McNabb, Putnam County Illinois


The coming of the I, I. & I. Railroad in 1900 brought to the county an additional village. In Magnolia township one of the principal local promoters of this road was Hon. J. M. McNabb, at that time county judge. The railroad company felt that it was to its interest to establish a station somewhere in Magnolia township, so they bought Judge McNabb's farm at the highest price that was ever paid for land in the county, and laid out a little town which they rightly named McNabb.

Its development has not been up to expectations, but what the future holds for it we may not yet discover. It is already a social and business center for the community. It has two or three good stores, two elevators, a lumber yard and a hotel. It also has two rural mail routes emanating from its office. A banking house under the name of the "Farmers' Bank of McNabb" is managed by Judge McNabb, cashier and one of the proprietors. There is a thriving Danish church in the village, and a new school building to two stories and two teachers. The Toluca, Marquette & Northern Railroad also runs through the town.

McNabb can boast of one feature that no other town in the county possesses. They have a regular sale stable where public sales of fancy and blooded stock take place. They have a commodious hall in which social and literary entertainments are held. Taking all in all, the village has made an interesting social center.

[Source: The Past and Present of Marshall and Bureau Counties, 1907, Page 81, Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

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