. Will Rudy is doing the work.


Cottage Hill October, 28,1914

L.D. Cassell and family of Toluca, also S.P. Clemens and S.P. Beck visited at W.B. Cassell's last Sunday.


JANUARY 13, 1915

Mrs. John Krafft is spending a few days with her daughter Mrs. Ben Cassell.

Decatur Newspaper

Monday, May 3, 1915

Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine Chandler will be conducted at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the Church of God. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery.


September 1, 1915 - Florid

Mrs. Ella Danley of Decatur is a guest of her aunt, Mrs. Sarah Cassell.


L.D. Cassell and family of Toluca were callers in our burg Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Sarah Cassell sold her lot in the east part of town to John Krafft.

John Cassell and daughter Mrs. John Linnehan of Decatur are guests of Mrs. Sarah Cassell and Mrs. Ella Danley.

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