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The Putnam Record, Hennepin, Putnam Co., Illinois, Wednesday, January 23, 1907. No. 31
- Contributed by Jack C. Henning


H. W. Opper is the local representative in Granville for The Record and all items of news entrusted to his care will receive prompt attention. He is duly authorized to transact all business connected with this paper.
I. H. Cook, Editor.

Ed Maleham and wife left for Florida last Monday, on a pleasure trip. They will be gone about a month.

Gus Baker, of Butte, Iowa, formerly a Granville township boy, visited relatives near the county line last week.

Frank Sickenger has sold real property in Granville to Wm. Grew [?]. We have not learned what Frank's plans are for the future, but we understand he intends to go out west somewhere.

Fred Pokrand, a young man [?] about and a half miles northwest of Granville, died last Friday night of heart disease, with which he hand been afflicted since childhood. The remains were interred in the Granville cemetery.

John Shimkus Kills Wife and Child Then Takes Own Life

Dixon Evening Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois), January 21, 1952
Putnam County War Veteran, Wife, Son Found Dead in Home

Granville, Ill. (AP) The bullet-pierced bodies of a disabled war veteran, his wife and their infant son were found in their home yesterday.
Coroner A. O. Birgeson of Putnam county said the shootings apparently occurred nearly a week ago.

Birgerson said he believes John Shimkus, 41, killed himself after fatally shooting his wife, Katherine, 32, and their baby, John Shimkus jr., 1 ½.
The tragedy was discovered by Mrs. Shimkus' mother, Mrs. Anton Jelinck of Granville, when she went to her daughter's home to find out why the family had not been seen for several days.

The coroner said Mrs. Shimkus' body, dressed in overcoat, boots and a babushka, was found in the kitchen. Tucked under the woman's arm were newspapers bearing the dates, Jan. 13 and 14, which she apparently had obtained while shopping a week ago.
The bodies of Shimkus and the baby were in the living room. Near Shimkus' body was a .22 caliber rifle. The Shimkus house is near the edge of Granville, about six miles southwest of LaSalle.

Shimkus, victim of a wartime head wound, had been a periodic patient at the Hines veterans' hospital. He was last treated there late in 1951.

V. C. Hartman Says Water Well to Cost $20,000

Dixon Evening Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois), February 20, 1953

Granville, Ill. (AP) - A Putnam County man says he's spending $20,000 to drill a water well on his farm, two miles south of Granville.

V. C. Hartman hired a drilling team when the old well on his property filled with sand. The team drilled 1,700 feet to strike a vein of water in sand rock.
The new well, now nearing completion, required 560 bags of cement used to make concrete to pour around the pipes.

In addition, 10,000 gallons of water were hauled to the farm from Granville to make the concrete.

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