Snachwine Township Putnam County Illinois - News From the Past

At Judge William's

Taken From the Henry Republican
January 16, 1879

A party, consisting of some 30 persons, indulged in a sleigh ride Tuesday evening, going from the city of Henry to the rural home of Judge W. H. Williams and family, a mile west of Snachwine. As the family had been aware of the coming, there was a cheerful wood fire in the great fireplace in the main room, and the house put to rights to receive their guests. The night was beautiful, and the 8 mile ride delightful. A very pleasant interview was had.

The judge's head was white with hoary age, and though 68 years of age, or rather was the next morning (it being his birthday), he still is enjoying good health and strength, feeling much less the infirmity of age than many who reach that period in life. Mrs. Williams is also well prepared, and both are likely to live many years yet.

They have reared a large family, all but two doing for themselves, and all useful, respectable and esteemed members of society. The daughter are widely scattered. Francis (Mrs. Francis Wilson) lives in California.; Mary (Mrs. O. Lincoln) resides in McHenry county, this state; Martha (Mrs. C. M. Hobbs) resides at Council Bluffs, Iowa; Emma (Mrs. Berry) resides in McLean county, while Anna, still unmarried, resides at home. Of the sons Abijah is a livery man in Nebraska; Howard, just married, is to stay with the aged parents and manage the farm; Albert is teaching school in Nebraska, while Herbert, just in his teens is the baby at home.

The judge has held the office of county judge for several terms, and was postmaster of Snachwine for some years. He has been town clerk, justice of the peace, school treasurer and a member of the county republican central committee, the last three of which he still holds. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are among the oldest settlers of Putnam county on the west side of the river, and have been among its most prominent and useful citizens. None are more highly respected or have as few enemies.

Their home is always a delightful place to visit, and on the occasion referred to, made it a very pleasant event to all who were present. A Miss Rogers and a Mr. Bell, young people, were at the house when the party arrived, and all responded in contributing to the enjoyments of the evening. The company carried their own refreshments, and the merry games of the evening, the vocal and instrumental music and the sociability, contributed to make the hour for separation come long before the inclinations to go was felt. Mr. and Mrs. Williams love to see their friends, and it is always a delightful place to go for a good time.

Little Son of Georg Sparling Injured in Wagon Accident

Henry Republican, Henry, IL, Thursday, October 26, 1882

Sad Accident

A little son of Mr. Geo Sparling of Senachwine township met with a distressing accident on Saturday afternoon last. In company with Mr. Sparling, the hired man, a brother and several of his little sisters, Homer, for such is the little boy's name, rode down toward the lake, the little ones occupying the bottom of the wagon. On the way Homer thought he would get up and ride with his father. In making the attempt, while the wagon was in motion, it is supposed he lost his balance by the jolting of the wagon for he fell out over the side of the moving vehicle, back of the hind stake, being caught in the wheel, in such a manner as to break his right leg nearly from the knee into the thing, crushing all the bones, even a portion of the thigh bone. When taken out of his perilous position he was nearly jambed double. So badly is the thigh mashed that it is feared the lad may never have a flexible joint, but that he will always be a cripple with a stiff thigh. Homer bore his misfortune bravely for a little fellow, and is quite cheerful since put in a straight jacket. It is a sad calamity to the family and especially to Mrs. Sparling, he being an only son of several children. The community condole with them, hoping heartily that the fears of the family and physicians as to a stiff joint may never be realized.

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