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Burglary in Florid (Taken from the Henry Republican 1881)

Miscellaneous News Items from 1898 and 1899  

Dr. Bickel Moves Practice To Florid (Taken From the Henry Republican, July 1, 1880)

Dr. Bickel Moves Back to Pennsylvania (Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, Hennepin, May 18, 1882)  

Dr. O'Neal a Delegate from the Illinois State Eclectic Medial Association (Henry Republican, July 18, 1882)

Misc. 1882 news items about Dr. O'Neal from the Putnam Record

The Putnam Record, Florid, April 13, 1885

Dr. O'Neil made a trip to Chicago last week to lay in a supply of drugs

Matrimonial knots tied with neatness and dispatch in the latest and most approved style by J. B. Albert, J. P.

We would respectfully call the attention of road commissioners to the piece of road between Mr. David Nixon's and Jason Dunlavy's houses. It has been almost impassible and dangerous to ride over by night.

Little Sylvia Ham, who has been quite sick with typhoid malaria fever is making a good recovery with a attention of Dr. J. F. O'Neil.

Mrs. George Taylor has been very sick with remittent fever but at present writing is reported some better.

Mrs. Leech and Miss Templeton have recovered from a spell of sickness of a couple of weeks duration.

Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Hetrick have their place in order and intend to go into housekeeping soon if the weather is favorable.

Our carpet weaving establishment changed hands recently and is now ran by Adam Daub over Mr. Brock'' shop.

An election will be held Saturday afternoon to fill the vacancy of the retiring member of the school board

- Citizen.

February 5, 1885

Mr. Barns and James, George Hopkins and daughter Eva of Granville, Gus Cassell of Florid, Eugene Anderson, and Lad Mueller of Hennepin have gone to New Orleans to attend the Word's Fair

Florid, March 19, 1885

Ephriam Cassell has sold his land northwest of Florid to John Gallaher and has moved to Nebraska where he expects to buy a farm near his brother Calvin. His wife and three sons will start for Nebraska, March 19th and will stop at Kansas City and visit her brother for a few days.

August 6, 1885

Aunt Rose Allen of Cottage Hill missed her footing one day of last week and falling across a lounge, has not been able to sit up much since.

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