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 Serious Affray at Florid (Putnam Standard, April 12, 1864)

The Farmer's Club of Florid (Taken from the Henry Republican)

Dr. J. F. O'Neal Moves Practice To Florid (Taken From the Henry Republican, September 3, 1874 - Also several miscellaneous news items)

SCUDDER: The Disciples of "Specific Medication" in Council at Florid - Election of Officers - Clinics, Etc.(Drs. Dr. J. F. O'Neal of Florid, Dr. J. C. Kalb of Henry, Dr. F. C. Gale of Lacon, Dr. Henry Tesmer of Sparland, Dr. A. H. Hatton of LaRose, Dr. Clendenen of LaSalle (Henry News Republican 1877)

 Dr. O'Neal Seriously Injured (Henry Republican 1878)

The Putnam Standard
April 13, 1864

Serious Affray at Florid

A serious affray occurred at Florid on Wednesday last. Uriah Henderson, a veteran soldier at home on furlough intercepted Mr. Jacob Bashore as he was passing through the gateway to enter the post office. After a few minutes were passed in altercation between them, Mr. Henderson drew his fist and struck Bashore in the face four or five times in quick succession, felling him to the earth. He tumbled on the descent from the gateway into the wagon track when laid as still as if he had been dead.

He did not show the least resistance to Henderson at any time, but not yet satisfied with this, Henderson approached him, lying passive as he was and commenced beating him and kicking him and swearing that he would kill him to a most horrid rate. The postmaster ran to Bashore's assistance and taking Henderson off and endeavored to pacify him, but he broke from the postmaster and made another attack on Bashore. The post master then laid hold of Henderson and endeavored to throw him and hold him down until Bashore should get out of the way.

But another soldier, Augustus Cassell, Jr. seized the post master and pulled him away from Henderson and the latter followed Bashore across the street, drew a dirk and brandishing it close to Bashore, threatened to take his life, but Adam Halsburg interposed. He threw down his dirk and knocked Bashore to the ground again with his fist and continued beating him, mangling him and kicking him about the face in a most shocking manner till Halsburg forced him away and rescued Bashore from what would have proved a certain death.

Mr. Bashore is a man nearly 60 and Henderson about 21. The latter was somewhat under the influence of liquor and acted it is affirmed from the impulse of an old grudge. Although Mr. Bashore is held in the light of a strong Rebel sympathizer, yet the Union men about Florid who have a right understanding of the affair, nearly to a man condemn the conduct of Henderson in unmeasured terms.

The Farmer's Club of Florid
Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL

December 12, 1872
Putnam county - Miscellaneous items

Florid is preparing to start a Farmerís club. Either that or a grange patronís of husbandry would be a very profitable organization. The first meeting will be held December 14.

December 26, 1872
Putnam County News

The Farmerís Club at Florid on Saturday selected as its officers, William Durley as president, D. Nixon, John Shering, and John Foley as Vice Presidents, R. A. Raddle, secretary and A. D. Fisher, treasurer. The meeting adopted a constitution and bylaws and several speeches were made in favor of the organization. As a means of working to each otherís advantage and as a better protection to the farmerís interest, etc.

January 16, 1873
Local News

The Farmers Club at Florid last Saturday discussed hogs, time of breeding, different modes of feeding and age of marketing; wheat, is wheat growing profitable, which most productive - winter, spring, as varieties of each, and mode of culture.

Putnam County News, September 3, 1874
Taken From the Henry Republican

Robert Leech of Florid, lost a wheat stack by fire last week.

A daughter of R. A. Radle of Florid broke an arm by the fall last week.

Dr. J. F. O'Neal Moves Practice To Florid

Taken From the Henry Republican, September 3, 1874

Dr. J. F. OíNeal dissolved his connection with Dr. Kalb on Monday and goes to Florid, Putnam County where he succeeds Dr. Ensminger, who moved to Bloomington. Dr. OíNeal is a young man of ability and we are glad to hear of his permanent settlement so near us. He completed his college course some time ago, graduating with high honors and enters upon a career with hopes of usefulness and success. The doctor we commend to the people of Florid, Hennepin, Granville and vicinity as a gentleman in word and deed and a physician who will serve them well. Dr. Ensminger has a worthy successor.

The Putnam Record, April 19, 1878

J. W. Hedrick and his bride of Florid started last Wednesday morning for York county Nebraska where they expect to reside in the future.

Mrs. Josie Colvin nee Shering is quite sick at her father's John Shering at Florid. Mrs. Colvin has resided in Iroquois county since her marriage.

The Disciples of "Specific Medication" in Council at Florid - Election of Officers - Clinics, Etc.

Taken From the Henry Republican
May 31, 1877

The Illinois Valley Progressive medical association held a meeting at Florid, Putnam county, on Thursday of last week as per adjournment from the meeting held at Lacon two months previous, it being a acceptance from Dr. J. F. O'Neal to visit his rural home, and the seat of his extensive practice. The association convened at one o'clock p.m. in the Wesleyan church, where the following members reported:

Dr. J. F. O'Neal of Florid

Dr. J. C. Kalb of Henry

Dr. F. C. Gale of Lacon

Dr. Henry Tesmer of Sparland

Dr. A. H. Hatton of LaRose

Dr. Clendenen of LaSalle

Mr. J. H. Seaton and Mr. Stouffer of Hennepin were present as visitors.

