Putnam County, Illinois History and Genealogy


 History and Historical Sketches

The History of the Village of Hennepin
(Ford's Putnam County History - 1860)

History of Hennepin

1845 Business Directory  
(Taken From the Hennepin Herald and Advertisement, August 23, 1845)

A Sketch of Hennepin  
(Henry Republican, October 1876 - describes Hennepin, its businesses and some of its citizens.)

Village Elections
(News Articles)

1873 Village Election

1874 Village Election

1875 Village Election

1876 Village Election


1876 - Everette House destroyed by Fire

John McEnany Barn Destroyed by Fire (May 18, 1899)  


Miscellaneous New Articles  

1898 and 1899 Local News Items

Photos and Pictures

Hennepin Ferry Boat
(courtesy of Craig Cassell)

1909 Postcard of the Hennepin Ferry Boat
(donated by Sherree Leonard   Bayard, Nebraska )

High Street Hennepin, Illinois
(donated by Sherree Leonard  Bayard, Nebraska )

Hennepin Lumber Yard Float
(courtesy of Bette Stewart)


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