Mt. Palatine News

March 23, 1878
Taken From the Tonica News

Mt. Palatine

Last Saturday evening our literary society met at the school house, Frank Colvin presiding.  The exercises were good.  Just before recess an election of officers took place, which resulted in the election of R. Gallaher president, H. R. Laughlin vice-president, Miss Mary Laughlin secretary, and D. M. Gurnea janitor.  After recess we listened to a fine speech on Compulsory Education, by Joseph Colvin of this place.  Society adjourned to meet on Friday evening, March 29.

Walker O. Wilson, who has been living with his uncle Dan McNabb, was kicked by a vicious horse and instantly killed last Tuesday morning.  Dan was holding the horse with his left hand and lifting the boy on with the othe, when the animal whirled around and knocked them both over, jerked loose from Dan, then kicked, striking Walker in the breast, bursting one of the auricles of the heart, and causing instant death.  The attendance at the funeral was very large for the time of year, as the farmers here are quite busy getting in their small grain.

Mr. Stoner, from Princeton, Bureau county, who has rented Cy Newkirk's farm, arrived here last Monday.  I understand he is a good farmer, and it is said that if any man can squeeze $5.23 per acre out of that farm and keep body and soul together, he can.

The report that the directors of this district have hired two teachers for the spring term of school, is without foundation.  The story is to be attributed to idle gossip.

Mt. Palatine, Ill., Mar. 20


December 15, 1898
Taken From the Putnam Record

Mt. Palatine - Dec. 12

Lewis Fogle spent a few hours in the village Sunday

Leonard Travis was visiting at his brother's home here Wednesday

The attendance at Sunday school was unusually large, perhaps on account of the good roads and pleasant weather.

Philip Anderson held a shooting match Saturday afternoon.  It was very well attended and a number of crack shots from Peru were present.

The Mt. Palatine Dramatic company will play The Heroic Dutchman of 1876, a side-splitting comedy in five acts, at the Congregational church, Thursday evening December 22. Everbody come and enjoy an evening's entertainment.

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