Dr. Clendenen of LaSalle, an honorary member was taken into full membership in the association. On motion, Dr. A. H. Hattan was selected to represent the association in the state Eclectic medical association, which meets at Lincoln, June 6. It being the time for election of officers the following were chosen: President, Dr. J. F. O'Neal; vice president, Dr. Henry Tesmer; secretary and treasurer, Dr. A. H. Hattan.

As a large number of clinics were present, the association resolved itself into a hospital and its members into a gratuitous examining and prescribing board, and the following persons passed under their critical surveillance and were prescribed for:

John Patton of Tonica troubled with kidney disease.

Mrs. C. Bruder of Granville, same disease, but a very severe case.

Mrs. S. J. Miner of Granville, afflicted with cephalalgy, or severe headache.

Mrs. Phelps treated for hepar.

Edith Phelps, a little girl, had spotted fever six years ago, which left her with paralysis of one side, destroyed her memory to such an extent that her previous life was a blank - entirely forgotten; she was wasting away, and the doctors prescribed for her as a case of incipient consumption.

Miss Frances Dufuse, age 14, was prescribed for; her ailment was nasal catarrh.

Miss Katie Fifer of Florid had congestive headache.

Joel S. Weeks of Granville was examined for lumbar abcess.

Edward Sharp had a skin eruption. The remedies that work like magic were prescribed.

Thomas Bosley, aged 17, son of W. L. Bosley, had running sores of nine years standing. Prescription given, and plenty of fresh air and good beef stake ordered as a constant diet.

Miss Jane Bean, a virgin of 49 summers, had an ailment (not palpitation of the heart) but disease of the lining membrane of the bone. (She is bullet proof against heart disease of any kind.)

Alfred Ham of Florid, feeble, diagnosis of his case malarial cachexy.

Mrs. Allen of Magnolia was treated for spinal irritation, etc.

Miss Della Ham of Florid had a goitre; the association saw no reason why it could not be removed with ease, prescribed for.

Mrs. Joseph Ham was afflicted with inertia of the stomach.

Miss E. A. Perrine treated for spinal irritation and other internal troubles.

Mrs. Nellie Brandt submittted to the operation of the removal of a tumor from the inside of her lower lip, the operation being successfully performed by Dr. Clendenen of LaSalle.

A babe of Mrs. Brandt was also examined and prescribed for; left lung affected.

Nellie Oderkirk, 9 years old, had been vaccinated, and being a scrofulus subject, had suffered from skin eruptions since.

Peter Feltes of Florid was treated for varicose veins on legs.

George Taylor, Kidney trouble and rheumatic diatheses.

Ida Greiner of Hennepin, anouther case of catarrh, hereditary.

Mrs. Peter Feltes of Florid was treated for nervous prostration.

Mrs. Benjamin Eckard of Hennepin, received attention for an insistic tumor.

James Patterson of Florid treated for internal hemorrhage.

Hiram Fesler of Florid was the most remarkable case before the association. He had an opening at the groin, which connected with the intestines, occasioned the passage of his food. The affliction came upon him last December, and had periodic seasons of opening and closing of the orifice. The association called it Fistula opening of the bowels. The case was taken under advisement.

The association was so beset with clinics, and so much time consumed that other business had to be deferred. Important medical papers prepared by Dr. Gale and Dr. Hattan, were omitted for want of time. Next meeting takes place at the office of Dr. H. Tesmer of Sparland, Thursday, June 28.

November 21, 1878

Dr. J. F. O'Neal of Florid, met with a severe accident last Saturday morning near Granville. His team ran away, throwing him from his buggy, dislocating one arm and bruising him severly. It is thought that one arm is slightly fractured. He has suffered considerable but is now recovering as fast as could be expected.

The Putnam Record, Hennepin, Putnam Co., Illinois, Wednesday, January 23, 1907. No. 31
- Contributed by Jack C. Henning

FLORID-Jan. 21.

Harry Moore shelled corn last Thursday.

Mr. Clyde Allen went over to Depue on business last Monday.

Mrs. Agnew Alleman, of Tonica, and Mrs. Kate Alleman, of Cedar Point, visited at the home of their mother, Mrs. John Deininger, last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harve Allen gave a party at their home, in honor of their daughter Lela and friend Arthur Chritton [Ed. or Chritten], last Thursday evening, it being their birthdays, and all departed at a late hour, wishing their friends many happy returns of the day.

Joe Edwards had quite a runaway while in town last Wednesday evening. He tied his horses in front of the grocery store and while in there Mr. Boyle went through town driving some loose colts, and Joe's team became frightened and ran away, running around the doctor's house and up the alley at Mrs. Chances, where they were caught by Russel. No damage done except a broken cutter.

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